Empirical Evidence that Straight Men Are Joining Us Gay Men to Hell

Empirical Evidence that Straight Men Are Joining Us Gay Men to Hell

Screenshot - 5_6_2015 , 6_37_50 AMWell there it is. If you didn’t know it, know it now. That is irrefutable fact that basically all men are hell-bound, be they hoes or prudes. *side-eyeing Max*

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Let me begin by using myself as an example. As a admin new to a forum where the commenters are fierce, opinionated and unapologetic about what they have to say,


  1. zinnat
    May 06, 05:53 Reply

    Whatever gets into the body aint sin?? Yaaay! Take da D till thy kingdom come.!!!

  2. Chris
    May 06, 06:10 Reply

    Is the dude for real or just playing?

  3. Sinnex
    May 06, 08:00 Reply

    You blurred the names of others but you did not blur the name of the OP…is there a particular reason for that?

  4. KryxxX
    May 06, 09:04 Reply


    Ejaculation is a sin? Inukwa!

    So I have been committing sin since age 10? Ngwa Dennis, reserve a seat for me behind u nd Colossus in “you know where”.!
    Does it also mean that all children r fruits of sin! U don’t say!
    The ppl that said Ignorance is bliss need to have a rethink with this!

    Iberibe adighi nma!

  5. JArch
    May 06, 12:11 Reply

    so we might as well gear up for hell then. NO ONE WILL MAKE HEAVEN


    Ah!!! There’s no escape na.

    But wait oo!!! This Emmanuel guy is a product of ejaculation abi? Nuff said… See you in hell son.

  6. MacArdry
    May 06, 12:15 Reply

    “If any man’s seed of copulation go out of him,then he shall wash all his flesh in water and be unclean till evening.And every garment,and every skin whereon is the seed of copulation,shall be washed with water and be unclean until even”
    “The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation,they shall both bathe themselves in water and be unclean till evening” – Leviticus 15:16-18.
    In other words,if you masturbate,have sex/wet dream during course of which your seed is spilled,go take a bath and refrain from much activity till evening.
    Stupid people should stop giving religion,especially Christianity a bad name,abeg.

    • chuck
      May 06, 13:48 Reply

      Exactly. The religion can give itself a bad name. No need for help.

  7. Lothario
    May 08, 14:25 Reply

    Oh dear! This one buried himself before he started…. lol

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