A New Mr. Gay World: Emmanuel Mass Luciano

A New Mr. Gay World: Emmanuel Mass Luciano

Meet Emmanuel Mass Luciano, aka Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2015, who has officially been crowned the new Mr. Gay World, making him the first title-holder to ever come from an Asian city since the competition started back in 2009.

Although his title comes on the heels of former Mr. Gay Germany Klaus Burkhart’s resignation last week, Luciano is ready to start raising awareness of gay rights in his local arena of Hong Kong, and all around the world. “I’m very excited to represent Hong Kong and show the world how diverse our city and LGBT Community is,” said the 35-year-old fashion blogger and stylist on his delegate page on the Mr. Gay World website. “It’s a great opportunity to promote equality within our community. We’re not only gay men, but also lesbians, transgender, and bisexual, and united we can strive for equality and achieve a better quality of life.”

“When we embrace each other, we can allow others to embrace us,” said Luciano, who grew up in Puerto Rico, in his video for the contest.

Check out the video of Luciano introducing himself as the new Mr. Gay World, and scroll down for photos of the 35-year-old fashionisto…

Emmanuel Mass Luciano 05

Emmanuel Mass Luciano 08Emmanuel Mass Luciano 06Emmanuel Mass Luciano 03Emmanuel Mass Luciano 07Emmanuel Mass Luciano 04


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  1. tobby
    November 24, 06:59 Reply

    Damn!!! Hes HOT..what a way to start my day??

  2. Mandy
    November 24, 07:03 Reply

    Oh he IS PHYNE! Way finer than the dude who handed over to him. This hot at thirty-five? Wow.
    And that last nipple-touching picture is giving me life.

  3. Chizzie
    November 24, 07:38 Reply

    How can one person be so hot? *faints*

    • Pink Panther
      November 24, 07:47 Reply

      He’s white o, Chizzie. White. Aren’t you one of those who don’t like Caucasians? 🙂

      • Santa Diaba
        November 24, 08:22 Reply

        Pinky, he’s Latino. I’m sure nobody not even Chizzie can resist that sultry Latin sexiness. ????

      • Chizzie
        November 24, 08:44 Reply

        I think he’s mixed. A perfect blend of whatever race. And since he is from Hong Kong it would explain his intense borderline oriental eyes. He’s perfect.

  4. john
    November 24, 07:57 Reply

    My baby is hotter! Dayum

  5. Duke
    November 24, 08:08 Reply

    He is very hot and sexy but I will not hit that. #TeamDarkSkin #TeamAfricanNiggasOnly #TeamTheDarkerTheJuice #CosDarkSeeLookHotterWhenWeFuck#DarkSkinBoysFuckBetter

  6. Sinnex
    November 24, 08:23 Reply

    He has a nice body for a 35 year old. But there is something about the face, something I just don’t like.

  7. posh6666
    November 24, 09:03 Reply

    Those eyes,the chest,the legs oh i want all of him please.Am beginning to believe the hottest guys are indeed gay

  8. Khaleesi
    November 24, 10:27 Reply

    he looks fab!! are there any men that hot @ that age in Nigeria, plzzzz hook me up if you know any ***wink wink*** … Still, i love me some black meat – *Hello Duke #TeamHoesForBlackMen

  9. Max
    November 24, 12:42 Reply

    That last pic though… When you get married, there are some things you aren’t suppose to be saying anymore online because your other half is gonna see it, so lemme just reserve my comment.

  10. Nefretiti
    November 26, 13:25 Reply

    Hello handsome!!!!!!! I need a cold shower*lol*

  11. Diego jay
    December 03, 22:26 Reply

    Hmmmmmmm…..i can’t c wats so hot abt dat dude……team #I_LOVE_BLACK..

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