Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said the winter love is spreading everywhere.

I know your little sister was just brought to the hospital again.

And your mum just called that your uncle died at the early morn.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I see you every night sobbing in your sleep.

I know this year like every other has been a sad steep.

And I see you dropping visine to conceal those red eyes.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I’m sorry but I read your diary again.

And I wondered what I’ll give to make you merrier.

Then I broke down as I turned over the next chapter.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I waited for your Christmas wish list again this year.

I saw a silver glistening roll down your cheek as you prayed.

And I know your heart feels heavier than I’ve ever known.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I see your dreams when you sleep.

And no wonder you wake up and weep.

I know you don’t want to talk back but I’m glad I didn’t get a beep.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, Just know it will not always be this way.

Maybe soon… Maybe next year.

But someday I know you’ll be OK.

Written by Scarface

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    December 26, 08:04 Reply

    Lord Scarface?

    Chestnut, Peak and I are waiting for you!

    We are waiting for you earnestly!

    there is a set order of things ooo!

    Better do the needful; come and see us the council of elders.

    • chestnut
      December 26, 09:24 Reply

      Awww ScarFace, this poem pulled at my heart-strings. I know what it feels like to try and hide ur unhappiness from the world. Good thing u have a good man to hold ur hand, at least (um, speaking of which…if u won’t give us Champagne,at least throw a tea-party nah. Hian!)

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 26, 09:28 Reply

        Are you conceding? Without my knowledge? (I spit on your betrayal)

        On champagne we stand
        ***straight face***

      • chestnut
        December 26, 11:03 Reply

        Lol…Dennis, u know I would never betray u,but I’ve been watching these two, and I realise we have to handle them with kid-gloves. If we don’t apply tact and diplomacy, they will just elope to Vegas, that’s why I’m trying to bend a little;b4 they do us ‘Bonnie & Clyde ’15’. I no wan hear stories dat touch d heart.

    • Blue
      December 26, 11:47 Reply

      Let’s have a meet then.

  2. #TeamKizito
    December 26, 08:29 Reply

    I saw ‘read’ & ‘diary’ somewhere. *shudders*

    I’ll be ok.

  3. simba
    December 26, 08:51 Reply

    Okay scarface…. but Hmmmmmm am trying to have a Xmas not be depressed with past events…

  4. A-non
    December 26, 09:11 Reply

    Audacity of Hope


  5. Max
    December 26, 09:48 Reply

    And finally the groom makes an appearance…
    Who drank the wine sef?? @Dennis, are u d one?

    • Dennis Macauley
      December 26, 10:02 Reply

      Have I seen any wine? I haven’t oo!

      Which groom? Abeg wait! The council of elders have not been approached!

      Just like peak said, PP will have to be married off properly! No ojukokoro arrangement here!

      I am the bride’s father, lemme see whether this scarface of a man will steal PP from under my care and run.

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 26, 10:42 Reply

        It is what you want ba? You want to bring shame to this family? Mbanu!

        You will not elope anywhere! We (council of elders) will drink your wine and see you off PROPERLY!

        Elopement? Surely the d**k cannot be that good!

      • Max
        December 26, 11:06 Reply

        Lol@Dennis, it just might be… It takes a remarkable one to bench the likes of PP..

  6. Khaleesi
    December 26, 11:05 Reply

    lmao … chai chai chaii … y’all are a hot mess … lool

  7. JArch
    December 26, 13:12 Reply

    Y’all just fell right into pinky’s trap.

    She wanted us to gush over her boo some more…. what better way to do it sooo “innocently” than to put up a piece from Lord Scarface.

    This their love is stronger than uncooked pomo. But me I’ve said my own- Dame Pinky’s wedding to Lord Scarface is happening soon in 2015

  8. Kristopher B
    December 26, 13:20 Reply

    Okay, this kinda mirrored Scar Face had a bad year, but not to worry ’15 is surely going to be good bro! Congrats Pinky you better keep this one -smiles-. Meanwhile shout out to CJ for holding me down for over a yr now! It’s nt a totally sex oriented Rshp, it’s an open one but my only back bone on those dark days!

    • Lord II
      December 26, 16:02 Reply

      Awww sweet!!!@my only backbone on those dark days!

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