So, my gist continues from my time with the intersex boo. Thanks to her, man was still cold and I was still looking. I wasn’t looking, looking, but man, I had shifty eyes and I loved me some nice looking girls. My inner monster was awake and ready to devour.

And it was in that spirit that I met her.

So like I said, I came to Lagos to pick up some stuff. As part of my errand that day, my uncle sent me and his driver to a house to pick up some other stuff. We got there and some knocks later, a fine-looking shawty opened the door and ushered us in.

And I was like: WTF! Geez! I wanna smash this! I want this body in my bed.

I was disoriented for a while there. My panties became damp instantly as I watched her walk around, swaying her cute waist from side to side. That was when my eyes caught the waist beads she had on and I was like: Kuku kill me abeg.

As if I wasn’t dead enough, the universe decided to twist the knife in my guts even further. This girl broke out into Hausa with the driver and it was the hottest thing ever. See ehn, I was fucking turned on, like the Hausa inflection on her voice was mad and I swear, I died.

Your girl started ogling her o! I took off her clothes a million times with my eyes. Our eyes would meet and I would quickly take mine off. I needed this girl. I really did! But how would I do this?

My throat was dry at this point. All the liquid in my body had obviously gone down below. So your girl asked for a cup of water. At this point, even my intonation changed. I was like, “Can I get a cuppa warra please?” LOL!

She obliged and dispensed it for me. I drank and sat back down, watching her again.

Then she started to chew her lips. Father Lord, just kill me already now.

Anyway, we soon finished our errand and the driver went to the car. But your girl was shaking, nervous as fuck, and the driver was just honking and shouting my name. In my mind, I was like, Oga calm down. You don’t expect me to leave my destiny behind, do you?

So I grabbed her small Nokia phone that I saw lying around next to me and began keying my number into it with shaking hands. She caught me at it and I found myself hastily explaining that I was just putting my number in. And she said, “Oh, that phone has issues. Why not put it here?”

She handed me her Samsung and I typed my number in and told her to say hi to me on WhatsApp.

I finally left her that afternoon but I wanted to die. What if she didn’t message me?

My phone wasn’t even with me, but immediately I got back home to where I was staying with a family friend, I grabbed the phone and perused it. There was nothing. No call, no flash, no WhatsApp message. Dear God!

Then a while later, I saw a missed call on my phone; I immediately called back. In my mind, I was like: Let it not be Glo abeg or even an interview sef. Let it just be her.

It was her!

I jumped so high, my head touched the ceiling.

We talked and thereafter, I promptly sought her out on WhatsApp.

We chatted a bit. We talked about each other and all that. For the sake of this story, she said her name is Esther. I told her I wanted to be her friend. Like, eww! I can’t believe I used that unimaginative, wack-guys line. Can we be friends? I hate that shit! But man was hot.

She said sure in response.

Since I was still around, your girl hit the hammer on the nail. I asked if we could see. She said sure, that I should come over.

The day was getting late o. But sharp, sharp, I put my clothes on, washed the pussy in case of incasity; my people, I no wan hear story. Then I put on perfume and deodorant as though I was advertising them.

Then, how do I get family friend to let me go out now? I thought for a bit, before I went to her to spin one lie upon another, so much so that by the time I was through, she even gave me transport fare.

A few minutes later, I called Esther to tell that I was outside. But Universe fucked me up sha; her younger ones were now around. Chai! We just sat there in the living room, watching Big Brother and gisting. But my mind was far.

When I realized that my undercover mission would not be fruitful tonight, I told her it was late and that I wanted to get going. We stood up and walked to the balcony. At this point, I gave the Universe the “my nigga” look. Damn! Here was my opportunity. The light was off so it was dark here.

As she was about to open the front gate, I grabbed her by the waist. I was resting my hips on a table, so I pulled her in between my legs and played the classic dudes move again.

“Won’t you give me even a hug?”

I said this softly and she laughed, looking away from me.

“What’s funny now?” I asked.

And she replied, “Should I be crying?”

Then she proceeded to give me one Reverend Sister hug, and it was then I went for the kill.

“May I kiss you?” I husked, my face close to hers.

She said it was okay and I grabbed her head and brought my lips down on her, kissing her silly. Chai! See soft lips. I die here.

She pulled away after a few minutes, and I let her be. I didn’t want to rush her. I asked her if she’d done anything like this before. She said with guys yes, girls no. I smiled and said nothing.

I started to form gentleman, as I asked if she was comfortable with what happened. She said yes. Then I asked, if she would want to do it again. She said sure. In my mind, I was like: Na so! The Universe na correct guy o. I swear.

I thought it was over at this point. However, the Universe had other plans for me.

“You said you are leaving tomorrow, right?” she queried. “By 9 am? Why not come over, like, say 7, and when I’m going to work, I’ll drop you off?”

Joy nearly killed me. I said I was cool with it.

I went home and we chatted a bit before she signed off the chat to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. Between the mosquitoes and the joy in my heart, I simply couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and kuku decided to stay up. By 5 am, I had my bath, cleaned up well and started to think of another lie to tell my family friend to explain why I was leaving her house early to embark on my journey home. So I started to tell stories again and I finally bade her goodbye and went my merry way.

On my way to Esther’s house, I saw her younger ones going to school.

Yassss!!! Home alone with me. Universe, chop kiss abeg!

I got to her house and called her once more. She opened the door for me and greeted me.

I took her in a gulp. Fine mama! I had love in my eyes at this point. She was wearing just underwear beneath her towel. She was already getting ready for work.

I refused to sit in the parlour this time. As she moved, I moved along with her, and we ended up in her bedroom. We talked and laughed as she put on her makeup and stuff. Me, I was already high on her.

I decided to play another classic move.

“I’m so cold,” I moaned.

 She jumped up and told me sorry before turning off the AC.

In my mind, I was like: Nawa o! That wasn’t what I had in mind.

I decided to play another one.

“Can I lie down for a bit?”

She said sure. And so I curled up into her bed, grabbed a teddy bear and started playing with it. She was still sitting and it was too far away.

I played yet another move.

“Why not lie down so your back won’t hurt you?”

Vina, the carer, oh ye full of concern! LOL.

My babe said she was fine just like that. Chai! Which kind life come be this? I waited for the Universe to do something, but the guy sef don tire to help me. He was like: Aunty, epp yourself.

So abeg, I helped myself.

“Come stay with me please,” I pleaded with a slightly coquettish expression on my face.

Finally she climbed into bed with me.


“May I hold you please?”

I can be so polite when I want pussy though.

“Sure,” she said, and I had that Cheshire cat smile on my face. Oshey!

I held her. Fuck! God, I love women! Soft, warm! I held her and I sighed deeply. This was Heaven.

We stayed like that for a while. I could feel the tension throbbing through our bodies, that kind of “OK, now what” tension. Swallowing saliva was now noisy. And that was when I started my antics.

I started drawing patterns on her tummy, and then I started to count and play with her waist beads. There were eight rows of them. I remember thinking that they were almost the same as mine. Mine were nine rows though.

Then my hands started to go up. When I got to the junction just before a boob, I paused and looked at her. She seemed to be holding her breath. I laughed softly as I dropped my hand, not sure if I should continue. But then I gathered liver and took my hand back up again. This time I grabbed the boob and she released the breath she was holding, the small rush of air escaping from her as she appeared to relax into my hold.

When she didn’t complain or push away from me, I touched the other boob. LOL! Touch one, get one for free.

She still didn’t complain, and so, that was when your girl pounced on her. Before you knew it, I was sucking, licking and kissing her everywhere. And soon, my fingers were buried deep inside of her.

We do, do, do. I was so engrossed to the point that I didn’t know someone was at the door. Whether she knew while we were doing, I have no idea. However, it was when we finished first round that she said to me that someone had been knocking on the door. I was shook. She went out to the door. Whoever was knocking was still there, delaying destiny and working my last nerve. I was like: Uncle, come and be going na!

Finally she returned to the room after he’d left.

Take note that I was fully dressed throughout the first round. This wasn’t about me. This was about giving pleasure to someone beautiful.

“Come and sit on my face,” I said to her.

She looked at me, confused. So I explained to her what I wanted from her, and when I saw her hesitation, I decided to eat my breakfast the conventional way.

So she laid down and opened up for me. I took position between her legs, and ate and ate and ate till she could take no more. Her legs were shaking and she was begging me in languages that I wasn’t even sure existed. The moans were killing me. Geez! I ate, in and out, till she was pushing me away, her body spasming with pleasure. I slithered back up her body and kissed her, before whispering to her, “I’ve wanted to do that to you since the first moment I saw you.”

She was in a daze. She couldn’t talk or move for a few minutes. She just kept muttering, “Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…”


I was just smiling. I knew the feeling. She would turn to look at me every now and then, with an expression that was either surprise or amazement, and then say softly, “Fuck.”

I checked the time and realized I really should get going. But I looked at her fine pussy and I nearly jumped her again. But then, my phone rang, reminding me of the appointments I still had to get to.


“I have to go,” I said with deep regret.

She sat up and looked at me deep. “Just like that?” she said. “I don’t even know anything about you.”

In my mind, I was like: Chai.

So, we talked a bit and she let me in on her life. She talked and I just sat there and listened.

Then she said, “I still can’t wrap her head around what just happened.”

I told her to take her time and tell me what was on her mind later.

By this time, we’d spent so much time together. She had even decided against going in to work. But she had the luxury of that choice. Me, I still had to leave. And leaving was the most painful thing I’d ever done. I left with her looking at me longingly, and it was the first time I ever felt bad about leaving someone.

Thereafter, she sent me a slew of text messages that just generally asked: Where have you been all my life? Why did I meet you at a time when I can’t have you?

I didn’t have a reply to any of her questions and I felt a bit guilty about opening her eyes to a whole new world of sex that she probably never knew existed. I wondered a few things. Was she feeling bad about this? Was she going through all the confused emotions I had when I first let myself be touched by a girl? Did she like these brand new feelings or was she going to fight them?

These were questions I couldn’t bring myself to ask, and whose answers I would never know.

Written by Vina

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  1. Naijatgal
    May 26, 06:43 Reply

    Oh my goodness, this was so intense.
    I enjoyed reading this but sadly you didn’t get the second round or orgasm…lol.

    Lovely read!

  2. Mandy
    May 26, 07:18 Reply

    Wait o, you fingered a sister to the perfect orgasm, made her realize that her life has no meaning without fellow pussy, and then left her high and dry? ??
    Vina oh Vina! How do you expect to make heaven with such a player-player attitude? ?

  3. Nonso chuckwu
    May 26, 14:12 Reply

    I’m definitely making lesbian porn my 2nd home….hehe, wierd things buh liked it

  4. Dunder
    May 26, 15:01 Reply

    Now, this is evangelism- correct conversion therapy! St. Vina of the Island Lesbos, going about doing good- showing women the ultimate downtown experience LOL! I enjoyed this read- the stubborn optimism, criminal creativity, boldness and effective time management that konji can cause LOL!

    Keep her on your Rolodex o! You don’t know when next you’d be in Lagos, idle and itching to spread legs, the good news or both.

    • Vina
      May 27, 12:25 Reply

      Lmao… I can’t fit laugh, I humbly accept the sainthood conferred on me and I promise to …. ( Lol, this is just getting creepier by the minute).

  5. Delle
    May 26, 15:56 Reply

    Okay so I have a question:

    Do lesbians have lesbian-dar just as gay men have gaydar? Cos although the story is sexy as fuck, I couldn’t help but be scared. What if it turned out bad? How did you know she would be down for that? Let’s say you didn’t know, where did you buy your liver from Cos I cannot (even when there are receipts confirming one’s gayness), I cannot hit on someone. Abeg, fear wee not allow me be great.

    I love your style of writing. Very fluid. Playful. Takes the tension away from what should naturally be a nerver-racking post. Yeah, keep it coming please.

  6. Delle
    May 26, 15:56 Reply

    Okay so I have a question:

    Do lesbians have lesbian-dar just as gay men have gaydar? Cos although the story is sexy as fuck, I couldn’t help but be scared. What if it turned out bad? How did you know she would be down for that? Let’s say you didn’t know, where did you buy your liver from Cos I cannot (even when there are receipts confirming one’s gayness), I cannot hit on someone. Abeg, fear wee not allow me be great.

    I love your style of writing. Very fluid. Playful. Takes the tension away from what should naturally be a nerve-racking post. Yeah, keep it coming please.

    • Vina
      May 27, 12:05 Reply

      Lol. Thanks for the head bursting review.

      Erm, to your question, i guess it’s so much easier cos most females are curious and would get down with another female easily.

      Come to think of it, I didn’t even imagine that it could go south. My intuition was just right.

      • Ty
        July 07, 17:54 Reply

        Did this really happen? Or just a story

  7. Francis
    May 27, 06:06 Reply

    That was intense but scary at first sha. Loves it

  8. Net
    May 27, 08:18 Reply

    Lmao Vina, Can I get a cuppa warra please?”??

    • Vina
      May 27, 12:39 Reply

      Lmao.. phonetics will not kill me when I am toasting abeg…

  9. Johnny Bravo
    May 28, 07:12 Reply

    This is the first story I’m reading here, no lie am impressed.

  10. lluvmua
    May 28, 20:34 Reply

    I swear I thought this was one of my lesbian friend… you sound so much like her… Biko let’s be friends already… I love your personality and courage!!!! great read

  11. DBS
    June 26, 16:00 Reply

    Lol first time I read this eh.. hehehe I could swear I felt like I was watching you two. You write wella.. I enjoyed this story and the humour combined

    • Vina
      August 23, 08:12 Reply

      Lol. Thanks baby!!!!

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