Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

Global warming didn’t get any more real than that. It was the hottest year ever recorded by my beleaguered mind. That late October afternoon was hot as fuck! The sun was just one fiery ball of torment. I had just returned home from a place I went to in the morning. And to worsen matters, NEPA did what they knew how to do best. Even after I had showered, I was still sweating profusely from every pore on my body. I simply spread my body out on the floor of my room in a desperate attempt to absorb the coolness of the tiles while I focused on how not to die from the  heat.

It was then that my phone rang. Rihanna’s ‘Wild, wild thoughts’ trilled from the device which was right next to me. I picked up the phone and glanced at the screen.

It was Nnanna.

“Guy, how far na?” he said the moment I answered.

“Oh boy, I no fine,” I lamented. “I’m literally lying in a pool of my own sweat. The heat is killing, and there is no light.”

“I can only imagine, you know, seeing as I’m surrounded with car AC.” He chuckled and I chuckled. “Anyway, I’m in your area. I came to see a client and I’m headed home now. I’d say let me stop over and say hi, but that heat in your house…” He chuckled again.


Ever since we met on Grindr after I just relocated to this town, our friendship had soared. For two guys who met on a hookup site, we were doing fine not having sex and still being such good friends. We’d met and simply not felt enough chemistry to drive a sexual encounter. So we’d opted to stay friends, and that was working out awesomely.

“You no just well,” I sallied back. “Na me you wan yab abi?”

“I assume you are naked. Oya, get dressed. I’m coming to pick you. I have full tank in my gen, fuel scarcity can’t stop me. We can play PS4 and enjoy AC.”\

Ah, I mentally sighed with relief. Aloud I said, “You know how to brag, don’t you? Oya, come na. I’ll be downstairs waiting for you.”


His place was like my second home in the city. As a new resident of the place, I only knew a handful of people. And because he was the closest one to me, I spent a lot of time with him, most of that time at his place.

After beating me in two soccer games, he turned off the game and got into his Netflix account. He told me to look for a nice show for us watch and disappeared into the kitchen. He came out later with chicken he had grilled in his oven and a bottle of wine. The major furniture in his sitting room was a sofa that could spread out into a bed. We pulled out the sofa into a bed, dropped our legs on the futon, and ate and drank while we watched what I’d picked.

It was Call Me By Your Name.

We watched the movie in silence broken only by the sound of our snacking. The film started slow and steadily built up its tension, a tension that seemed to reach out from the screen and weave its way into the cool atmosphere of the room, tautening undercurrents and slowly stoking fires that didn’t exist before.

Then came the scene when Elio and Oliver kissed, and, I don’t know – I swear I don’t know – Nnanna and I just started kissing. I swear again, I don’t how it happened. It just happened.

Now, usually, I always go through a process of preparation before sex. I shower before and after sex. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so I am very conscious of my body and that of whoever I’m having sex with. Before a guy can get with me, he has to shower. Otherwise, sex isn’t going to happen.

But right there, with my body straining against Nnanna’s, I lost every bit of my self-consciousness. The moment our mouths connected, the degree of the passion shot from zero to hundred in seconds. It’s still a wonder how our skins didn’t come off with our clothes as we ripped them off our bodies. Noses and tongues and lips traveled to and devoured places I’d usually cringe over if I didn’t shower. But it didn’t to matter. We were driven by a basic need for each other.

The musk from his groin area was overpoweringly sexy. I gave in to it. It oozed from his pubes down to his perineum and his cracks. I had never sniffed anyone in my life that much. It was intoxicating. I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of sucking his cock the moment I got my mouth wrapped over it. I kept blowing him like I wanted more.

And then he pushed me off. He turned me over and parted my cheeks. I was already quivering with anticipation as he poked his nose in, drawing in heavy breaths of my anal scent.

“Man smell…” he moaned. He sniffed and sniffed, even better than a trained police dog. Then he replaced his nose with his tongue and mouth, licking and eating me with a fervour that left me shaking, as surges of pleasure coursed through my body. Every muscle in me was spastic.

And then he was flipping me on my back to probe my ass with his throbbing cock. I was getting fucked hard and my cock responded with its own increasing rigid hardness. Nnanna went at me for quite some time, his groans of pleasure with each thrust washing over me. And then, our roles were reversed and I was the one lowering his ass onto my straining cock. We rode in unison as my cock plunged deeper and deeper into Nnanna’s ass. I flipped him onto his side and came at him from behind, going as deep as he commanded me to while massaging him in just the right spots. As I picked up the pace, his balls drew up tight and amid his harsh groans, he shot his thick load of cum up and out of his cock and all over his torso. While his ass muscles were working to shoot that load out of his cock, they were also massaging and stroking my sensitive cock. I pulled out as the first shot of cum gushed forth and trembled as I sent a geyser of cum flying all over Nnanna.

We collapsed into each other, our breathing slowly returning to normal and hearts pounding hard behind chests heaving to regain equilibrium. Then he sat up and slurped up the cum we spilled on our bodies with his tongue. He turned to me and kissed me deeply, transferring some of the cum into my mouth in the process. It was salty. It was nasty. My first swallow ever.

We were still looking into each other’s eyes, savouring the moment, when I began feeling the stirrings of lust again. I heard his breath catch and looked down to see his cock also jerking back to life. I reached down to touch him, to hasten the process of his erection, as he touched my cock to do the same to me.

He called me by his name and said, “Can we do this again…now?”

I smiled, called him by my name, and nodded.

But we weren’t Elio and Oliver. We bore the same name.



Our names. The same.

Written by Masked Man

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    • trystham
      January 30, 10:33 Reply

      Thank you for crashing me back to earth and reality. I hope the thunder I have sent at u finds u in good health

      • Johnny
        January 30, 15:05 Reply

        I repel thunders, they return to the sender when I do.

  1. Mandy
    January 30, 08:04 Reply

    Masked Man’s signature is his ability to give me a hard-on with his stories. Damn!

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    January 30, 10:06 Reply

    I can’t stop clapping! ??

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