The Proposal: I’m A Straight Woman Looking To Marry A Gay/Bi Man

The Proposal: I’m A Straight Woman Looking To Marry A Gay/Bi Man


My name is Chidera, and I am a straight woman interested in entering into a marriage of convenience with a gay or bisexual man. I am a woman who doesn’t believe in monogamy or the binding “till death do us part” nature of marriage – which are the things that are expected from a traditional marriage.

So, I am looking for the freedom to make my own choices, both sexual and otherwise, that comes with getting married to a gay/bi man. Having children is something we would talk about and decide on. But ultimately, I wouldn’t mind how he lives his life as long as he neither puts me at risk nor bothers me about how I live my life.

I am from Imo State, based in the South East. I am 23 years old and single, and I teach in a private school here. Distance and the state of origin of any interested person won’t be an issue.

Anyone who is interested should send a message to

Thank you. And a Happy New Year, everyone.

Submitted by Chidera


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  1. Lopez
    January 01, 06:29 Reply

    Why do I not feel comfortable with this?

  2. Mandy
    January 01, 08:07 Reply

    Ah mogbe! Aunty, na us go rush you! This is the dream proposition for some of us out here in these streets. It’s peculiar that it’s coming from a straight woman though. Like wow.

    • Francis
      January 01, 10:46 Reply

      Asin eh. ?????

      Hopefully na person wey get sense she go close the deal with.

  3. Delle
    January 01, 14:37 Reply

    Or perhaps you can give yourself more time and see what frame of mind you’re in, say next year? Now, I’m not subtly suggesting age is influencing your decision but there’s something very new about this (in this society) that I can’t help but feel a lack of adequate experience (that is quite influenced by the number of years one has been) is the reason (or I’m very mistaken and that would mean there’s no need for this epistle of mine).

    All things being equal, a lot are interested in such marriages.

    I can’t wait to see how you’re willing to alter and stretch the dynamics of your subsequent relationship(s) seeing as your partner will very likely be queer.

    • Delle
      January 01, 16:51 Reply

      Her partners will be straight men, right? If she eventually gets into this marriage with the gay or bi guy. How will the dynamics of the relationship be like amongst her,the person she’s with (if he’s homophobic) and the queer partner?

      It’s just, I don’t know, dicey?

      • Pink Panther
        January 01, 17:11 Reply

        How will it be dicey? She would know who she’s married to, understand what’s at stake, and keep whatever affairs she has in line. What’s the issue there exactly? You’re being quite alarmist.

      • Mandy
        January 01, 17:14 Reply

        I want to believe that in the same way she’s asking for whoever is interested in marrying her to not put her at risk is the same way she’d be wise enough not to put him at risk. All this is a matter of understanding and friendship between the two, and they’d have each other’s backs, homophobic partners or not.

  4. Rory
    January 01, 17:58 Reply

    Been searching for a similar arrangement except I’m bi . And I want to marry and have a family with a bi man and when we meet our individual soulmates we can have a sort of blended family. Put a lot of thought into this . I’m 28 , been in relationships with both men and women but most of the men I meet are homophobic and I don’t think I’m ready to give up women .

  5. Uzor
    January 02, 18:36 Reply

    Hmmm… no go catch feelings ohhh! Cohabitating and occasional affection has a way of messing with someone’s head and before you know it….. unrequited love!

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