Elnathan John says homosexuality is a more forgivable crime in Nigeria than poverty

Elnathan John says homosexuality is a more forgivable crime in Nigeria than poverty

ic-7040You can be gay and our homophobia will not touch you? Are you sure about that, Elnathan?

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  1. Kritzmoritz
    April 23, 07:04 Reply

    This is a very misguided statement and I hope people continue to reject completely the association of homosexuality with crime and paedophilia whether good intentioned or not. El Nathan should know better. You can’t keep making these comparative associations without unwillingly permeating the ignorance that homosexuality is negative and on same wavelength with thieves, paedophiles and criminals. We can have this debate later. It’s not funny at all

  2. Opal
    April 23, 07:15 Reply

    Mt thought… I don’t think there’s was a deliberate comparison here. He truly has a point… Do you hear any talk about the high and might Nigerians? None is being put thru the message we average pips go thru if a kito experience arises.
    Recently, I read how a senator’s son or so raped a minor and everything was switched under the carpet.

    Mayne the only wrong El Nathan did was put homosexuality and pedophilia in our experience sentence; nevertheless his main point was saying having money in Nigeria kinda gives you a cover.

    • Mandy
      April 23, 07:32 Reply

      What are you even saying? He didn’t compare rich gay people to poor gay people. He put homosexuality as an entity against poverty as another entity. He’s saying to be poor is more terrible in Nigeria than for one to be gay. He’s saying if you’re poor, life amongst your fellow Nigerians is more unforgiving than if you’re gay.
      Stop mixing the issues here or dredging up other meanings when his words are very clear up there.

  3. beejay
    April 23, 07:33 Reply

    This entire statement reeks of ignorance. Reminds me of some comments I read recently on a Facebook post where some alluded to poverty and corruption being acceptable but homosexuality was intolerable. Bottom line remains that poverty isn’t the ‘criminal offense’ and doesn’t attract ostracism, jail sentencing or mob lynching either. FML dude sounds like he needs some educating.

  4. Mandy
    April 23, 08:58 Reply

    This is a disappointing comment, especially so because it’s coming from an intellectual such as Elnathan.

  5. Irish...
    April 23, 09:47 Reply

    what he’s saying is; if you’re a rich gay man in Nigeria, no one will attack you and you most likely won’t go to jail.

    what he’s saying is, you can marry underage girls in Nigeria as long as you’re rich, and won’t go to jail e.g senator yerima.

    what he’s saying is you can be anything in Nigeria as long as you’re rich.

    look at naeto c’s wife’s (Nicole) brother, a wanted criminal in the US, but he’s celebrated here because he’s loaded financially.

    money rules Nigeria.

    you think bobrisky and Denrele wouldn’t be in jail if they were broke?

    • Pink Panther
      April 23, 09:49 Reply

      But that’s not all he’s said, is it?
      Or are you going to act like you don’t see all the other implications of the tweet?

      • Delle
        April 23, 10:24 Reply

        I’m not sure it’s about him acting like he didn’t see…he probably saw but didn’t fully understand.

  6. Francis
    April 23, 10:14 Reply

    He’s simply saying MONEY = PROTECTION.

    Putting homosexuality on the same scale as pedophilia/thievery is wrong though he’s probably just listing all the things the average Nigerian sees as a crime.

  7. Canis VY Majoris
    April 23, 10:14 Reply

    Oh I don’t think he meant it in a ‘positive light’ the subtel undertone is resonating. To him Homosexuality, Pedohilia, and Theft can all be forgiven once you’re rich. Needless to say he thinks those three are in the same category. ..hey El Paso Nathan, go fuck yourself and try educating yourself while at it, you look like someone who can multitask.

  8. Delle
    April 23, 10:23 Reply

    I totally understand that he must have meant this in the right way (and there’s a tinny-winny bit of truth in money making people turn blind to one’s sexuality) but he went about it wrongly.
    Placing homosexuality on the same scale as pedophilia and all what not, nehh.

    • Francis
      April 23, 10:25 Reply

      Replace homosexuality with Prostitution/Abortion etc and some people will still take offense depending on their moral compass

      • Pink Panther
        April 23, 10:31 Reply

        Why are you even making this comparison or an allowance for his choice of comparison? Homosexuality is now interchangeable with prostitution and abortion? Come on.

        • Francis
          April 23, 10:40 Reply

          Let’s just say that when I was quite active on twitter and following his online activities well, he never went on any homophobic rant or something similar. Some have tagged him gay sef and to my knowledge he has never responded the way some homophobic alpha male goat would.

          Like I said earlier, he’s probably just listing all the things the average Nigerian sees as a crime. It doesn’t necessarily mean he views homosexuality as a crime.

          And yes homosexuality can be interchangeable with prostitution and abortion depending on who you ask (bible thumpers ngwanu) and how you weigh society’s reaction to all three.

          P.S: My opinion on the matter would definitely change if una drop proof showing he homophobic as shit!

          • Pink Panther
            April 23, 10:49 Reply

            I’m not saying he’s homophobic o. I don’t even think anyone here is saying that, not if you know Elnathan or follow his online activity. Its just thoughtless, in trying to educate Nigerians on the power of wealth, to not only imply that homosexuality is a crime (even if it was unintended) but to imply that gay people aren’t suffering that much.
            I mean ‘You can be gay, our homophobia will not touch you’… Is he serious? Is he at all in touch with reality?

            • Francis
              April 23, 10:56 Reply

              I mean ‘You can be gay, our homophobia will not touch you’… Is he serious? Is he at all in touch with reality?

              But let’s face it, it’s the truth. We live in a country where MONEY MONEY MONEY matters. Do you think anyone would be putting a hit out on one of the Otedola/Dangote kids if they suddenly decided to come out as proudly gay with parental support?

    April 23, 10:50 Reply

    Look ehn, we all know the average nigerian sees homosexuality as the gravest of all sins. Thats why it’s in the tweet in the first place. All he is saying is you can get away with anything in Nigeria as long as you are not poor (and/or talk too much) and that is a FACT.

    April 23, 10:56 Reply

    ‘You can be gay, our homophobia will not touch you’
    correct as well, i know a couple of gay couples that are openly involved. i know some raising kids as a family. all in the open but we all look past it because they are well to do. even those who have a problem with it keep their opinions in their pocket because they are well to do.

  11. UC TheMisfit
    April 23, 12:18 Reply

    This lime from Francis comments was what I was goung to say:

    “Like I said earlier, he’s probably just listing all the things the average Nigerian sees as a crime. It doesn’t necessarily mean he views homosexuality as a crime.”

    I think the only reason being gay is used in that tweet is that a lot of Nigerians already see being gay as a crime. It was not an agreement on his part that it should be a crime or be comparable to being a pedophile or a thief.

    He is just stating that in Nigeria, regardless of how grave they consider your activities to be, you’re covered if you’re rich.

  12. Black Dynasty
    April 23, 16:18 Reply

    I don’t think those are his personal views, but rather a reflection of nigerian society. He’s saying what is simply true. Sure, it is ghastly to club homosexuality and paedophilia in the same sentence, however a lot of nigerians think exactly that and that is unfortunate.

    He’s just the messenger, don’t shoot him.

  13. Inferno
    April 23, 22:00 Reply

    Me thinks that all of you are not familiar with Elnathan and his work. Else this tweet of almost a year ago will not be a topic of discussion.
    Almost every word out of his mouth is satire. He uses satire to make you reflect more on his words.
    Elnathan that though straight (I think) strives to make people believe his bi (at best) or gay.

  14. Gad
    April 24, 21:56 Reply

    The guy has aired his opinion just as we are doing ours and as expected there will be those who will pick the message and make something out of it, just as there will be criticisms

  15. Pankar
    April 26, 15:20 Reply

    Whatever he tried to say though…yet homophobia isn’t a word WE like to see

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