‘All I Know’: Kindly Vote This Short Queer Film In TheWrap’s Shortlist Festival

‘All I Know’: Kindly Vote This Short Queer Film In TheWrap’s Shortlist Festival

A few months ago, the movie, All I Know – written and directed by Obinna Robert Onyeri, and starring Chimezie Imo and Delroy Norman as its leads – made the rounds on Facebook, quickly garnering praise for the tensions surrounding gay hookups it accurately represented.

Ebube and Dapo (played by Imo and Norman respectively) are friends who go out to dinner one night, just before Dapo is headed out to a hookup he’s been chatting with. And that is the last time Ebube or any member of Dapo’s family sees or hears from Dapo. And all through the confusion surrounding Dapo’s disappearance, Ebube finds himself caught between questions on whether keeping silent about what he knows regarding Dapo’s hookup will protect his friend or put them both in further danger.

It’s a fifteen-minute film that details the indecisions homosexuals in Nigeria are caught in when someone they know is in potential danger and they have to debate how much of what they know they can reveal without endangering themselves.

You can watch the film on the site when you click HERE. You can also vote on the same page. It is a brief process that won’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Thank you.

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