The Drama Surrounding Jeffree Star And His New Boyfriend Continues With Accusations Of Cheating and Homophobia

The Drama Surrounding Jeffree Star And His New Boyfriend Continues With Accusations Of Cheating and Homophobia

Jeffree Star took to Instagram this week to post a photo with what was seemingly his new boyfriend. The picture showed Jeffree sitting on man’s lap wearing a full Louis Vuitton jumpsuit. All that was visible of this mystery man were his arms wrapped around Jeffree’s back.

He captioned the photo: “Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year.”

Fans instantly assumed this was his new lover and speculation over his identity began on social media. Despite the image being only of Andre’s arms, the photo showed some very distinguishable features. The man has both arms fully tattooed, so all fans had to do was work out who the tattoos belonged to.

That really didn’t take long, and the internet quickly exposed his identity as Andre Marhold, a professional basketball player.

Some people criticised others for exposing his identity, arguing that Jeffree clearly wanted to keep him hidden. However, others argued that it was actually Jeffree who purposely exposed him by showing off his obvious tattoos.

Andre Marhold is a professional basketball player who recently played for Germany’s Giessen 46ers. The athlete is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and he graduated from Mecklenburg High School in 2009. After some more digging, it was found out that he’d been with a woman who he has a child with. He has recently put his 12,000 follower Instagram account onto private, so it seems as though he wants to stay out of the limelight.

However, the drama carried on when Andre’s baby mama, Emmanuella Chartol who goes by Leezy, started slamming the relationship on twitter. “My ex on the shade room for fucking Jeffree Starr is not how I planned to start my day,” she wrote.

Shortly after Leezy posted her final tweet, Jeffree seemingly responded with a few Tweets of his own. “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is fucking me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem,” he wrote.

Leezy responded by accusing Andre of sending her sexual videos while at Jeffree’s home. “Well you should tell the people you’re fucking not to send me sexual videos from your home. And I’m not your sis…not sure you’re the same species,” she shot back.

Jeffree later tweeted about the homophobia he’s been receiving, though he did not make clear who the tweet was specifically about.

He then took to his Instagram Stories to address the whole situation, including the accusations that Andre is still involved with his ex.

“I’m living my life, I’m actually genuinely happy. And I know that upsets a lot of people, bitch. Happiness should never upset anyone,” Jeffree told his followers. “Just know that I am hanging out with someone amazing, who is SINGLE and has been single for a while, so anything else you hear is a motherfucking lie. And I know it sounds entertaining, I know everything’s like a movie and it’s all fun and crazy and sounds scandalous. It’s not. The real world ain’t that exciting, baby.”

Star also shared on his Instagram Stories a string of photos with André, including one that saw the basketball player holding onto the YouTuber’s legs while he enjoyed a dip in his pool.

Balleralert also got hold of comments allegedly made by Andre’s ex, Leezy, where she expressed heartbreak over Andre leaving her for Jeffree, implying that he may have done so because of the perks of dating the beauty guru.

“Tell me what’s I’ve done to you? Tell what why? Money? Cause I could worked harder to make our life better. I was your ride and die. I could do anything to save our relationship,” she allegedly said.

These comments had Twitter feeling some type of way as users expressed how they felt about the situation.

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