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Photo Of The Day XLIV

This much thirst during football though… Tsk tsk ๐Ÿ™‚

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This is just way too much gorgeousness in one family

You know how you’re a one-man man, and you believe you can only ever be in an exclusive relationship with one person. But then you look, and lo and behold,

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Cristiano Ronaldo in those underwear photos though… sigh

Now in its 7th season, Cristiano Ronaldoโ€˜s underwear collection CR7 is taking a turn towards all things tropical and toucan-toned. โ€œI love summer,โ€ he said at the launch, โ€œso wanted


  1. Micky
    December 27, 04:42 Reply

    What other explanation do we need??????

  2. #TeamKizito
    December 27, 05:54 Reply

    Ewo! See thirst. Thirst for a god.

    What’s your ‘own’ interpretation, PP?

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 27, 06:08 Reply

      That there are too many bottoms and too few tops? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • B.A.D
        December 27, 08:05 Reply

        Ikr, is it just me or are most kito stories from bottoms too? Some1 needs to give tips on THIRST CONTROL 2 avoid more kito experiences

      • chestnut
        December 27, 08:29 Reply

        Hahaha! Pinky why are u like this? That might just be a picture of straight dancers (they do kinda look like dancers,don’t they?)

      • Mr Kassy
        December 27, 10:10 Reply

        All ov dem boys need their rusty pussies greased;buh one top can’t do all that alone.Even the bitches who v already been greased can’t get enough of d badoo.They need more living dildos.Pinky I agree with u.Lord II iI think ur that top guy*just suuggesting*By the way can u tell us about the musky-scented cake u browsed???Dennis get in here and help Lord II out grease these tasty hoes!

  3. Dennis Macauley
    December 27, 06:44 Reply

    In this photo I can spot the Khaleesi archetype, the Iluvmua and the PP

    ***picks race***

  4. Ace
    December 27, 07:02 Reply

    Sorry all I see are bottoms! Probably trying hold back a power bottom that is famous for snatching tops in the neighborhood. They are like ” bitch, come back here! Stop snatching our men!” But he ( the power bottom) is trying to break free from their grip. Sorry, I can’t just imagine a top in this mix.

  5. Lord II
    December 27, 07:06 Reply

    Hmmm that fair hand on those cakes tho…..

    ah just reminded me of the lovely dark and clean “sturdy” chocolate cake I had yesterday…hmmn sumptuous!

    • B.A.D
      December 27, 07:47 Reply

      Dis is sooo wrong. I’ll jst assume u meant Xmas cake. smh ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Lord II
        December 27, 07:55 Reply

        Assume all u like…but don’t stifle the freedom of your imagination…pls…its. Xmas after all!!

    • Peak
      December 27, 09:03 Reply


      U wan make them come 4 u this early mormor?

      Abeg some of us de wince from the pain of the drag u get here, so please so us a favour and stop baiting trouble, na beg we beg u

      • Lord II
        December 27, 09:26 Reply

        Oh my lovely peak…so nobody has cakes anymore on KD?? eh…oh ok I see there is an unwritten rule here that says eat cake but don’t flaunt it’s taste rite…yeah…I get! In fact show and taunt the cakes oh but don’t dare eat it…yeah rite.

  6. B.A.D
    December 27, 07:53 Reply

    Ikr, is it just me or are most kito stories from bottoms too? Some1 needs to give tips on THIRST CONTROL 2 avoid more kito experiences

    • gad
      December 27, 09:10 Reply

      Bottoms are mostly victims of kito stories. Its better not to put the likely reasons here to avoid another round of name calling and rising of tempers. Tops on the other hand are usually victims of blackmail in the hands of btms who in most cases feel used and dumped. @ B.A.D, kito has many faces.some can’t be avoided but most can but one general way to avoid them is not only by being meticulous but by being level headed even in the face of threats of kito and stand up against it bearing in mind that the last thing the criminals will want is resistance from you. One powerful weapon against blackmailer is non-compliance.

  7. Eros
    December 27, 08:48 Reply

    Looool. That is exactly what I imagined. The power bottom be singing “Let it go, let it go, cant hold back anymore”. It is survival of the fittest ooo

  8. gad
    December 27, 08:53 Reply

    I think this pix represents the thoughts of an artist put on canvas

    • Lord II
      December 27, 09:33 Reply

      Gad your right…but what thoughts exactly??? Dats what we r trying to decipher here…would you care to proffer suggestive…eh sorry suggestions of your own?

      • gad
        December 27, 14:26 Reply

        Two many btms chasing one top

  9. Absalom
    December 27, 09:11 Reply

    Ha. The guy in front looks like he’s dancing to Beyonce’s Naughty Girl. I can just breeze blowing his hair! And look at that arched back!

    • Lord II
      December 27, 09:29 Reply

      Tempting abi..Absalom….haa….an arched back….mmmm!!

  10. Lord II
    December 27, 10:18 Reply

    Oh Mr Kassy luv….KD may not be able to stomach it if I dared. Besides it was just a chocolate cake….was just the way it was dished!…hehehehe

    • Mr Kassy
      December 27, 18:20 Reply

      I hope the cake can be rimmed too.*touches my dick’s cap and licks my red lips*

  11. lluvmua
    December 27, 20:15 Reply

    Lol @Dennis I pray tell which is khalessi and which is me lol

  12. Lothario
    December 29, 14:26 Reply

    But the booty and thighs of that dude in front……jeez!

    In other news, Lord my man, you like wahala sha. ..Lol!

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