Charly Boy Talks About His Love For His Lesbian Daughter … But She Calls Him Out For Being A Hypocrite

Charly Boy Talks About His Love For His Lesbian Daughter … But She Calls Him Out For Being A Hypocrite

Musician Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy says it took several months for him to come to terms with the fact that his daughter, Dewy, is gay.

The self-proclaimed area father took to social media yesterday morning to share how he felt following his daughter, Dewy, coming out to him as gay.  He wrote: “I am close with my children and I love them to bits. They are my friends. But I wasn’t really ready for the ‘breaking news’ my Princess Dewy had for me. When my child told me she is gay, a lesbian, I experienced a range of emotions during that phone conversation.

“So many things went through my mind, one of them included self-blame (did I do something wrong?) (the child I thought I knew and loved no longer exists.), worry (will my child be discriminated against?) religious confusion (is my child damned to spend eternity in hell?), and stigma (what will people think of my child? Or me?).”

He went on to say that he tried not to overreact to avoid any possible estrangement from his daughter, and that months after struggling with the doubt, he not only decided to start lending his voice in support of LGBT rights in Nigeria, but only wishes his daughter “love, happiness and success.” He said he is “grateful for the experience of having a gay or lesbian child” and that “it is stupid to even think that having a gay child means the parents have failed.”

He ended the caption with: “Me, I love my gay daughter. I love you, Dewy.”

As expected, the reactions of fans in his comments section were divided between homophobia and gratitude. Lots of queer Nigerians and allies lauded him for being such an accepting father, and the responses must have been overwhelmingly positive, because Charly Boy then took to Twitter to express his amazement.

“I am indeed amazed with the reaction I am getting after my recent post about my child’s sexuality,” he wrote. Then he went on to drop a phone number that anyone who wants to talk to him about their own struggles as queer persons can call. “If you feel pressured or unloved by your parents because they don’t understand you and you’re afraid about talking to them, call me…”

He finished the Twitter thread by insisting that “parents owe their children unconditional love.”

But just how unconditional was his love truly for his daughter? This was the question people began to wonder about following Dewy’s reaction to her father’s post.

She took to the comments section to say what nobody expected her to say in light of the glowing appreciation her father had just given to her. She wrote: “But just a few days ago… You know what, never mind. We already did this in 2018. Imma let you post your lil content for your follows.”

This isn’t the first time Charly Boy is publicly acknowledging Dewy’s sexuality with his support. Twice in 2018, he made social media posts, first, where he stated – following Dewy’s coming out on social media and the hostility that stormed the internet in the wake that – that he is blessed with beautiful children. Then, days later, he made another post where he talked about his advocacy for the underdogs and how he is dedicated to defending the LGBT community, and that he hopes his support “will be a show of strength for the Nigerian LGBT community.”

However, with Dewy coming out to hint that he may not be all that he seems, people took to Twitter to react, mostly cautioning members of the LGBT community not to hurry into validating Charly Boy as an LGBT ally.

Hours later, Dewy finally broke her silence and shared her truth: truth which apparently exposes her father as a clout chaser.

“Gaslighting at its finest,” she began a Twitter thread with. “It’s quite unfortunate that my life is nothing but content. I just can’t wrap my head around the hypocrisy. All this for a drop of clout, attention and praise from strangers just to feed your ego.”

She went on to share a different coming out experience than the one that Charly Boy talked about in his morning post.

“2017, I got kicked out of the house and was damn near homeless and if not for my friend, I wouldn’t have even had food or shelter! Fortunately for me, I had a return ticket to come back to Atlanta. I moved back here with zero dollars, not even knowing where I was going to live or where my next meal was going to come from.”

She went on to chide her father for not even knowing if “your daughter was dead or alive” and yet, “on social media, you father of the year. You have literally put instant gratification from strangers before your own blood.”

The reactions to her post mixed disbelief with outrage from those who couldn’t believe that a father would reject his child based on their sexuality and then turn around to act like he had.

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