Comedian Ogusbaba antigay comedy sketch goes viral, provokes outrage from Nigerian LGBT

Comedian Ogusbaba antigay comedy sketch goes viral, provokes outrage from Nigerian LGBT

The “comedy sketch” encouraging sexual assault against gay men was first posted by Gossip Mills Nigeria: a skit by comedian Ogusbaba titled The Lekki Gay Skit. It went viral, prompting posts from British media outlets such as BBC and Pink News.

The video, created by the comedian Ogusbaba, features an effeminate gay man acted by the comedian himself. It starts off with Ogusbaba at home, and he is visited by another man played by the actor Stephen Odimgbe. Ogusbaba invites him in excitedly, promising his guest that the night will be a “delight”, before asking him if they’re going to “have some fun”.

“Oh yeah, we are going to dig it down together,” retorts his guest, before snapping his fingers which prompts two intimidating men to enter the scene.

The four get into a confrontation about Ogusbaba being gay, with Odimgbe mocking him in a high-pitched voice: “I love you, you’re the apple of my eye.”

The two men new to the scene set down a bag and begin to pull out objects that they talk about sexually assaulting Ogusbaba with. Starting with a banana, one man played by Jnr Pope says: “This one’s too small, don’t worry yourself,” then proceeds to pull out a cucumber, then a paw-paw and finally a yam with a bottle of olive oil.

The video ends uncomfortably, with two of the men holding Ogusbaba down while the third prepares to sexually assault the man with the vegetable – all because he is gay.

Apparently, Nigerians now find sexual assault funny.

The video has been shared thousands of times and has sparked a debate. Many comments praise the video, but some debunk it.

Prominent gay rights activists have condemned the video. They include Rev. Jide Macaulay, who condemned the video, saying: “It glorifies and glamorizes homophobic attacks faced daily in reality by many LGBTI people in Nigeria. Ogusbaba need to understand that this is not funny. Your comedy is giving license to haters to attack gay people.

“We urge Ogusbaba to withdraw this sketch, apologise to the gay community and condemn any homophobic abuse as a result of this comedy,” said the activist, who has launched an online petition calling on Ogusbaba to stop promoting hate crimes against LGBT Nigerians.

“We have documented many cases of violence against unsuspecting gays who meet people via social media or other means and simply agreed to a date or sexual encounter. Social media is being used to entrap gay men,” he says.

Activist Bisi Alimi believes the motivations behind Ogusbaba’s sketch are clear.

“He [Ogusbaba] wanted it to go viral. He knew the average Nigerian would find it funny and share it,” Alimi says. “He knew it would create controversy and be talked about.”

If you will, check on the video below:

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  1. Elvis
    January 15, 05:31 Reply

    Funny how Stephen Odimgbe is involved in this. What message is he trying to pass across? And to think hez even gay makes me sick…well,what do i know? Awww,Jnr Pope,love me shome Zaddy. You cute af

    • Pink Panther
      January 15, 08:29 Reply

      Well, it’s well known that there are people who will sell even their souls for the right prize

  2. Law
    January 15, 08:02 Reply

    Cn u take a look at stephen…. Wat is he trying to prove….. Dude is gay and its not a secret …. Well known in enugu.. And see the mockery he is making of himself… Fucktard!!!!

  3. Pjay
    January 15, 08:49 Reply

    How about Ogusbaba himself? Couldn’t he be gay as well? ????

  4. Unknown
    January 15, 09:10 Reply

    Silly. Just silly. How people promote this sort of trash and sleep at night is beyond me. Band wagon dummies.

  5. Elvis
    January 15, 09:23 Reply

    Stephen struggling so hard to erase himself from the Z-list… He should stop struggling to happen cos he never will.. This one pain me die. Ozu. Biko pp give us fresh gist. No one knows these ones. See the fat one sef. Animal no go even gree sleep with am. I can only forgive Jnr Pope cos Crush… Pp nyem gist ozo biko

  6. Mandy
    January 15, 09:26 Reply

    We’d laugh at anything, trivialize anything in this country.

  7. Hush
    January 15, 10:08 Reply

    … And this ought to he funny?! ?…. Just negodu ndi ara!! ?…. I hope they stop him 4rm touring kind countries…. Idiat! ?

  8. MagDiva
    January 15, 10:18 Reply

    I am absolutely disgusted. Like the next man, I’m always up for a good laugh but come on!!! First it was disabilities we trivialised and mocaked, then rape, now this!

    Can we stop already??!! Not everything is a joke. Nigerian comedians should be banned for such. They should just stick to their beer parlour “jokes”. What the hell?!

  9. Mitch
    January 15, 11:02 Reply

    Ogusbaba is a sick fucktard!

    As for that Stephen whatsoever, you know you really are a nutcase when you fight yourself in public. Thanks for showing us how much in need of a psych ward you are.

    Ndi ara!

  10. posh666
    January 15, 11:09 Reply

    Lmaooooo idied when jnr Pope pulled out the cucumber and then paw paw… He said this one na ancient gay oh lwkmd!

    I’m in love with Pope now for a really long time…

  11. Pankar
    January 15, 11:33 Reply

    This is so wrong, not creative, not funny. I don’t follow these guys but from a little research I see this Ogusblabla is obsessed with homosexuality. He’s done many of these sketches

  12. Canis VY Majoris
    January 15, 15:23 Reply

    This is disgusting, the cast, the content, the message. All repugnant.

  13. Delle
    January 15, 15:40 Reply

    I saw the video and it didn’t even make me scoff. It was purely disgusting. Well, Jide should know this is Nigeria and Ogusbaba would never apologize for his gross misconduct so let’s just go past that and probably look for another measure to take against him.

    And what’s this I’m hearing about this Stephen? You guys should buttress na???

  14. Absalom
    January 15, 17:16 Reply

    I’m more than a little concerned about the guys giving Junior Pope’s foolishness a pass because they have the hots for him.

    This Junior Pope has got to be the sexiest guy on the planet and the price of self-respect must have sky-rocketed in this recession.


    • Jide
      January 16, 21:19 Reply

      I swear. I read Posh’s and that other person’s comment and I was like wtf!!

  15. Gaya
    January 15, 18:13 Reply

    I can see Delle is ready for TEA…..

    • Delle
      January 16, 08:19 Reply

      I am o! I have my cup and saucer ready ?

  16. BlurryFace
    January 16, 01:03 Reply

    and ya’ll forgiving jnr pope smh. if the rumour (or fact) that the big guns that drive the entertainment industry are most;y queer people, why does one need to google who stephen is tomorrow.

  17. omiete
    January 17, 00:27 Reply

    Am I the only one wondering how they know to use lube…. Hmmmm. Delle please share your tea.

    • Delle
      January 17, 08:39 Reply

      Tea that ayam looking for

  18. Tali
    January 18, 02:42 Reply

    You want to tour US and Europe and you do this kind of skit? Gosh where is this guy’s brain?? The video is disgusting af!! Why will he even name drop?? That ugly fat fool…total rubbish.

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