Banky W says he will have a secret wedding

Banky W says he will have a secret wedding

Nigerian R&B Singer, Olubankole Wellington, known with the stage name as Banky W, has revealed that his wedding ceremony will be a secret compared to most celebrity weddings.

Banky W, one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelors, who has been under pressure from fans to get married, finally responded in a series of posts on his Snapchat profile @bankywellington.

In reaction to the ‘Go and marry’ trolling from his fans, the singer said, “My whole life has been a show. Not making my marriage one too. If or when I do get married, no way I’m doing that huge Lagos wedding, never. Secret location, somewhere that needs like two Visas to get to. The world will find out after it has been said and done.”

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  1. Pjay
    October 01, 06:44 Reply

    Okay, why is this on Kito diaries? Banky W an honorary member of the community, now?

  2. Pjay
    October 01, 06:45 Reply

    First to comment!! Yay! ??

    • ambivalentone
      October 01, 07:24 Reply

      And so I dub thee ‘Sir Sleepless Insomniac’. Here’s d award u wanted?

      • Pjay
        October 01, 07:27 Reply

        Pulleaaseee!!! It was past 6:30a.m. Roughly an hour and thirty minutes after Dennis Macaulay woke for his morning run.

  3. ambivalentone
    October 01, 07:31 Reply

    I really wonder why he thinks he has to listen to some ‘fans’ to get married. Thirsty hoes and jealous haters aplenty waiting for him to trip??

    But serzly, why is this news? Is Mr Capable gay? A cool voice and extra layer of mary kay don’t make anyone gay

    • Mandy
      October 01, 07:37 Reply

      Perhaps its news on KD not because of anything to do with his sexuality, but because of the first part of your comment: the pressure from society to get married. Something I’m sure every Nigerian gay man can relate to.

      • ambivalentone
        October 01, 07:50 Reply

        Well, he has 3 crashed celebrity marriages to look out for (that are even recent) to help him strengthen/weaken his resolve then. You rush into it, you will run outta it. Frankly, the same fans are even more vicious after a failed marriage. The weird part is they would blame western influence on our entertainment industry for that…just as they always do for just about anything that don’t play out d way dey like it

  4. Kenny
    October 01, 07:37 Reply

    Whatever makes him happy really…. .

  5. Mandy
    October 01, 07:39 Reply

    But really, Banky shouldn’t pay these marriage trolls any mind. He should stick it out abeg and be the first Nigerian celebrity with no interest in marital union. I admire how he seems to be unaffected by the trolling of Nigerians. So he doesn’t want to goan marry, how e take affect your breakfast?

  6. Pjay
    October 01, 08:02 Reply

    But really, why would anyone want to remain unmarried if they are not gay in Nigeria – where the law does not permit them to get married, asexual, impotent or with any other secret/taboo condition or proclivities?

      • Pjay
        October 01, 09:11 Reply

        I wasn’t. Would you still be averse to the idea of marriage if you weren’t gay? Hmmm. You wouldn’t know. You’re gay. I, for one, developed my beliefs about/against marriage because where I’m from, it’s illegal and practically impossible to get married to people of the sex I’m attracted to.

        • Pink Panther
          October 01, 09:35 Reply

          Yes, Pjay, I happen to know exactly my feelings about marriage, gay or not. I have reasons for not wanting to get married, and being gay is just one of them. It’s incredible that you think people should only get a pass for not wanting to marry only when they’re either gay or have reproductive issues. In other words, you’re part of the society that would like to see every eligible person married of.
          You seriously need to work on that mentality. Sometimes, people gay or straight just don’t want to marry. Simple as that.

          • Pjay
            October 01, 15:41 Reply

            If you weren’t so bent on helping me change my perceived inferior mentality, you’d have noticed that I began my comment with why and ended it with a question mark. Dear Pinky, I’m genuinely interested in the reasons why people do not want to get married. You don’t get a pass from me just by saying you don’t want to marry cos you don’t want to marry. No, you need to have a genuine reason. Any reason at all will do sef

            • Pink Panther
              October 01, 16:37 Reply

              I have reasons for not wanting to get married, and being gay is just one of them.

              From my previous comment.

            • Pink Panther
              October 01, 16:38 Reply

              Besides, what constitutes a ‘genuine reason’? Who determines what’s genuine enough a reason or not for someone not wanting to get married?

    • pete
      October 01, 08:30 Reply

      Pjay, people can choose to remain unmarried not for the reasons you mentioned but because it’s what they want. @Pinky, doubt he was kidding. It’s the default position of most Nigerians.

  7. peaches
    October 01, 09:10 Reply

    Banky, …sha let me not yab him, he has suffered cancer in the past. But plix, who is he going to murriage? *jenifa* is it Mary Mandalene or Josef the aramanteer?… so fans haff reach to telled person to murriage? These fans haff maked peoples to be lord of the ring o! ha!.

  8. Delle
    October 01, 09:53 Reply

    Well, seeing as this is a gay blog and the entry has nothing gay attached to it, I owe it to myself to ‘gaylise’ it.
    BANKY W is getting secretly married, due to pressure from society as usual, because he is gay on the DL!
    They wee not leave a gay man to be in peace.

    OAN, I used to have a crush on him until I saw him without his fez cap.

    • ambivalentone
      October 01, 12:12 Reply

      Ahhh!!! Your well known love for fez. Was it only that or the receded hairline?

      • Delle
        October 01, 13:00 Reply

        Lmao! What can I say? Fez is the new beauty

        Oh, he has that too?! *silently high-fiving myself for making the decision*

  9. Mr. Fingers
    October 01, 10:54 Reply

    he is taking this thing too personal. Its just a thing with Nigerians generally. They do the same to Don Jazzy and he finds a way to laff over it.

    Its not that serious bro. If u act as if it bothers u those fans will continue harping on it.

  10. Viera
    October 01, 12:59 Reply

    ejor nitori oloun
    what do you want?
    no we won’t spill
    banky is an omoluabi to the core
    once he finds a beard like his other friends he can marry in a groundnut shell who cares?
    Banky omo mummy….

      • Viera
        October 01, 22:41 Reply

        is in my mouth u want to hear that
        OJUELEGBA & EBUTTE META were once a couple?
        obviously kdians don’t get gist
        Delle you should’ b bringing celebrity gist for us u sound like busybody……

        • Delle
          October 01, 23:00 Reply

          Hian, Viera! Abeg o, don’t coman gimme work from perceived opinion.
          I like to keep amebos to myself!

  11. Witch
    October 01, 14:23 Reply

    he’s sooo shapeless. I’ve been trying to understand his body for years, still can’t figure it out. the fine boy with fine voice no gay man has a crush on… lol.

    • teeboi
      October 01, 15:40 Reply

      Says who? biko talk 4 urself and commot 4 hia

      • Witch
        October 01, 21:50 Reply

        you have a crush on Banky? ewwwwwwwwwww!

  12. Leo
    October 01, 14:39 Reply

    Why is this news ?

  13. z
    October 01, 15:42 Reply

    marriage is a choice and really, aside sexuality and reproductive and religious issues there are lots of people both male and female who don’t want to get married for no other reason than they just don’t want to get married. I wish the nigerian public would learn to mind their business and let people live their lives the way they choose.

  14. KingBey
    October 03, 23:12 Reply

    So which country needs two visas? Oga calm down. Isi nkwocha ! ?

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