Austin Wolf finally explains the sexual encounter he had with an attendant in an airplane bathroom

Austin Wolf finally explains the sexual encounter he had with an attendant in an airplane bathroom

Back in 2018, gay porn star Austin Wolf made the news after his mile high sexual encounter was captured on video and released online.

During the flight on Delta Airlines, Wolf and a male flight attendant, in uniform though not working at the time, slipped into a restroom for a quickie. The intimate moment was filmed by one of them and later shared on Twitter. News got back to Delta headquarters and the crew member in the video was identified. He was suspended pending a full investigation.

The 20-year-old unnamed male said he never consented to having the videos posted online. He didn’t mention why he’d even allowed the video to be made.

 At the time, Wolf’s only comment was “no comment.”

 He recently opened up about the incident, saying, “…so we started talking on the ground and we decided to meet up after we landed. We started talking in air since we both had WiFi. It was his idea [to have sex in the airplane bathroom]! I think he got caught up in a moment. We’ve all heard of the mile high club. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

“He knew who I was. He knew I was recording it. I had my very large phone, in my very large hand, in a very small space – and it was in his face. It wasn’t like I had a secret, 007 camera in a button. Months had passed and I still had the video, I didn’t want to post it because I didn’t like it. It wasn’t him, the guy is beautiful. But, it’s a small space and the video wasn’t up to par with my other amateur videos.”

Wolf decided to share the video, he explained, only when he needed something to post to keep his posts on schedule.

“…I don’t miss a day. I was scrambling through my phone to find a video to post. I came across the Delta video and said this will do. The video was up for three hours before I took it down. Three fucking hours. I got messages from flight attendants and porn stars who used to be flight attendants. If you’ve ever been a part of an exclusive Facebook group, you’ll know that there’s communities for some professions. It spread among flight attendants in this Facebook group. Some of them reached out to me and told me because of the uniform and his nametag, they knew who it was right away.”

He added: “I apologized. I’m not banned from the airline, but I should refrain from using their bathrooms. Now I won’t even look a flight attendant in the eye […] even the sixty-year-old women I won’t even speak to.”

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  1. Mandy
    January 20, 09:32 Reply

    So it was Austin who released the video. Nawa o. An apology doesn’t cover what he did. If I were the attendant, I’d want to hook up a few more times to make up for what he did.

    • Terra
      January 21, 12:23 Reply

      Loool, you’d want to keep fucking someone that basically tanked your career?

  2. Loki
    January 20, 10:38 Reply

    Lmao???. Mandy upon say d dick put u for trouble u still want more ??

  3. Zoar
    January 20, 13:08 Reply

    Must every thing be posted online? We should learn to draw the line on this issue. How inconsiderate and selfish he was to post a video he knew would affect and harm the other party. That’s very callous of him to do.

  4. Ken
    January 22, 04:58 Reply

    Apparently konji is a bastard after all ??

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