“Be Sure Of The Sexuality Of Your Partner Before You Get Married.” BBNaija’s Leo Dasilva advices

“Be Sure Of The Sexuality Of Your Partner Before You Get Married.” BBNaija’s Leo Dasilva advices

The former contestant of the juggernaut show, Big Brother Naija, shared his opinion on marriage and sexuality on his social media account.

“Before you get married, be very sure of the sexuality of your partner,” he tweeted.

And apparently, in response to this tweet, his DM was flooded with messages of people narrating their experiences – I’m guessing, with down-low partners?

Anyway, he finishes by saying that sex or not, one should make it a priority to be sure he or she is marrying what they asked for.

When this thread was shared on Instablog9ja, a naïve, sweet summer child of a Nigerian had this to say about her own experience.

LOL. Is anyone going to tell her or should we let her be blissful in her ignorance?


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  1. Mandy
    June 20, 09:24 Reply

    ???? Wait fest o, so this girl’s ex actually told her that he got gay overnight and she bought it this hook, line and sinker? Wow! ??What a naive sweetheart. This kind of ignorance is cute here, but think how it is a microcosm of how uninformed Nigerians generally are about gay people, and how this ignorance fuels their prejudice. We really have an uphill task ahead of us in educating Nigerians about our community.

  2. Mitch
    June 20, 11:52 Reply

    The amount of dumbness in that Instagram comment is enough to weaken even the greatest and most patient teacher.
    Woddifok is that kind of ignorance supposed to be called na?

  3. Sage Philip
    June 20, 12:27 Reply

    Just when you’re begining to think you’ve seen it all…

  4. Higwe
    June 20, 14:28 Reply

    Leo Dasilva ?????

    Leo , Tobi , Miracle , K .Brule , Rico Swavey …two out of these names are bisexuals and the remaining three are as queer as rainbows .??

    One is into BDSM and prostitution .

    Two are strictly bottoms .

    One is strictly a top and has been known to be physically abusive to his erstwhile lovers .

    One is very versatile and easy to get into bed if you use the right approach .?


    Take this info to a shrine …you are getting it from a NEAR horse’s mouth .?

    I wonder what could trigger Leo to start shaking this Table ??…he was doing so well with his arranged Ceeleo ship .

    Maybe he’s trying to deflect attention sha …all join.

    • Cocent
      June 20, 16:06 Reply

      Can I get your email or contact number. I want to hear the full gist. PinkPanther epp me.

    • demi
      June 20, 20:26 Reply

      this one na very HOT tea ohh.. maybe I can try

      bdsm + prostitution = miracle
      strictly top = Leo & tobi
      versatile = rico swavey
      strictly btm = k brulé & miracle
      abuser = ???

      • trystham
        June 20, 21:06 Reply

        Tobi looks like all them muscles be hiding a squealer. My money is on him being a Power Bottom

        • Higwe
          June 21, 00:22 Reply

          The power bottom is from the 2017 set , his name starts with the letter B .?

          Tobi is versatile/bisexual …….

          Apparently he’s been shagging M since the show ended and he’s always the top .

          But when he shagged the married Eb , he bottomed.

          Don’t ask me how I know .???

          • Chidinma
            June 21, 07:46 Reply

            So, this Ebuka thing is actually real????

            • Audrey
              June 22, 01:10 Reply

              Ebuka’s gist is stale nah some of you really need to hang out a bit more mbok and get informations bout what goes on in the community.

            • Lyanna
              June 22, 11:05 Reply

              Isn’t it obvious? No man dresses that way for a lady.

          • Vincent
            June 21, 12:05 Reply

            Wait, Tobi has been shagging Miracle?? Wow!

            • Higwe
              June 23, 12:54 Reply

              Yes ?

              Tobi is in love with Miracle but the feeling is unrequited.

              Miracle is a smart , ambitious and focused dude …he has no time for gragra .

              I like that dude sha… he’s on his own lane doing his own thing .

      June 20, 22:02 Reply

      Ahn ahn. See hot tea o. Just dishing the juicy salacious details. Abeg inform us in clearer terms

      • Higwe
        June 21, 00:27 Reply

        The community is pretty small .
        Like literally everyone knows everyone .

        Especially when you roll with all these wannabe instagram celebrities .
        You get to hear gists .

        Like the guy Uti is currently shagging AZ used to roll with Tobi too .

        It’s basically a recycle bin ?

        • Cocent
          June 21, 11:56 Reply

          Uti is gay??? But he says he isn’t na.
          I want the whole pot of tea oh. You guys should gist me abeg.

          • Higwe
            June 23, 12:51 Reply

            Uti is gay nah ??

            He used to be in a live in relationship with Alex and apparently he invested his heart but Alex dumped him in the worst possible way , so he’s been a fuck boy ever since .

            His latest target is Cornelius …he was the one that linked him to the Gulder deal … Cornelius got paid over 300k for it .
            I don’t know if he’s succeeded sha but I know Cornelius ain’t easy.

            His regular fuck buddy is a guy called A Z ….search for a story on KD called ” the competition”

            There is a hidden Easter apple on the thumbnail. ???

            • Rx
              June 23, 14:14 Reply

              The worst possible way! Sounds like a tea I’m desperate to know

        • Buka!
          June 23, 09:15 Reply

          Where can i get this whole delicious pot of Tea ?? Higwe??
          Now I’m stuck…Wow

    • Illiana
      June 20, 23:27 Reply

      Mbok I need your email address. See tea everywhere. I always knew they weren’t straight,i just didn’t think of Rico

    • PeteyPablo
      June 24, 12:26 Reply

      Why do I feel like me and Higwe are already friends. You basically just typed my thoughts.

      I’ve always known that Leo is gay. Before BBNaija and after BBNaija. That’s one of the reasons why Khloe doesn’t really fuck with him anymore though she has queer friends.

      The Cee-Lo relationship was big SHAM.

      I can also confirm that A Z dude Uti is fucking. They go everywhere together. He’s basically Uti’s handbag. Cornelius might have done one of two things with him, not so sure because he unusually completes their 3-some outings.

  5. Ken
    June 20, 15:47 Reply

    You can’t always be sure of your partners sexuality because sometimes even they arent sure of it. Sexuality is a spectrum, there really are no boxes. Besides sexuality is not a guarantee for love or successful marriage. He can tick straight on your profile forms and still beat you to stupor at the slightest provocation. And both of u can also be straight but yet incompatible for marriage.

    The other girl blabbing about her bf na just plain mumu. Lol

  6. Temi
    June 20, 17:28 Reply

    You see I wanted to comment about Leo’s views but you see that overnight comment caught my attention. Hanty how is that possible? your bobo has been gay on a low key so you’re telling us that that was his first time of watching gay porn? some people lack common sense. As for Leo well said but what we find is people not living their true because of what the society will say. Every weekend na so so wedding.

  7. Bhaws
    June 20, 22:32 Reply

    And by the comments I’m seeing on Twitter most Nigerians don’t know the meaning of sexuality oooo. I don laff for here tire.

    • Phyl
      June 22, 13:27 Reply

      Oya ohhhh, still waiting fir the hot gist/tea pot mbok.

  8. Phyljay
    June 22, 13:21 Reply

    Oya ohhhh, I really need the full gist mbok, I mean the full hot tea pot bcuz am really hungry to hear jare.

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