Denola Grey is surrounded by beautiful women. And some men have a problem with that

Denola Grey is surrounded by beautiful women. And some men have a problem with that

A few days ago, media personality, Denola Grey posted a number of pictures of him with different women, a different woman in each snapshot. He made the post with the caption: “It’s been my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women.”

And in the midst of all the retweeting and likes and positive feedback the post was getting were also some problematic men with twisted opinions of how men and women should relate. From those insinuating that Denola must be gay for women to find him “harmless” enough to be around to those who opined that if he’s not having sex with them, then he must be useless.

All that these tweets are doing is reinforce the stereotype that men and women can’t just be friends, or that a man who is just friends with women must be lacking something with his masculinity.

And when a Twitter netizen reposted some of these chauvinistic tweets, the comments were loaded with disappointment.

It’s interesting how we live in a society where women are still expected to find the company of straight men dangerous and potentially harmful. And yet, when rape victims come out to speak out on the sexual assault they’ve suffered, the same people who placed the expectation of hurt on the company of men against the woman still call them liars with an agenda to ruin the men they are calling out.

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  1. Mitch
    December 22, 07:54 Reply

    Being the average Nigerian male seems to equate to being an insufferable zingbat with dung for brains and an inability to understand anything.

    How men can come out to say women feel safe around another man because he’s not doing something is beyond me. Are women supposed to feel unsafe every day of their lives?

    Nigerian men are disgusting!

  2. Mandy
    December 22, 10:32 Reply

    These immature men are all the boys in my secondary school who antagonised me for being the bestie to the girls they wanted to date. Every time a girl who’s my friend turned them down, they’d turn their insecurities on me, going on about how the girls know I’m not man enough, that’s why they hang out with me.
    SMH. Even then, I saw them for who they truly were: the inadequate product of a toxicly masculine society.

  3. Delle
    December 22, 11:04 Reply

    I have come to know that I live in embarrassing times.

    Nigerians really shame me.


  4. Higwe
    December 22, 11:26 Reply

    All I can say is that Denola Grey is an extremely beautiful man. ??

    No one should be allowed to look that good and he looks like he smells like royalty.

    I better not catch that guy in some lonely spot …shit, I’m losing all my home training .

  5. Persimmon
    December 22, 12:36 Reply

    You all should take a chill pill on this blog. It is understandable that some of those comments are not acceptable. However, Twitter is the motherland of sarcasm and the opinions in those tweets you screenshoted may not be as serious as some of you are responding to it. I’m liberal, but not everything has to be scrutinized and placed on the pedestal of giving it a threatening significance… Simply put: “It’s not that deep”

    • Dynasty
      December 22, 13:20 Reply

      It is that deep. Don’t use sarcasm to hide rubbish

    • Pink Panther
      December 22, 14:13 Reply

      Lol. You’re kidding, right? So you’re just going to come here and act like you know twitter better than we do, yes?

    • Emeka
      December 22, 20:38 Reply

      It is! We all didn’t join Twitter today so if there’s anything you need to educate us about, Twitter is definitely not one of them! Also, as much as everyone is free to express themselves, this says a lot about the nasty society we’re in.

  6. Black Dynasty
    December 22, 22:56 Reply

    Lol a bunch of insecure men getting no women and expressing their jealousy….nothing new.

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