Let Me Be Your Bitch

Let Me Be Your Bitch

FOREWORD: As you can already tell from the title, this is an erotic work of fiction. I’m putting this out here for those who will commence reading, expecting some braingasm. There is none to be had here. It’s about delicious, filthy gay sex. And it’s PG 25, and PG ‘All Those Already Behind Their Desks At Work.’ 🙂 Read at your own risk and titillation.


It was on a Friday that I went to my favorite restaurant for lunch. This hot, young, new waiter that looked like he was not a day older than twenty greeted me at the door, and escorted me to my table. He was Caucasian, with ginger hair, hazel eyes, and a slim, well-proportioned, sinewy body. He stood at about 5-feet and 10-inches, and it looked like he weighed around 160 pounds. He looked like someone had poured him into those fashionable blue Levis and black shirt. His pants fit snugly and wrapped perfectly around the cute bubble ass I could see departing from me after he took my order.

Although the restaurant was packed with customers, he went out of his way to assist me. He seemed taken with me, and I could see that my physicalness that impressed him just as he had me. I have the dark skin of my African origin, am 40 years of age with a swimmers body. I stand at 6-feet, weigh a muscled 170 pounds, and look no older than my late twenties.

He kept returning to my table, asking me if I needed anything else. After the fifth trip, it was obvious that his behavior was out of the ordinary. He was smooth, oh-so-very smooth in his shenanigans. He stared into my eyes, extended his hand, rubbed his crotch up against my arm and said, “Hi, my name is Phil. And you are?”

I felt his cock began to grow as it touched my arm as I replied, “Nice to meet you, Phil. I’m Dayo. My law office is only two blocks from here, so I have lunch here several days a week.”

“That’s good. I just started working here this week. I hope you will always ask for me as your waiter.”

“You can count on that, Phil,” I said.

As I went up to the counter to pay for lunch, Phil slipped a note to me. Upon leaving the restaurant, I read the note, which said: “Dayo, I hope I’m not too forward, but could we meet after work around 5PM? Here is my cell number. Why don’t you send me a text message if we can meet?”

This was why I loved the gay scene in London. Everything was so easy, so straightforward, so uncloaked with questions and uncertainty as it was back home in Nigeria.

I texted Phil a reply, telling him that I would pick him up in my Mercedes at 5PM at the restaurant.

As I returned to work, I wondered about the afternoon. Although I was in great shape, I was surprised to be hit on by a cute 20-year-old. I mean, I was twice his age. He must favour older men, I thought.

I spent the afternoon in court for one of my clients. I was too distracted, as I could not take my mind off this young stud and the chance to get into his pants that evening. Man, I fought not to get a hard-on in court.

As soon as Phil was in my car that evening, he winked at me, placed his hand on my inner thigh and said, “Dayo, I’m not one to beat around the bush. The minute I saw you, I became horny as hell for your hot body. I just about shot my load when you entered the restaurant. I bet you saw my hard cock. Let’s go somewhere – suck cock, eat ass, kiss and fuck. I could tell you were gay. I’m good at gaydar. Am I right?”

All this in one breath.

“Yes, Phil,” I replied. “I want you just as bad. And this must be my lucky day.”

As I broke the speed limit on the way to my home on the lake, Phil began to rub his hand across my crotch until my 8-inch thick cock had grown to a full erection. I almost wrecked several times from this distraction. Phil became so turned on as he felt my rock hard cock that he unzipped my pants, located my cock, pulled it out through my briefs, and – Holy shit! – he leaned over and took my boner into his mouth. He slowly, inch by inch, swallowed my huge wood, and at the same time he began to fondle my growing hot balls. While he continued to blow me, he put a hand up and under my shirt and began to pinch my nipples. Phil was one raunchy, hot, brave, young stud.

And I was trying hard not to park us into a car wreck.

I began to leak pre-cum that hung off the end of my cock head as Phil sucked it down his throat. The smells were so intoxicating. I had to get home and fuck this little mischief-maker. I could see that his bulge was very large in his pants. It was obvious that he had a big tool also.

When I finally pulled into my garage, we were too hot to stop the action. As Phil deep-throated my boner, I pulled my shirt off, undershirt off, pulled him off my cock long enough to remove my pants and wet briefs. I planted hard kisses on his juicy pink lips. Soon Phil, with lightening speed, took off all his clothes, as we were still seated in the car. Man, was his body beautiful. He was hairless on his chest, stomach and legs – very light skin with cute red freckles and an 8 or 9-inch smooth, vein-covered, bobbing cock with fuzzy red pubic hair. He too was profusely dripping pre-cum off his cock head.

We moved to the back seat and got into a hot 69 position, before proceeding to suck each other off. The feel of a wave of heat radiating from our crotches… the growing perspiration all over our bodies… the sweaty animal smells… the gobs of spit that began to cover our mouths and our cocks… the indelible testosterone in the air… and the feel and taste of the hard flesh of the cock shafts – that all had us shivering with goose bumps running up and down our bodies.

We sucked each other’s cocks like two wild animals. We came down and back up those cocks as if we were sucking on popsicles. The feel and smell of raw sex had never been more pleasurable of full of ecstasy.

As I neared my orgasm, I wanted to stop so we could fuck, but the lust and growing spasms took control. There was no way to stop that pleasure. Against my mouth, I felt delicious meat expand even further, even as I felt the rush of my ejaculation, and the spasm in our nuts released a huge supply of cum into our cock shafts and spontaneously he released and I released gushers of warm sticky semen deep into our throats. The nerve endings in my cock experienced such a thrill that I had my largest freshly squirted load of seed since early puberty.

And then, panting, we disengaged.

But Phil was still so horny that he placed my legs and feet up on his shoulders, got down between my legs to my ass and began to thrust his tongue inside my hole. He spent some fifteen minutes eating out my ass as it puckered from his tongue. Then, wanting to reciprocate the gesture, I prompted us to shift positions. It was my turn to place his legs and feet on my shoulders. I spent some ten minutes returning the favor as I ate his very clean pink ass. I sucked on his balls and rubbed his cock as it was beginning to come back to life. I smelt his rich manly odors.

We finally got into the house, took a shower and prepared dinner while still naked. I could not take my eyes off this beautiful young fresh meat while we ate dinner.

We went to my master bedroom for round two. Phil took me in his arms as our naked bodies were tight against each other. I felt our cocks rub together as they were now rock hard again.

“Dayo, I’ve never been so horny or wanted sex more than tonight. I have to ask a favor. Please make me your bitch. I want you to dominate me. I want to give you my ass and be a willing bottom, taking your gorgeous cock up my man pussy over and over. Do whatever you want to me, your little bitch.”

The touch of our hot bodies and his submission to his new daddy so overwhelmed me that my cock actually grew beyond what I thought was possible. Man, it must have reached 10-inches. Wow, what the mind can do for you.

I took one hand and reached between our bodies, grabbed our two cocks and began rubbing them together. After rubbing the two throbbing cocks together for a couple of minutes, I took my cum-covered fingers and thrust them in Phil’s mouth. He licked my fingers clean and then he parted my lips with his tongue and gave me some of the protein.

Then, I placed him on the bed, on his back, had him hold his legs up to his chest, and I lubed his ass. I took one of my favorite sex toys – a string with eight balls held together, starting from very small balls with each ball a little larger – and placed it at the entrance of his ass.

“Phil, baby, you said I could do whatever I wanted to you. I’m going to slowly shove these balls up your ass as I hold on to the string. Now, baby, push that ass down and suck these balls up that man pussy. You are going to go wild with lust for my sex toy.”

“Daddy, give me those balls up my ass, yea fuck yea,” he panted.

I slowly inserted ball one, then ball two and one by one, his ass swallowed those balls as he cried, “Oh daddy, that hurts. Keep going, give me those balls.”

When he had taken all eight balls inside his man pussy, I turned and twisted the string around and around, before I began to slowly pull them out. Wow, that was a hot scene as his ass pulsated.

Then I placed Phil on his stomach and got on top of him. I spread my naked body flat on his frame and began to hump like a male dog in heat. Soon my throbbing cock was running up and down his ass crack. The feel of my wet cock against the entrance to his ass drove Phil wild. He began the most wild bucking of his ass forcefully up into my crotch. The humping became so slick, as our bodies were locked in all those juices.

As my steel rod moved over his ass crack, Phil could not take it any longer when he said, “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH HELL! Daddy, please put that cock inside me. Do not tease me with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me, and please fill my man pussy with that cock. I want to feel your boner rub against my ass walls, message my prostate with that big tool of yours and give me the fucking of my young life. Don’t tease me anymore. I need your cock now!”

I just about shot my load in that moment. I moved off his body, spread his sexy legs far apart, placed a pillow under his crotch to lift his ass up in the air, poured lots of lube in his ass and on my pulsating cock, spent a couple of minutes fingering his puckering ass, moved my huge cock up to his ass entrance and began to insert the big penis inch by inch deep into his eager ass.

As I drove my cock deeper and deeper into his bowls, he began to buck and moan louder and louder. I felt my heart rate increase to a rapid rate and I managed to fuck that beautiful red-headed twink’s ass for at least 10 minutes. The hot flesh on flesh, not only of my cock rubbing against his ass walls and prostate, but the feel of my sweaty balls against his silk-like soft ass had my entire body quivering.

Although I had planned to fuck my little bitch in several other positions, I simply could not bring myself to pull my throbbing cock out of the most soft and erotic ass I had ever penetrated with my big cock. I could not stop enjoying the host to my cock. I also could not give up the feeling of every nerve ending in my cock begging for more ass. I had to blast my seed in the most fresh and remarkable ass I’d ever entered with my tool.

After about nine more powerful deep thrusts, I felt the seed rise up in my balls, began traveling rapidly up my cock shaft to the piss slit and finally erupt with a volcanic load deep into the bitch’s man pussy.

“Oh shit, I’m coming, I’m coming!” I groaned loudly. “Hell, oh it feels so great!”

Phil responded, “Man, I love the feel of that wet sticky thick cum deep in my ass. I’m now yours. Part of you is now inside my man pussy. Wow, it feels great.”

While my cock was still deep in his ass, Phil began to buck wildly as he shot his load onto the pillow. The fact that I knew he had ejaculated and he was thrusting his ass up to my cock caused my cock to unbelievably remain completely erect. For the first time in my life, the arousal was so tense after an ejaculation, that I actually felt as if I had not spilled all my semen. I was so turned on that I started to wildly fuck Phil’s ass with new energy and desire to come again.

This new fucking gave me great staying power as I fucked his hot ass for some ten minutes, banging away one hard thrust after another. I showed no mercy while pounding the ass. Soon Phil got my second load of man cream.

When totally spent and drained, I pulled out, and turned Phil over onto his back, got into a 69 so we could clean the cum residue off both cum-covered cocks. It tasted wonderful.

We changed positions again, lying upright against each other, and kissed. I’d just branded him my little bitch in the best sexperience I’d ever had.

Written by Mr. Kassy

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    April 30, 05:40 Reply

    **Stays put untill hard on subsides before turning on the ac**

    Pink Panther Hell.Awaits.You

    My goodness!

    • Mandy
      April 30, 06:21 Reply

      ‘He was hairless on his chest, stomach and legs – very light skin with cute red freckles and an 8 or 9-inch smooth…’
      Twink alert! *paging Dr. Dennis Macaulay to the on-call room*

  2. Arya Stark
    April 30, 05:57 Reply

    Wow the best writers I’ve seen are on kitodiaries…..I remember telling pinky I wanted to share a bitter sweet experience I had once…after penning the whole thing down I couldn’t send it. I really need a teacher asap. *morning darlings*

    • Teflondon
      April 30, 06:53 Reply

      Just write it.. As best as you can.. Send it to Pinky and she would do her magic. Trust me! Talking from experience. Lol
      Thank me later.

      Judging from the above piece.. I saw ‘Shanigans’ a word I know PP uses regularly. So I know she worked on the above piece.

  3. Arya Stark
    April 30, 06:01 Reply

    Uncle DM n Sweet Pinky can I be ur Student Bitch puh-leeeese *baths eye lashes*

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 30, 06:07 Reply

      Anytime baby, anytime!

      **opens sex toy box to retrieve whips**

      Hope you are as feisty as the real Arya

      • Max
        April 30, 06:29 Reply

        Oh the 50 shades chick. I hope you’re referring to the “book” character not the “motion picture” character.

    • Peak
      April 30, 08:59 Reply

      U no see them? Legion of Thots

  4. Deola
    April 30, 06:02 Reply

    Hmmmm. Tis not a small sontin.
    ***tries to sip green tea but feels thirsty for something else***

    • Max
      April 30, 06:29 Reply

      Quench your taste dear, quench your taste. Don’t starve yourself.

      • Deola
        April 30, 06:42 Reply

        Ur head dey dia Max, i’ve been such a good boy lately…let me reward myself!! *** drops green tea on table and flips through man candy catalogue***

      • Max
        April 30, 07:07 Reply

        Good good. Make sure to pick top of the line brand. Don’t go cheap. And also big ones in nice packages, look out for those too. You wanna get one that’ll quench @ least a yr of thirst. Big huge quality sweet candy can work a lot of magic on your blood pressure. ☺.

    • Peak
      April 30, 09:01 Reply

      U no see the? Legion of Thots

    • Ace
      April 30, 13:35 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahhaha Deola! The lord save thee from this emerging thirst coming from the pit of slutiness.

    April 30, 06:05 Reply

    Chai PP may God forgive u for doing dis to me dis early morning….. *whr is my vaseline @*

      • IVANKO
        April 30, 06:40 Reply

        PP how come u knw whr I left my vaseline last night hmmmm… Is ok

      • Mr Kassy
        April 30, 17:21 Reply

        Pinky my darling,thank you for keeping my baes 24/7 horny today by publishing this post.I already lost hope.Gonna send you more.

  6. Masked Man
    April 30, 06:12 Reply

    Seriously? Vaseline? Who mentioned vegetable oil the other time? Tufia!

    Stark….well done.

    • Max
      April 30, 06:17 Reply

      Try olive oil & thank me later.

  7. Queen Blue Fox
    April 30, 06:15 Reply

    Oh my! This has given me the kinda hardon that takes time to subside. And just my kind of sex HARD!

  8. Max
    April 30, 06:16 Reply

    Omg.. After reading the warning, I don’t think I can read it now. My trouser is quite tight today, don’t want unnecessary activity down there.

  9. KryxxX
    April 30, 06:40 Reply

    *Grabs tamborine, ties scarf over head in deeper life style nd starts to sing*

    The blood of Jesus…
    The blood of Jesus sets me free..
    From sins and sorrow…
    The blood of Jesus sets me free…

    *Resumes prayer profusely*

    ShabarabaKakakaka Oroboscatter! Sekesekeseke sekesekeseke sekemana!

    Any demon that Says he is gonna embarrass me nd cause me setback in this busstop today! I bind you! Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Spirit of hardon nd unnecessary sexual urge without any body to get down with……….. Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The devil is a bastard *In my pastor’s voice*

    Umu ashewoooooooooooooo juputere ulo nke nu oh!
    Inukwa temptation!
    E speakilekwe…… maka confusing ga a dimakwa oh!


    • pinkpanthertb
      April 30, 06:43 Reply

      And like a blast of lightning, Kryxxx Is BACK! Nna, how long are u here for this time? 😀 Just until your hard-on from this piece subsides?

    • KryxxX
      April 30, 07:32 Reply

      Lol! Nwanne mmadu! I never left oh! Always hovering like a guardian angel watching over u guys! As for d hardon eh, if that prayer didn’t cure it b4 tufiakwa then d ancestral curse from my village is strong!

  10. JArch
    April 30, 06:42 Reply

    Mr Kassy… You and I need to swap stories over dinner sometime. It’s nice to read the kind of stories I love from a daddy’s perspective. This gave me a serious hard on

    Pinky do the needful 😀

  11. JArch
    April 30, 06:46 Reply

    R.I.P to all the sperm cells that will be lost today in orgasmic bliss because of this story.

  12. Chris
    April 30, 06:50 Reply

    “…preprared dinner while still naked” It couldn’t ve been a hot meal that involves
    frying with sunflower oil, otherwise it wont be only the sex that will be steamy,

    • JArch
      April 30, 06:56 Reply

      Fried sausages and grilled burgers eh Chris

      • Chris
        April 30, 07:06 Reply

        Imagine, English dinner combined with steamy sex.
        Now i want English breakfast, i must not miss steamy
        sex and miss steamy, sorry, English breakfast.

  13. Masked Man
    April 30, 06:52 Reply

    It’s amazing to shag a dude who’s got a bigger dock than yours. Puts you in charge. Lol.

  14. Khaleesi
    April 30, 06:53 Reply

    ****crashes back to earth with a loud shattering bang***
    Dayum! Mr Kassy, this is the raunchiest, filthiest, dirtiest piece i v read in ages!!! You really are gifted, pls more of this! There’s been too much intelligentsia/intellectualism in here lately, we were starting to forget what raw animalistic hedonistic sex is like …
    ***straps you and Pinky firmly into your business class seats aboard a hell-bound boeing 787 dreamliner****

    • Max
      April 30, 07:11 Reply

      I thought ya’ll were previously scheduled for dragon airways? #JustAsking

  15. Chris
    April 30, 06:53 Reply

    …..and Mr Kassy, you sure you want make heaven with this kind of story that Pp is enabling for you:)?

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 30, 06:56 Reply

      LMAO! See me see trouble o. How dare you rope me into this journey to hell, eh Chris?

      • Chris
        April 30, 07:15 Reply

        Pp, you and Mr kassy are both capable, i beg, i meant culpable,
        if i cant function with my usual daily activities today, am most def
        coming for you Pp, yes and Mr kassy.

    • Peak
      April 30, 09:25 Reply

      Oga analyst will not allow us eat the story and drink our ogi in peace. He has to psycoanalyse everything. FYI the story is what sex is suppose to be in an ideal situation, boundless and unlimited degree pf freedom to push ur mind and body to limits that u never deemed possible. We know that safe sex is suppose to be observed at all times. When u are attrated to someone with the above magnitude of intensity then you wouldn’t over think things. Brilliant read.

      • Max
        April 30, 10:37 Reply

        @Peak, I knew this piece would cater to your raunchy fantasies.

    • Mr Kassy
      April 30, 17:17 Reply

      Mydear I am already wearing my white rob with golden linings.Heaven too sweet joor! E speakilekwe!

    • JArch
      April 30, 06:58 Reply

      Lmao Masked man… PP is just friend of the family ooo, am married already biko

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 30, 07:00 Reply

        A DEAR friend of the family, dear MM. So you might wanna make nice with Jarch. 😀

  16. Max
    April 30, 07:02 Reply

    Ok, so I fought a war while reading this.
    A war between northern and southern part of my body. They were both fighing for control. It was a stalemate btw.
    ” I’m now yours. Part of you is now inside my man pussy”- Now that’s creepy.

    And no one noticed the lack of condom. Ya’ll wanna grab the next dude beside you and do all these things to him.

    Dirty raunchy sex..Love it.. ☺☺.. Good for reading.. Bad in real practice. That dick will ache for days after cumming 3 times within a space of hours. And then there’s the risk(without condom).

    Nice fiction Kassy.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 30, 07:03 Reply

      ‘That dick will ache for days after cumming 3 times within a space of hours.’

      So, so, so right.

      • Chris
        April 30, 07:09 Reply

        Not neccesarrily, says who, never felt ache like that before or
        am i the odd one out?

      • Mandy
        April 30, 07:11 Reply

        You’ve cum three times within a space of hours? Chris, Hi, my name is Mandy. May I make your bedquaintance? 😀

      • JArch
        April 30, 07:13 Reply

        It would be a nice ache though. You’d be smiling and groaning in pain. Just like when you work out and your body aches but you’re smiling at the noticeable effects that’s showing.

        The Dick will be a very happy camper in his boxers

      • Max
        April 30, 07:14 Reply

        Hello Chris. I thought you were in the #KdVirginsClub, my bad. How many times have you cum more than once while having sex?
        How many times have you ploughed a man pussy? If you do at least 10- 15 minutes of thorough ploughing, you’ll experience what I’m talking about.

      • Max
        April 30, 07:17 Reply

        @Jarch, youre kinda right. I can’t count how many times I’ve enjoyed pleasure+pain at the same time. But once everything is over, the pleasure goes but the pain linger.

      • Max
        April 30, 07:21 Reply

        Lmao @Mandy. Ya’ll are making new words here everyday. Bedquaintance. I like it.☺. Pinky I think we should round up all our newly created words and submit to oxford university for review. We need it in the dictionary ASAP.

      • Chris
        April 30, 07:27 Reply

        @Mandy i hear you, i only do smash and keep , i dont do smash and dash just
        aforementioning it.:)
        @Max, if one can make love and not just phuck or fuck, that height is achievable.
        Just speaking from experience as in time past.:)

    • KryxxX
      April 30, 07:25 Reply

      Ache for days kwa? Really? I must b weird……. I have done worse nd mine never ached but instead………… my ass**** would ache like hell! Gets me scared always! Said too much? #OkBye

      • Max
        April 30, 07:41 Reply

        @Chris, were you on the giving or receiving end? The answer to that question is what makes the difference

      • Chris
        April 30, 07:53 Reply

        @Max, talking from the angle of exporting ie. giving, my dick dont ache and…..
        if importiing, that is receiving then just as KryxxX said
        ” my ass would ache like hell”
        #Nowthisisgrownup talk:)

  17. Eros
    April 30, 07:06 Reply

    I shall not masturbate.

    I shall not masturbate.

    I shall not masturbate.

    I shall not masturbate.

    I shall not masturbate.

    I shall not masturbate.

    Oh crap.

    Curse you PP and Mr. Kassy

  18. Evans
    April 30, 07:26 Reply

    Oh boi…… Devil is bad!!!!

  19. Chris
    April 30, 07:39 Reply

    Switching on the kettle about to make a cuppa of green tea, am thirsty.
    Mr Kassy if this story is all yours, well i say , wicked homoerotic write up.
    However am still not forgiving you Mr kassy and Pp for what you did to me
    this morning as i dont like using my hands, not really my thing.

  20. Ruby
    April 30, 07:41 Reply

    Vivid to a T!
    I felt like I was there watching the story unfold!
    Wonderful Mr Kassy

  21. trystham
    April 30, 07:58 Reply

    #sigh This is what u get when u r weaned on “Nackson”. My hard-on died at the last full stop. It was every bit raunchy and spontaneous. I still need tutorials on this gaydar thing o.

    • Chris
      April 30, 08:43 Reply

      While you are taking tutorials on ‘gaydar thing’ simultaneously take
      Punches 101 and Public embarrassment/diss. Go in peace.

      • trystham
        April 30, 10:25 Reply

        *kneels down for sacrament* Amen Father

    • shuga chocolata
      April 30, 08:52 Reply

      me too trystham. I need tutorials on the gaydar stuff.

      my erected penis died together with the full stop.

  22. wondabuoy
    April 30, 08:17 Reply

    erotica level 12. Finally the boner came down, or is it? There’s precum already?. **rushes into the office toilet to clean up***

  23. Ringlana
    April 30, 08:22 Reply

    “This is why. I loved the gay scene in London. Everything
    was so easy, so straightforward, so un cloaked with
    questions and uncertainty as it was back home in Nigeria. Hope our Nigeria. Dude are reading dis. Nigera. Dude. Ll be forming Porsche,Go for what you want,Gs. Dee vex.

    • Ace
      April 30, 13:49 Reply

      True. Outside Nigeria, a guy can literally walk up to you and say he likes you. All you do is accept or reject. The bottoms give you ass without all the drama and the tops don’t feel like they are more of a man than you in most cases. Everything is smooth. Can’t wait for Naija to be like that.

  24. Sinnex
    April 30, 08:52 Reply

    No condoms? Okay na….
    So people actually swallow cum…hmmmm….I wonder what’s the pleasure in that.

    I know this was supposed to turn me on, but I am more creeped out than aroused. Right now, I feel like throwing up.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 30, 14:05 Reply

      Uh, Sinnex, that’s the standard reactions of virgins to this kind of raunchy sex, I hear. 🙂

      • keredim69
        April 30, 15:13 Reply

        I beg to differ PP. Its not the standard reactions of a “hot blooded Virgin”.. An Asexual maybe, but not

  25. tony eneh
    April 30, 10:52 Reply

    Wow just love the whole settings, just got me wet

  26. Teflondon
    April 30, 11:13 Reply

    But Ofcuz I won’t be exposing my thots side on here.. Yall can’t deal. Lol I must admit tho, this was/is in one word “INTENSE!!”
    I could relate with a lot in the fiction above.. The spontaneous sex scenes, no condom sex, breakfast while naked, The ‘Animalistic sucking’ the Caucasian Twink, Mercedes and what have you.. ‘Ok i should calm my titties’ Lol Hain!
    The things I’ve done in the past.. The devil will take a back seat and Marvel. Something I’m not proud of… I’m still on my journey to self righteousness. Lol Halleluyah!

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 30, 14:14 Reply

      Tef, kindly teach your beau sinnex all these experiences you’ve had abeg.

  27. Carl
    April 30, 12:16 Reply

    Lawd. Have. Mercy. on. our. Dicks! *spent*

  28. Arya Stark
    April 30, 13:12 Reply

    At uncle DM definately as feisty as u know she is, one thing I do know we have in common is *pensive* as feisty as we are we still innocent. I was talking about being ur bitchy student writer though *raised brow* Sex toy box???? What the hell is that???????
    Pinky can I get ur email plzzz

  29. Mr Kassy
    April 30, 17:13 Reply

    Hahahahaha! I can feel the intensity of the thirst from our Holy hoes, no probx….who can be my bitch tonight? Horny much.

  30. obatala
    May 01, 05:55 Reply

    I read the whole story and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for that client he defended in court.

  31. Morgana
    May 01, 16:02 Reply

    God is watching all of you here. Aiding and abetting such evil. How can Mr. Kassy be so wicked? Pinky, You better come and quench this fire o. *Applying liquid soap to cotton wool * You people want me to go rape someone abi? It will not work. Jump and pass.

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