Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 4)

Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 4)

DISCLAIMER: The following article contains spoilers from TV Shows of the past week, so if you haven’t SEEN the episodes of the week, and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.

TV was so good this week, guys! From The Good Wife, Quantico and Downton Abbey on Saturday to the TGIT Lineup, it was one good show after another. So it’s gonna be quite the challenge to fit it all into this article, but Challenge Accepted!


For those of you (me included) that wanted Asher (Matt McGory) to be included in the whole murder situation, seeing as he has always been on the outside, well, y’all got your wish. He is very much included now.

Flash-forward time: The rate at which people keep running upandan this murder house, I just can’t deal. This week, it was *drum roll* Bonnie fleeing from the house. She gets into the car, and who is sitting next to the car riding shotgun? Ta-da! It’s Asher!

So if I am keeping count, that pretty much means every single major cast member but Frank (for now) was there that night. To say I can’t wait to see exactly what went down in that house would be a major understatement.

Then we flashback to three weeks ago where Douche-face is in a closed courtroom, and we hear that it’s about Asher agreeing to wear a wire to spy and get info on Annalise in exchange for immunity for whatever it was that really happened on Trotter Lake. Sigh. When will Asher learn? You don’t go up against Annalise and win, son. He runs out of the courtroom though after recalling Bonnie’s confession to him about killing Sam.

Bonnie puts on a show here, people, with a complete story and waterworks that has me – who knows how Sam died – buying the story and questioning myself! BRAVA, BONNIE! BRAVA!bonnie-knows-sam-was-killed-for-how-to-get-away-with-murder

She then tells Annalise and Frank what she told Asher, and Annalise once again bites her head off. Frankly I am over this. I am not a Bonnie fan, never have been. But seriously, why does Annalise keep biting her head off?! She is blindly loyal to Annalise. She will go as far as she can and do despicable things just to gain Anna’s approval. And yet I don’t think I have yet to see Annalise treat her like anything other than shit.

That part though, where Annalise says, “I caught Wes and Nate together last night”, and without missing a beat, Frank asks “Screwing?” had me laughing out loud. What was funnier though was the fact that neither Annalise nor Bonnie raised so much as an eyebrow to Frank’s question, because anything and everything is possible on this show.

Then Asher meets with Annalise and she tries to work some of that voodoo magic on him to get him to keep shut about what Bonnie told him. Asher though is a curious one and apparently has a “conscience” or something like that.

There isn’t a case of the week in this episode. All we got in the case of the Murder Siblings was Annalise trying to get their dead aunt’s previous testimony against them thrown out, based on the video evidence we got that showed bias because dearly departed aunt was a raging racist! But the judge allows her testimony because of the fishy way Annalise got said video evidence, which like a lot of her winning plays, was gotten by Oliver hacking into the police database. I sure hope this doesn’t spell trouble for sweet Oliver, because I don’t think I can handle that.

Wes, Nate and Levi are still on the hunt for Rebecca’s bodeehhh! Wes and Levi meet up with Brody the grave digger and Levi even pulls a gun on him to get him to tell them why Frank was calling him on the night Rebecca disappeared. He tells them Frank only wanted to use his storage locker. Wes takes the key to said storage locker and meets up with Levi. Having been suspicious about Wes all episode, because she is the baddest of all bitches, Laurel gets Connor and Michaela to join her in intercepting the shady twosome, and right there, everything quickly unravels.

Michaela quickly wonders why Levi and Wes are together, asking, “Are you two gay for each other?” LMAO! And that’s a total legitimate question, considering her dating history and the fact that she has the worst gaydar known to man. Wes explains, and we have a classic Michaela meltdown. Sigh. I love it when she freaks out.

While arguing, the cops pull up and for a second, I thought the Murderous 4 were in trouble. But alas, it’s Levi who is in soup, as the cops search his car and find meth in it. They haul him away and the Murderous 4 all go to the storage locker. And we see the box that Frank cased Rebecca’s body in, from the season premiere and the scene is filmed with so much angst, and you think it’s gonna be her body in there. But Wes opens it up and it’s just stacks of cash. Through a series of flashbacks though, we see exactly how Frank engineers the entire situation, from Brody telling the shady twosome about the storage locker, to Wes finding the key, to Levi getting arrested for drug possession, to them finding the box in the locker; and it’s all so absolutely brilliant.

Flash-forward back to Bonnie and Asher driving away from Murder Mansion; she stops at a gas station to “pee”. She takes off her jacket in the restroom and we see she’s covered in blood. She washes the blood off and goes back out to find Asher GONE! Gone where, you ask? To the PO-PO where he declares, “I need to make a statement”!

Other Tidbits:

  • Laurel and Frank. Too Hot. Way too Hot! I had to cover my eyes lest they ruin my innocence.
  • All that orgy talk wasn’t a joke, right? Someone please tell me they are actually gonna do it. Just imagine – Frank, Laurel, Connor and Michaela. *wipes sweat off forehead*
  • I like the judge this week. She’s the first one to make a solid enough impression for me to want to see her again.
  • How slimy is Asher’s father though.
  • Annalise was off her game this week, from being unable to work her magic on both Nate and Asher, to not getting dead aunt’s testimony thrown out. That was until she showed Asher a video from Bonnie’s childhood about her dad molesting her and I knew she was back.
  • Speaking off, Asher went from being on the outside to literally holding the fates of everyone on the show in his hands. Way to turn around!
  • Was I the only one whose jaw dropped when Murder Sibling 2 burst out in court and told the judge she was BLACK! Someone has some cahonés.
  • Is anyone gonna miss Levi? Anyone? How about you Michaela? Do you think she will?
  • Connor telling Oliver he loves him. *sniffs* No, don’t worry, I’m not crying, I just have a little something in my eye.

Favourite Quote in Episode: “Only if you make me scream.” – Laurel (to Frank’s “They are gonna hear us”)

Favourite Character in Episode: Bonnie. This was as much a Bonnie episode as it was an Asher episode. While she was no doubt trying to get Asher to do her bidding, it’s obvious that she has real feelings for douche-face. How about we give her a win and a spine to go with that though? I am tired of her being everyone’s doormat; I mean, even Michaela was squaring up to her! Great acting though, as always from Liza Weil. Brilliant Stuff!

Rating: 8/10. It looks like we are back on track following that minor slump last week. I would give this a 9 but I saw the previews for next week’s episode, and I think I’ll keep my 9 till I see that. It’s getting all twisty and even a little hard to follow. Hopefully the writers haven’t written themselves into a corner, and it’d all begin to make sense soon.


  1. ELI GOLD AND HIS SCHEMING WAYS (THE GOOD WIFE): The biggest mistake that Peter Florrick could have made was making Eli his enemy. It’s kinda like the situation with Cyrus Beene and President Fitz Grant in Scandal. Making an unnecessary enemy out of someone who is completely devoted and loyal to you… Tsk, tsk. The Good Wife really is getting its groove back and the case of the week showed that. The cases on The Good Wife have always been one of the show’s strongest points, and this week’s was brilliant, and seeing Eli using that to get what he wants is (pardon the pun) GOLD!
  2. MADAM SECRETARY EVOLVING: I have always loved the show. Tea Leoni’s portrayal is one that I really enjoy. She and Tim Daly as her husband happened to be my favorite couple on TV last season, and they still are this season. The show as a whole has experienced a creative resurgence, it would seem, and has evolved past being just a drama about the Secretary of State to a full fledged Homeland-esque spy conspiracy, while still retaining the political intrigue that made it so endearing in the first season. It works and makes for really good TV.
  3. THE MOTHER OF COINCEDENCES (GREY’S ANATOMY): Grey’s Anatomy is in its 12th season and yet, after the deaths and departures of so many characters, the show still manages to pull in huge ratings and is still a powerhouse medical drama. This week’s episode though was one of coincidences. Take a moment to imagine all the coincidences that had to happen for Penny to end up at Meredith’s house. First Penny apparently doesn’t know how to use Google, because if she did, she would realize that the hospital she was applying to just so happens to have Derek Sheppard’s wife as one of its board members. Then there is the fact that Callie neglected to mention whose house they were going to, and then there is the fact the Callie just so happens to be dating her in the first place. When you look at it all, it seems forced, just to create drama. Was it good TV? Hells yes! I mean, the tension in that dining room – Ayayai! It was hard to watch at times, from Amelia’s ugly reaction, to Meredith’s “I’m gonna kill her” outburst. But from the looks of the previews for next week, the entire Penny storyline is going to be harder to watch, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  4. CYRUS. OBSESSED OR DEVOTED (SCANDAL): Well Elizabeth North’s reign didn’t last very long, did it? Cyrus is back where he belongs, by Fitz’s side. His speech to Fitz only goes to show how hurt he was by the way Fitz treated him, and how he has dedicated his entire life to Fitz. I love how the pendulum of power swung back to his side and he was the one calling all the shots, and of course he got his job back, and a presidential pardon, just in case. He ain’t slacking no more, I tell you. Cyrus is a monster, but he is Fitz’s monster; the fact that Fitz doesn’t see that goes to show how gullible he is. Liz North doesn’t seem like the type to go down without a fight though, so getting her to leave her fiefdom should be interesting.
  5. OLIVIA POPE’S DECLARATION OF LOVE (SCANDAL): Shonda Rhimes is well known for writing killer monologue. This week’s Olivia monologue was breathtaking, to say the least. I am not a fan of the Olivia and Fitz pairing, not anymore, but Olivia’s declaration at her interview went a long way to maybe winning me back. It was truthful, real and vulnerable. Kerry Washington was amazing and I was left remembering why I rooted for their pairing in the first place; it was all because of Olivia, never Fitz. Nicely done.
  6. JESSE L MARTIN’S PERFORMANCE (THE FLASH): Part of the reason why The Flash works so well has always been Joe West’s relationship with both his daughter Iris and Barry Allen. Jesse L Martin always brings it when it comes to those heart-warming father-daughter or father-son moments. Seeing him confess to Iris the truth about her mother and the reasons why he did what he did was heartbreaking to watch and Jesse was on top of his game in all his scenes in this episode. An absolute delight to watch. Top notch acting is not what one expects when you watch a comic book TV show, but that’s what we got.
  7. JANE THE VIRGIN’S LOVE TRIANGLE (JANE THE VIRGIN): I wouldn’t want to be Jane (or would I?). The writing has always been amazing on this show, but so far, this season has somehow managed to top the standard it set last season. The show did a great job of showing us why either of Michael or Rafael would be great choices for Jane (although I am still #TeamMichael), unlike most love triangles on TV. This one feels legit, not something that was thrown together just to create drama, and that’s what makes it work. I honestly wish Jane could be with both of them at the same time. Sigh. PS: This was such a good episode and Rafael’s face when he found out that he was Petra’s baby daddy… Priceless!
  8. FELLS FOR THE VILLAN (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES/ THE ORIGINALS): If there is one thing the writers of both shows are good at, it’s getting us to sympathize with the show’s bad guys. That and the fact that even after all these years, they still manage to somehow give us more information about the mythology of the shows. And then there are the flashbacks; who doesn’t love a good flashback. The horrible wigs, the ancient “flashback filter”, the costumes – it all makes for a pretty sight. Take Valerie the heretic from The Vampire Diaries for example; I didn’t care for them, but all it took was one heartbreaking flashback and I find myself caring for at least one of them. Then there is Lucien from The Originals, who I was indifferent to at first from the first two episodes, but then with another flashback, they made him likeable and relatable and someone I can even root for. It’s a remarkable ability, weaving the flashbacks to have an actual effect on the present day storyline. It’s an ability I feel the writers from Arrow could learn a thing or two from.
  9. TIANA (EMPIRE): The scene where Tiana (Serayah) gets mugged in this week’s episode was one of the funniest things ever. Serayah’s acting in this scene was so terrible it was laughable, like I was literally laughing out loud. What was that? Sigh. The amount of cast members that need acting lessons on this show eh.
  10. LADY EDITH FINALLY GETS A WIN (DOWNTON ABBEY): For 6 seasons now, Lady Edith has been one of the unluckiest characters on TV. While her sister Mary has married and has more suitors than she can count, Lady Edith has always been just the other sister. So it’s been wonderful to watch her grow and come into her own. And when she finally got a kiss from her new suitor, who seems to be quite the perfect match, I found myself yelling, “ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!”


  1. JESSE L MARTIN (THE FLASH): A consistent performer on the show, Jesse has a Broadway background, and them Broadway folks can ACT! It’s always great watching him banter with his kids, but it was even more awesome to see a more vulnerable side to Joe West. His breakdown could have been overacted, but Jesse delivered them with just enough subtle vulnerability and sincerity to ensure that we felt his pain and understood the reasoning behind his decisions.theflash_joewest
  2. ELLEN POMPEO (GREY’S ANATOMY): Meredith has never been a perfect character, in fact her flaws are what make her so interesting. Ellen Pompeo embodied all of that in this week’s episode, her slow disintegration from her shock when she saw penny, to her discomfort, to her outright rage-filled outburst at Amelia. Pompeo has delivered some of her best work since Derek Sheppard passed, and this was another one of them.
  3. LIZA WEIL (HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER): Liza Weil is low key one of the best performers on HTGAWM. She has been given more stuff to work with this season, and she has been bringing it. Bonnie is a damaged character, who will do anything to gain approval. Part of that need, I suspect, has to do with her shocking childhood. Liza Weil does well to portray all that.



I have been lagging on the movie front lately. I hadn’t been to the cinema in weeks! *cue gasp* I know, I know. I finally got the chance to check something out and I decided to give Southpaw a shot. I had seen the trailer and it looked like pretty much every other boxing/sport/team sport Hollywood movie ever created; you know, that sorta grass-to-grace-back-to-grass-and-then-grace thing. Yeah, so my expectations were low and I was right. It was pretty much like that. There was nothing special plot-wise. Some of the scenes were predictable. But what won me over and what I think made this such a good movie was the acting. Good God, it was jaw-dropping-ly good! Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the boxer, Billy Hope, and Gyllenhaal, who I think has always been an underrated performer, was astonishing in this role. Maybe I felt this way because the last movie I had seen him in was Nightcrawler. Perhaps it was because this was such a complete opposite to the creepy weirdo he played in Nightcrawler. Gyllenhaal is bolstered by a supporting cast of Rachel McAdams, who plays his wife, 13-year-old Oona Lance (who I am officially the biggest fan of) who plays his daughter Leila Hope, and Forrest Whitaker as Titus Wills. They all bring their A-game and it elevates the movie. It takes this simple, overdone cliché plot and makes it something refreshing. The commitment from the cast in their respective roles was something I appreciated. The movie’s soundtrack (produced by Eminem) also hits all the right notes.

Southpaw isn’t anything groundbreaking, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make for good cinema. In the hands of some other actor/director, the weaknesses of the movie might have been more glaring. But in the hands of Gyllenhaal and co, it makes for a very entertaining movie, and is definitely one of the better films I have seen this year.

Rating: 6/10.

And that’s it for the week, folks. Your turn, sound off!

Written by Deola

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  1. Mandy
    October 25, 07:16 Reply

    Bonnie was last HTGAWM’s breakout star. It was all about Bonnie, and the actress playing her totally delivered. My best scene is that episode however was when the Murderous 4 confronted Bonnie and Annalise stomped out to give them the riot act. Her scolding was everythang! Totally beat them back into submission, because frankly, I’m uneasily watching that Team Annalise unravel. Those students of hers don’t seem to be in such awe of her anymore. Frank and Bonnie though, their loyalty to that woman is amazing!
    And yes, concerning your opinion of Jake Gyllenhaal as an underrated actor, you’re so right. That guy is LONG due for an Oscar nod and win!
    I should start re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. And The Good Wife is delivering as always this season.

  2. Francis
    October 25, 07:38 Reply

    That part with Serayah had me wondering if I was watching a bad nollywood movie. Like seriously? The director didn’t see how BAD that part was?!

    This week was awesome sha. I really enjoyed all three of my regulars (Scandal, HTGAWM et GA)

    Looking forward to starting Downtown Abbey sometime soon.

    • Pink Panther
      October 25, 07:42 Reply

      You haven’t? Oh you should totally see that show! I’m not a fan of English shows, and that’s what kept me from seeing it until early this year, despite having it in my hard drive for about two years. But I watched the show and LOVED it!

      • Francis
        October 25, 13:00 Reply

        I’m only a fan of their comedies but everyone just keeps raving about it so I just gats to download it soonest.

        P.S: I saw a few minutes of your #Veep and I was getting #HouseOfCards vibes from it. ? Will try a few more episodes sha.

    • Deola
      October 25, 07:47 Reply

      Serayah seemed managable ,when she wasnt talkin, but it seems like whenever they give her actual lines, she just comes off as someone who crammed her lines and is reciting them without any emotion. I mean she was being mugged and there was no urgency or panic in her voice, instead she sounded like she was ordering for room service.

  3. yinkss
    October 25, 07:40 Reply

    Week after week, it’s getting obvious that you just don’t like empire. Of all the interesting thing that took place last episode, why does it have to be tiana’s acting? Anyways I luv ur review of other series. Well done

    • Pink Panther
      October 25, 07:43 Reply

      LOL. Someone’s a fan of Deola’s un-favourite show.

    • Deola
      October 25, 07:54 Reply

      I like Empire, which is why I am being harsh on it. Its suffering from serious sophomore slump syndrome, creative wise.
      Its just all over the place.

  4. john
    October 25, 07:53 Reply

    I m not digging HTGAWM. I don’t just like how the story is been twisted and getting twister. I m crushing on that chubby law student. Don’t know why. I have seen southpaw. that movie make sensie. Empire, am not getting into it again, the story is getting weak. I ll always crush on Andre tho.

  5. posh6666
    October 25, 08:04 Reply

    So vampires diary is still on?i stopped watching all those vamp related movies,same theme and story line its boring.Vamp diary,true blood and the originals.Infact i have a movie on my lappy called vampires academy just there for like a year now.

  6. Max
    October 25, 09:40 Reply

    Nice Review @ Deola. I agree with you 100%.
    From caring about a hatable character (a heretic), to the jaw dropping performance of Joe and fhd thrilling scenes of HTGAWM.

    I think the shows have stepped up this week☺. My best lines of the week

    “We’re losing and I don’t know how to fix it this time”. Annalise to Bonnie & Frank

    “You’re asking me to come and watch somebody dunk you in tap water and pretend like Thats gonna make all your sins go away” Luscious to Andre

    And that Teana’s robbing scene was a ghastly fail, it spoilt the otherwise good story unraveling on the show.

    • john
      October 25, 09:46 Reply

      cookie letting a space before lucious catch fire. Empire should be turned to comic

      • Max
        October 25, 09:51 Reply

        Hahahahahaha, the church scene.

  7. tarter
    October 25, 11:19 Reply

    you should add being Mary jane in your reviews,and i don’t like the way u pick one favorite episode to review, if u keep doing so,you will end up reviewing HTGAWM all the time weekly,so,go back to reviewing scandal, empire,HTGAWM,and being mary jane weekly, probably the originals too…nice work

    • posh6666
      October 25, 11:35 Reply

      Bleh!Being Mary is too boring for me honestly and Gabriel’s role too is too safe in d movies she needs to switch it up.Honestly even when i watch on bet its just cos of that her foine on and off boifrnds with supernice body and lips……I live for that guy☺

      • Pink Panther
        October 25, 13:44 Reply

        Ah yes, posh. That David is sexy and gives me the ‘take me now and ravish me’ shivers. Lol

        • posh6666
          October 25, 13:54 Reply

          Lmaoooooo pinkie aswer u worse pass me????.The guy sef those his ashawo eyes when u staring at it you could just see d endless possibilities of the many bad things he could do to you lol.Me sha have been stalking him on instagram for a while now liking practically all his pics,he must think am creepy???

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