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The warm water felt amazing on Ayo’s skin, but nothing felt as good as Siji’s hard, wet body pressed against his. He moaned softy as Siji caressed his soapy back with his strong hands, and then descended to his pert buttocks, kneading them gently. Ayo tilted his head up, seizing his boyfriend’s lips in a kiss that was returned with equal fervor, and he began to caress every soapy inch of Siji’s beloved and familiar lean hard body he could reach – his defined chest, flat chiseled abdomen, his tapering back and firm buttocks, and finally, the pulsating hardness throbbing against his inner thigh. As Ayo’s fingers closed around Siji’s hard-on, Siji gasped and moaned loudly as Ayo’s thumb slid over the throbbing head of his penis.

“Baby, are you trying to kill me?” Siji gasped.

Ayo grinned. The power he held over Siji was exhilarating and a different type of aphrodisiac on its own.

“Yes, I’m trying to give you le petit mort, my love,” Ayo said in a low tone, his left hand sliding up and down the length of Siji’s erection, while his other hand cupped, squeezed and caressed Siji’s heavy ball sac that was already full and taut.

“Not unless I give you first,” Siji growled, before turning Ayo around without warning and pushing him against the wet shower wall.

Ayo let out a small shriek and was about to protest, but Siji’s long deft finger sliding into his anal cavity sent out a loud moan from his lips instead. Siji worked his boyfriend’s buttocks with the expertise and precision that only a deep knowledge of a partner gave, until Ayo was practically screaming for Siji to grant him release. Siji grinned to himself and obliged, sliding into Ayo with one swift hard stroke.

“Oh God – Siji! Please fuck me, fuck me!” Ayo screamed, delirious with pleasure as his boyfriend’s penis slid in and out of him with increasing speed and depth.

Ayo tried to reach around him to caress or touch any part of Siji’s body he could reach, but Siji wouldn’t allow him. He pinned both of Ayo’s hands to the wall in front of them, above their heads, holding them in place with his right hand wrapped firmly around both of Ayo’s wrists, while his left hand was wrapped around Ayo’s throbbing penis.

“This round is for you, babe,” Siji whispered, and his hand began to work his boyfriend’s member, sliding up and down in time with his thrusts.

Ayo moaned loudly, his heart and hard-on, threatening to burst.

Within minutes, Ayo was screaming as his orgasm ripped through him and he spasmed against Siji’s hard body, spraying semen against the wall. Watching and feeling his boyfriend’s orgasm triggered Siji’s own, and he groaned loudly, slamming forcefully into Ayo three short times, emptying himself into his boyfriend’s warm, sated body.

“God!” Siji breathed. “I love you, Ayomide Akande,” he said as warm water sluiced over their entwined bodies.

“And I love you, Sijibomi Bolarinwa,” Ayo whispered back, kissing his boyfriend’s near perfect nose lightly.

The two lovers subsequently concluded their bath, and in a few minutes, they were bundled up together on the couch, about to watch one of the movies in Siji’s hard drive, that he had connected to their wide screen TV.

“No, please, I am not watching Les Miserables with you,” Ayo protested.

“You don’t know anything, you this boy,” Siji replied, shaking his head. “That’s a top-notch, award-winning flick right there.”

“I’m sure I don’t care, sweet lover of mine,” Ayo cooed, taking the remote out of Siji’s grasp and moving through the movie list on his own.

Siji rolled his eyes and reached for his phone to check for messages. As if on cue, a BBM message dropped in. He opened it and saw it was from Martin.

It read: Baby boy, I’m on my way to yours. Remember I said I needed to talk to you? 🙁

Yeah, I remember, Siji typed back, frowning slightly. I hope you’re OK o, and it’s already to 9. Better pack a bag cos I won’t let you leave here later than 10pm.

Martin responded: I’m sure that I do not fit any definition of OK 🙁 Epp me Siji! :’((

Siji couldn’t help but smile at his friend’s histrionics. That’s why I’m here, b. Sha do and be coming, he typed.

Ayo glanced over at Siji just then, and queried, “And why are we amused?”

Siji looked at his boyfriend and groaned inwardly. “It’s Martin o. He’s coming over and would most probably spend the night.”

The frown that eclipsed Ayo’s features was instant and heavy. “Did his house burn down? Why is he coming to sleep here?”

“He’s coming to see me, Ayo,” Siji said patiently. “And since It’s late, I suggested he stay here till tomorrow morning. Please be nice.”

Ayo sniffed. “We only have one room o, so he’s definitely sleeping on the couch. I just hope he doesn’t drool.”

“You’re such a little bitch,” Siji said, biting Ayo’s ear lightly to take the sting away from his words.

Ayo giggled and moved his derriere against Siji’s crotch.

“I’m your little bitch,” he whispered, and soon enough, their lips were meshed against each other, the television forgotten.

“Jesus Christ,” Siji gasped as he came up for air. “We just made love minutes ago, yet I’m hard for you all over again. What have you done to me?”

“Look who’s talking!” Ayo shot back, panting. “You have me fifty kinds of sprung!”

Siji laughed and recaptured his lips.

They were unaware of how many minutes or hours passed as they made out, but they were rudely jerked back to reality by the sound of the doorbell.

“Ugh. It must be that your friend,” Ayo mumbled sourly as Siji’s penis slid out of his mouth.

Siji groaned and pulled up his grey sweatpants. The doorbell rang again.

“Calm the fuck down! We’re coming!” Ayo screamed at the door.

“No, we’re not, at least not yet,” Siji replied, winking at Ayo.

Ayo giggled at the innuendo.

Siji opened the door to find his best friend standing on the other side, speckles of moisture on his head, shoulders and on the lens of his vintage turtle-shell glasses.

“It’s raining?” Siji asked stupidly.

“A light drizzle, my friend,” Martin replied, hugging him a little too tight. “What took you so long to open door? Were you and your bf fucking?”

“I’m sure that isn’t your business,” Ayo said, appearing suddenly behind Siji.

Martin’s smile dimmed considerably. “Oh hello, Ayo,” he said coolly. “It’s always nice to see you.”

“Well, it isn’t always nice to see you,” Ayo rejoined. “In fact, I can’t recall a time when it was ever nice to see you.”

Martin’s smile was nonexistent at this point, and the glare he fixed Ayo was as cold as the Northern Tundra. “I really don’t know what you have against me –” he began, but Siji’s voice cut him short.

“You’re being a real bitch, Ayo. Can you please stop?” Siji said, his eyes cold as they bored into Ayo.

Ayo gaped at his boyfriend, looking startled. “You’re calling me a bitch because of this one? Really?” he spat.

“You are forgetting that ‘this one’ is my friend – my closest and best. You better check yourself,” Siji hissed, pointing a warning finger at Ayo.

Ayo could only stare and blink, feeling embarrassed, angry and tearful all at once.

Siji pulled Martin through the front door and practically dragged him across the living room to the corridor leading towards the bedroom and bathroom.

“Now, if you will excuse me,” Siji said over his shoulder to Ayo, “Martin and I need to talk and would need some time alone. We’ll talk later.”

They both disappeared into the room, and as the door shut behind them, Siji and Martin heard a loud crash and a muffled scream of rage.

“Oh dear,” Martin said.

Siji ran his hand tiredly over his face and then muttered, “He’ll be fine. Right now you are more important.”

They both sat on the large bed, and Siji clasped both of his friend’s hands in his. “Now, talk to me.”

Martin took in a deep breath and began.

Written by Santa Diaba

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  1. Kester
    October 07, 07:18 Reply

    This is the best situation ever :when my man and my bestie don’t see eye to eye, at least nothing will happen between them, Kikikikiki

    • Francis
      October 09, 04:17 Reply

      ???? Don’t get too comfy man. It could all be an act to get you not to see what’s really happening behind the scene. Lol

  2. ambivalentone
    October 07, 07:24 Reply

    Wow!!! Talk about major disrespect. Siji did nothing to defuse the situation. No wonder both friend n bf are still enemies

    • Pink Panther
      October 07, 07:26 Reply

      True this.
      It’s about time he started acting firmer in his attempt to cut down on his boyfriend’s excesses. Because Ayo is clearly the one with the problem.

  3. Mandy
    October 07, 07:52 Reply

    The rudeness in this situation sha. ? ? ? This Siji has got to nip this, even though its no longer in the bud. Because that Ayo is seeming more and more dangerous. Haba, izzit everybody? First Liliana, now Martin?

  4. Ivory Child
    October 07, 08:07 Reply

    Cliffhangers ?………… with Santa Diaba’s head???

  5. KryxxX
    October 07, 09:53 Reply


    Sex scene in a book and sex scene in real life……………World Apart!!!!!!

    You be struggling and asking if it haff entered while someborri be sliding it in smoothly in a book??! Eziokwu!

    And Ayo takes bitchy to a new level! For one that just had sex, he sure sounds like a sex depraved tigress!

    Nice read Santa!

    • Santa Diaba
      October 07, 10:10 Reply

      Oh honey, you just haven’t been doing it right ???

  6. Delle
    October 07, 11:06 Reply

    Hian! Ayo na real drama queen *duffs cap*.
    The sex scene! *fans self surreptitiously*

    Santa, I really love this. It’s relatable, well described and edging. Thanks.

  7. Peak
    October 07, 11:45 Reply

    Finally, Siji is showing there is a back bone to him.

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