Caught Between A Rock And A Hard-on

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard-on

My name is Buchi. I’m in the university and I live off-campus, in the lodge known as Mediatrix. When I started living in Mediatrix, I didn’t talk to anybody for over three months. I didn’t know the name of anybody living in all the righty rooms of the two-block hostel. It was just my roomie, Henry and I. The relationship between the both of us was almost nonexistent. Just greetings, and on some days, we rarely spoke to each other. Not that I didn’t try, but he was just plain dumb and very homophobic.

The guys in Mediatrix are super hot. My room is a corner room, so my balcony gives me a very good view of the front and right axes. Hot boys littered every corner. Boxers and sweat pants doing nothing to hide the bulge swaying both ways. Some wore briefs and paraded the corridors.

However, the kito situation in Mediatrix is legendary. I live in fear and paranoia, especially as I didn’t have any friends. Cultism and robbery didn’t help matters. So my daily routine consisted of going to school around 7.30am, returning by 4pm, and staying indoors till the next morning. On the weekends, I made short trips to visit my friends in nearby states. This routine worked well for me. Paranoia was keeping me safe.

And then came the Wednesday when Henry asked me for a favour. He said his girlfriend was on her way to visit from Uyo, and that she’d stay for three days. He said he’d be needing privacy and was banishing me from our room for three nights. Okay, banishing is not exactly a new thing in Mediatrix. I didn’t have a problem with it except that I didn’t know anywhere else to spend those nights in. He said he already took care of that. He’d talked with his friends, Zoba (short for Chizoba) and Obi (short for Obiora), roommates and friends of his, and that I’d sleep in their room.

And that was it. Block B, R19 was going to be my home for the next three nights. I knew Zoba and Obi. They came to our room often to visit with Henry. I never paid much attention to them, earpiece always plugged in. As I walked into their room that night however, my chest was wound up in knots. Breathing was difficult. These two guys were both in black sexy briefs with coloured bands. Under the blue light bulb, I could make out their dick prints. Their bodies were toned and athletic. I had not asked for this!

The three of us talked a bit, and then I retired for the night.

I thought that was it. Little did I know that my troubles had only just begun. I was sandwiched on the fairly sized mattress. Zoba laid on my right and Obi on my left. Dear God, I was attracted to the two of them. All I wanted to do was stretch out my arm and pull them both in to me, and have them get very naughty and nasty with me. But the thought of a tyre dumped around my neck, burning with hot flames, after all the boys in the hostel must have beaten me up made me think twice. I quelled my raging desires, folded into myself and shut my eyes tightly. It was hard, but soon, I was asleep.

It was wet, warm too. And it felt really good. I was dreaming of getting head, and I didn’t want to wake up from the blissful sensation. But awake I did into the startling consciousness that it wasn’t a dream. Zoba was blowing away at my dick. Shit! I mean, yeah! I lay still right there, pretending to still be asleep, watching him work my dick through partially closed eyes. The silver light of the moon streaming in through the window illuminated his head as it bobbed up and down over my groin.

And then, another surprise hit me, when he stretched out his arm over my body and began fondling Obi’s crotch on the other side of me. There was some pause as I listened to him kneading Obi’s crotch, and then the silence was split by a hiss of Obi’s baritone.

“Guy, abeg, no be now.” He knocked off Zoba’s hand. “Stop that thing. No let this guy catch us.”

Oh really? I thought, my inside brows arching with incredulity. Nna, calm down, I’ve catch you finish, inugo?

I didn’t know what to do. Do I wake up and turn into a slut in a wild orgy? Or do I wake up and pretend I wasn’t aware of what had just transpired? Or do I wake up, fully aware and push Zoba off while brimming with anger, disgust and surprise?

What to do… What to do…

Eventually, I decided to pretend I didn’t know what was happening. I stirred, and like a shot, Zoba sprang away from me and dropped down on the bed next to me, the very picture of a sleeping human being. I could feel the waves of their still tenseness, as though they were waiting for me to react one way or the other. I didn’t do anything. I merely moved my body this way and that, and then with a heavy exhalation, I acted like I had slipped back into slumber.

But my mind was alive with thoughts as I wondered if my roommate, Henry had ever engaged in sex with these two. From what Obi said, this seemed like what he and Zoba often got up to. I simply wondered if Henry, for all his homophobia, was in on it too. And the deep sleeper that I am, I wondered if he had tried to ‘Kemen’ me in my sleep. Not like I was complaining; I simply wondered.

Anyway, good news! Roomie banished me for three nights. That first night was just the intro. There are two more to go. Till next time – story for another day.

Written by Masked Man

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  1. riddleMe
    August 14, 08:46 Reply

    Oh…my! please release the second and third episodes biko!!!

    I was already getting hard on.

  2. Iliana
    August 14, 08:56 Reply

    U gotta be kidding me , fiction?

  3. Johnny
    August 14, 09:22 Reply

    Please can you give us a sequel ASAP. Tomorrow would do.

  4. Hilanzok
    August 14, 09:47 Reply

    is this just fiction or plain reality?

  5. Kenny
    August 14, 09:53 Reply

    Masked man… Giving KDians bones since 2015

  6. Kunleshi
    August 14, 10:40 Reply

    Biko,when are we getting the rest of the story?

  7. Simba
    August 14, 11:19 Reply

    I know it’s you… Mask nne

  8. omiete
    August 14, 13:37 Reply

    Oh Lawd!!!! thats all i can say

  9. Mitch
    August 14, 13:56 Reply

    Masked man and his boner worthy stories.

    I hail! ???

  10. Whisperer
    August 14, 16:52 Reply

    Omg!!! Yo!!!! Release the other part please!!!!!

  11. chrizzzy
    August 14, 22:36 Reply

    First time commenting… Stumbled on dis blog some months back. Bn trying to commenting for awhile now bt it keeps failing. Pinky nice job u doing here.
    Maskedman great story.

  12. Eddie
    August 16, 10:12 Reply

    Ooooooh! *jumping and clapping my hands excitedly* You are one lucky hombre, mi hermano!

  13. Foxydevil
    August 16, 22:44 Reply

    Let’s pretend like this guy wasn’t just sexually molested ?

      August 22, 22:21 Reply

      Lmaoooo. You just have to be a kill joy about it ey @ Foxy.

  14. quinn
    August 22, 12:56 Reply

    who cares if it’s fiction! it’s titillating and that’s all that matters.??.

  15. Dizzy boy
    August 23, 14:27 Reply

    Friction or non friction….who cares?… Can’t wait for the continuation of this menh…. Was hard reading tru

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