Kito Diaries, in its short life, has aimed to create a platform for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Nigeria to share our stories and chart a progressive course towards ensuring the recognition of our rights and dignities in this country.

As one might expect, in the course of these interactions, things can get heated around here, which is a welcome development—a sign that we are talking and sharing. There is often no conversation without conflict.

However, the admin of Kito Diaries wishes that the site remains a place to stimulate thought, foster humour and relationships, and advance important concerns of the Nigerian LGBT. Therefore, comments on this site are moderated; comments that do not abide by the comments policy will be instantly removed, and the commenter may be blocked from making future contributions to the site.

  1. Rules On The Identity And Privacy Of Members

Given the hostile environment towards the Nigerian LGBT, Kito Diaries has been designed to be an anonymous forum. Therefore:

a) all contributors and commenters are welcome to adopt pseudonyms while here.

b) impersonation of a KDian by another is prohibited.

c) outing of a KDian is forbidden.

d) personal information of members (addresses, occupations, medical information, social media details, phone numbers, etc) must never be shared on this site without express consent of the party concerned.

  1. Rules On Commenting

Daily, this site features posts on various subjects (health, movies, music, fiction, debate, news etc). Therefore:

a) as much as possible, comments should stay on topic and commenters are encouraged to refrain from attacking individual persons.

b) comments should be kept constructive, relevant and civil.

c) information gleaned from personal stories shared on here or anywhere else must never be used to bully, taunt and shame a member. Such comments will be deleted immediately.

d) comments written to threaten another member of the site will be removed.

e) homophobic sentiments are not allowed here, such sentiments borne out of lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia etc. Comments must never contain prejudice or bigotry towards any of the sexual minorities.

f) the comments section is not an avenue to solicit hook-ups.

g) comments must never contain prejudice or bigotry towards any social, racial and/or ethnic demographic.

h) comments must not glamourize unsafe sexual practices, sex with underage persons, drug addiction, and sexual abuse.

These policies should have been set in place at the inception of Kito Diaries, and are by no means intended to hamper the freedom of speech on this forum. It simply aims at curtailing the poison that seems to come so freely to a lot of members in this online community. Whether we like it or not, we are here to foster a difference, and that cannot happen when we are perpetually acting out our vicious fantasies here.

Agree to disagree. Disagree with civility. And curtail your prejudice. That’s the summation of KD’s policies.

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  1. Sasha
    July 08, 08:04 Reply

    Isn’t this coming a little too late? All those things you outlined up there has been done over and over again.

  2. ambivalentone
    July 08, 08:11 Reply

    I had to check previous posts for where the party jammed at its peak. PP, nothing noteworthy has happened in a while na. Anyway, I actually like the 1st part. I have ALWAYS found the famzing here annoying. Leave ur “I-know-how-you-write-because-I-know-you-off-kd” game off here. Everyone already has a defined feature in my head. I really hate it when someone’s runny mouth distorts that image. Ask a potter. Its annoying removing/adding features after clay has set.

  3. Nuel
    July 08, 08:17 Reply

    I was clearly indicated in the post dat its come late, so why ask d question. Better late then never.

  4. Brian Collins
    July 08, 08:51 Reply

    Section 1, subsection a,b,c & d are totally on point. But that section 2 ehn…. Subsections a, b & f, a lot of people are going to have a problem with.
    Nice development if one thinks about it really. Moderation I mean.

  5. Canis VY Majoris
    July 08, 08:54 Reply

    And there goes the fun/humor of KD. TBH yea the posts are great and all, but the comment sessions are far more humorous and an effective antidepressants.

  6. Chizzie
    July 08, 09:16 Reply

    I completely agree with the first part but the second part is what I have an issue with. The last I checked this is an open forum, people should be allowed to express themselves and provide opinions however constructive or unconstructive it may come across as.

    The highlight of every blog is not so much it’s content but it’s comment section. It’s ultimately what people are drawn to and what generates traffic. This is the only indigenous forum where gays in Nigeria are allowed to truly express thier pent up feelings, and so what if some of it isn’t nice. It’s reality.

    In as much as it’s the admin’s intent to foster feelings of kumbaya-ness, this isnt Disney. Take a look at what’s happening to the world today, nothing about it requires we all sit and kumbaya together. People are being real and expressing themselves on the daily.

    Also I believe in leading by example, the Admin should subject himself under keen moderation as well. I don’t see why I should be commenting and expressing myself and admin will refer to my comment ( not directed at him btw) as “nauseating “, plus the attacks on Delle or anyone with an opinion that isn’t the general consensus are a tad unprofessional. It’s very pot meets kettle

    To be honest I am actually profoundly disappointed about this, I thought this blog had gone through this and passed this stage and I can’t deal with a repeat again.

    I’ll probably just submerge myself in being the business man/ money maker that I am, cause ain’t nobody gats time.

    PS hope my comment was “constructive” enough

    • Mr. Fingers
      July 08, 10:00 Reply

      That freedom of expression thing is just not absolute u. No one has any right to make me feel bad abt my choices.

      It’s kinda funny when u hear some of these things in an LGBT forum. Some of us have found a way to shut out our homophobic friends from our lives. Now that fellow sexual minorities are sounding like my homophobic neighbour where do I go from here?

      Homophobia,Biphobia make life difficult for sexual minorities but when it’s coming from someone with the same struggles as urself u just wonder.

    • ambivalentone
      July 08, 10:19 Reply

      You are one to talk about the first part. As far back as I can remember, YOU have spearheaded this whole “I’ve seen how you look like off kd” business whether erroneous or true

      • Chizzie
        July 08, 10:42 Reply

        Agreed. But I’ve since grown from it, which is what ppl and entities do. Grow from things. It’s the same way I’d expect some growth on how affairs are handled on this blog /forum by admin. Using the same authoritative approach to stiffle a “non issue”, only alludes to the fact that there has been no adminstrative growth in the past one year plus since this blog’s inception..

        Rivalries, bitchy commenters, pity party throwers have all come and gone, and it has had nothing to do with admin trying to control them. People have simply outgrown their antics and moved on. It’s the same way it has always been with every blog or forum.

        Admin should stop trying to enforce things and let things be, if he indeed wants this blog to go places and inspire a revolution.

        The interesting thing is, the ones who are so Pro Comment moderation are the one’s who barely comment, or who’s comments are hardly ever acknowledged.

        • Chuck
          July 08, 18:21 Reply

          PP is definitely not an impartial arbiter. But it’s his blog so he can be a hypocrite if he wishes. All we can do is call him out.

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    July 08, 09:33 Reply

    With freedom comes responsibilities! This is why constitutions of countries have enshrined in them freedom of speech, but they also have laws against slander, libel and sedition.

    Let us all be guided properly!

    I endorse this post 1000%

    • truth
      July 08, 09:58 Reply

      Because it caters to your selfish needs, I’m not surprised.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        July 08, 10:43 Reply

        My dear boy don’t choke on your hate, its not that serious. After all your invectives, you still came back with another moniker!

        I won’t be drawn into this today, Jesus died for me enugo?


        • truth
          July 08, 13:06 Reply

          do not claim to Know who I am or what my intentions are.

  8. truth
    July 08, 10:04 Reply

    if a blog that proclaims itself a “home for all” isn’t ready to take criticism from everyone and everyone’s right which it claims to protect, then what do you call it? .

    It’s just like America and second amendment( according to your law, people are allowed to carry guns, but the same people who are supposed to be upholding the law are the ones shooting them becuase they feel threatened by them).

    It’s a law that itself is confusing.

    Like Chizzie said- ain’t nobody got time for that. If you cannot welcome everybody, if you choose to censor and attack a sub-sect of people, then you’re just as guilty as the people you’re pretending to shield the blog from.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 08, 10:45 Reply

      You are chained to this site my darling! You can sashay that walk….away

  9. Mr. Fingers
    July 08, 10:08 Reply

    I support this initiative. Like someone said, better late than never.

  10. bryannnn
    July 08, 10:27 Reply

    This is good…….boundaries are flagrantly crossed here a lot, major reason why I hold my comments… air you views, u get waspish remarks………..thanks PP

  11. Kamal
    July 08, 10:46 Reply

    DM has said it all…and yes I concur, taking all in good faith.

  12. Delle
    July 08, 10:54 Reply

    Now here my folks is how KD lost its uniqueness. I knew something like this would sooner or later come up but then again, it stems rigidity. Opinions would be restricted which isn’t supposed to be. Opinions are just that, opinions. The truth is, although I hate fights and cattiness, that’s the spice of the blog. With all these laid down rules and regulations, I dunno mehn.

    Beht wait o, does it mean subjects and topics of discussion that don’t go well with some of us should be swallowed hook, line and sinker? Controversial themes like MGMs would always spark debate and conflict. What happens then? I just hope it works for good.

  13. z
    July 08, 21:29 Reply

    If you censor people’s opinions because you don’t feel comfortable with them, you lose the chance for a constructive argument which could help you both grow. That being said, I’m totally against slander and outing on this blog.

  14. Django
    July 09, 00:49 Reply

    I hope the admin of the blog censors topics and posts before dishing it out to us, cos there’s no point exalting pedophilia and statutory rape and expecting me to shut the fuck up about it just because some adolescent wrote an article.

    The highest that will happen is a ban, nothing more, but I will not be calm just because some dude experiencing puberty is very good with words and can express himself on paper. Y’all need to smell the coffee and grow out of this fucking annoying attitude of thinking you can just pen stuff down, submit for publication, wait for people to bitch about it in the comment section and then, life goes on. There’s freedom of speech but everyone takes it for granted here, so, here goes mine.

    I will take posts here personal until some of y’all here stop behaving like 2 years olds that need constant educated and re-education on subjects you should know better about.

    I talk about things here and I’m called sensitive, silly, little girl(nne gi ebe a’u), masculine lady, ugly, angry, mentally unstable, unbecoming and a host of other adjectives I don’t care to remember. Freedom of speech upheld.

    I had screenshots of that fucking Kizito’s posts and was about going on Facebook with them to get a proper reaction from people that aren’t mentally unstable, since I’m the mentally unstable one that bitches about pedophilia and whatever doesn’t sit well with me, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to comment if a topic grossed me out. Freedom of speech, I’m exercising my right.

    The admin of this blog just saved your arses cos I’m not a fan of blurring out names. I know some of you are “out”, I would have still included and tagged you just to show others how full of shit you really are. PS: This isn’t a threat, just doing people a whole world of good by not calming down and glorifying bullshit.

    I’m after all, a very advanced depraved mind and have no patience for amateur depraved wannabes on KD. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have let you know those, right? hahahaha, it’s out now, you all can go on with your lives.

    Who cares anyway? Rubbish.

    • Masked Man
      July 09, 07:36 Reply

      My dear Django, in order to prove your points, you came down to the same level you are calling others for.

      Just my observation.

    • Francis
      July 09, 07:49 Reply

      One day sha we shall get to the root of this your vex cause it has to be more than you having serious beef with some gay men and probably lesbians. ??

      No one is endorsing paedophilia on KD. If you cared to read the comments on that post which came after yours, you’d probably realize which angle Kizito was coming from OR maybe you did read them and chose to still be ANGRY sha just because …… OR maybe *Iwo lo mo*. PP should try and pry the gist from you.

      No one is taking away your right to react to a seemingly negative post. This is all about manner of approach unless you want to join KD’s #TeamBadBitches that always run their mouth carelessly as though it helps bolster their fictitious millions and mask their inferiority complex.

      P.S: Threatening to out people on your Facebook just because you don’t agree with them is DISGUSTING and while you are it (if one evul spirit takes over for real) I hope you are out, proud, not orphaned and living in Nigeria to enjoy the shit storm that will probably follow.

  15. Orlando
    July 09, 03:02 Reply

    welcome to 2016,we are 6 months gone already.

  16. DarkSide
    July 09, 20:22 Reply

    All of u kip shouting about how dis one or dat one is mentally ill, but i’ll tell you all what insanity is:
    It’s insane to derive joy from inflicting pain on others.
    It is insane to derive pleasure from watching others suffer or hurt.
    And it is madness to think that you cannot disagree with someone without drawing blood.
    Only the insane get angry when attempts are made to end wars and establish peace.
    It is insane to think that BLOOD is SPICE.

    Mad pipo! Una welldone ooo! Admin, Abeg no give any rule. Let is enjoy this insanity.

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