‘If I wanted to date a hooker, I’d hire one.’ Contestant on Finding Prince Charming upset over Robert Sepulveda Jr.’s escort past

‘If I wanted to date a hooker, I’d hire one.’ Contestant on Finding Prince Charming upset over Robert Sepulveda Jr.’s escort past

As the second episode of the Logo gay dating show, Finding Prince Charming, airs, the off-screen drama continues.

News that the show’s main bachelor, Robert Sepulveda Jr., had worked for years as a male escort leaked out prior to the show’s premiere last week. The show is essentially a gay version of ABC’s The Bachelor.

One of the show’s 13 suitors who are supposed to be vying for Sepulveda’s affections is speaking out about his sex worker past.

‘If I wanted to date a hooker, I’d hire one,’ he told TheWrap on the condition of anonymity. ‘I’m beyond livid.’

Logo, which broadcasts the show, has not commented about Sepulveda’s past beyond this statement: ‘We are aware of Robert’s past and fully support him as he moves forward in his search for love on Finding Prince Charming.’

Another contestant, who also spoke on the condition that he not be identified, said: ‘There are videos of Robert out there that are quite disgusting. Now I’m associated with him. Try explaining that to your mother.’

Sepulveda, 33, does not deny his past as a gay escort, which began when he was in his early 20s. He explained to People.com last week that his bank account balance was $2.14 at the time. ‘I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent or my [college] tuition or buy food.’

It was 2004 and Sepulveda was a student at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He juggled classes with escort work for the next two years until graduation. ‘I saw no other way to support myself so I decided to do it too,’ he said. ‘I had all those expenses, I just knew that I had to do something. I had no other choice.’

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  1. Mandy
    September 16, 07:00 Reply

    The way people are unable to let go of the past no matter how much better your present is is just unbelievable. With all this controversy surrounding this show, I think I’mma start watching it.

  2. ambivalentone
    September 16, 07:18 Reply

    Well, he is NOT a hooker. Not anymore at least. Get ur shit together. Wait, I don’t even watch this stuff. Why am I commenting?

  3. you don't say
    September 16, 08:32 Reply

    And what is wrong with being an escort? Seriously stop body policing.

    • Façade
      September 16, 09:50 Reply

      Yuck, that guy’s fucking disgusting

    • Canis VY Majoris
      September 16, 10:29 Reply


      I was just about to say what a perfect guy. Till I saw the videos (especially the rectum one).

      Disassociating that will be hard *no pun intended*

    • Peak
      September 16, 13:53 Reply

      I can stomach the fact that he is freaky and a little extreme with his parts, But all that unsafe living is just eternal buzz kill at its finest. My open mindedness no reach that level abeg.

      He is fine though! Like fucking fine.

      • Canis VY Majoris
        September 16, 16:02 Reply

        A little extreme with his parts?

        I could almost see his liver through his rectum!.

      • Peak
        September 16, 16:30 Reply

        LMAO, Bros which one be ur own? Shebi na him rectum and liver? If fisting and insertion of objects is not ur thing, it’s definitely home boy’s forte. He obviously like to be stretch and I for one wouldn’t say no if he were to ask me to aid him with an arm or two #justsaying

  4. Francis
    September 16, 14:34 Reply

    Every move we make in this life whether good or bad, socially accepted or not will have consequences. Na to carry your own portion face front find people wey no send

  5. Francis
    September 16, 14:42 Reply

    So after watching this YouTube video, I think I might actually try and watch the show ….. Hopefully he’s this relatable in the show

    • Francis
      September 16, 17:45 Reply

      Make I ask your ogas to create extra shifts for you? ????

    • posh666
      September 17, 07:57 Reply

      Go to rlseries.com then search for the title there and then click the first download link which will be vodlocker

  6. posh666
    September 17, 08:05 Reply

    Ok this vid and pictures is officially one of the most disgusting things have ever had to see.This is the lowest any human can ever sink for money.

      • posh666
        September 17, 08:14 Reply

        The stale cum part,the pulling of that disturbing foreskin,injecting of sperm into his dick?Jesu! who does that? And the withish things around his ugly looking cock jeez!

        Honestly never knew even white people had it this bad.

  7. Francis
    September 18, 00:06 Reply

    So I downloaded and watched the first episode and 1hr later, I decided to stick with my Kardashians biko. Kissing and smooching 14 people in search of love. Odiegwu.

      • Francis
        September 18, 10:23 Reply

        Na torrent I do as I don’t have my laptop with me. The rlseries.com get too many pop up ads it was freezing my phone.

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