Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese shares nude photo, then deletes it following fan outrage

Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese shares nude photo, then deletes it following fan outrage

Mr Nigeria 2014, Emmanuel Ikubese made tongues wag yesterday after he posted an unclad photo of himself on Instagram. The Shuga actor shared a raunchy photo of himself with only the sheets covering his privates. The controversial photo was taken by an anonymous girlfriend according to Emmanuel’s caption.Emmanuel Ikubese 30Emmanuel-Ikubese-nude-comment-400x66

The photo has however been deleted after fans blasted him for posting such ‘irresponsible’ image.

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  1. Brian Collins
    December 30, 04:47 Reply

    Picture looks very responsible to me. Or maybe that’s the how is me talking. I have had this picture for days actually. I had to delete it after my aunt queried me about its existence on my phone. She actually asked, “what is this picture doing on your phone?”

    • Francis
      December 30, 07:59 Reply

      Hian! This Brian sef. You like wahala. lol. Nobody dey touch my phone unless I give express permission….after hiding all my blue pishures. Thank God the matter no turn anoda thing

    • posh6666
      December 30, 09:04 Reply

      Your aunt is not joking oh i have an aunt like that too,she will look straight into your face and ask you boldly lol.

  2. KingBey
    December 30, 05:03 Reply

    Now, this is the type of MAN I need to be in bed with. Baby !!!

    • ken
      December 30, 06:19 Reply

      Lol. Smh. Na woman oo

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 30, 07:25 Reply

        Ken rest one place, una too know everything. Sometimes u need to shut up abt somethings. Smh

  3. Mr. Fingers
    December 30, 05:37 Reply

    The gay speculations on social media begins. Luckily for him he doesn’t ve a particular male celeb that he is always seen with like uti and that his cute friend back in d day.

    • Pink Panther
      December 30, 05:43 Reply

      Check out the comments section on LIB nah. the very first comment against the picture was ‘GAAAAYYYY’. lol. Like seriously though, don’t straight men simply take nude pics to titillate females?

      • Mandy
        December 30, 05:51 Reply

        No, PP. How dare you suggest that women may find pictures of barely-clad attractive men hot like gay men, hmm? Just how dare you!

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 30, 07:21 Reply

        PP, Nigerians are just hypocrites. The same peeps that drool over pics of David Beckham, The Game and Tyson Beckford will not be happy if a Nigerian posts such pics.

  4. Kenny
    December 30, 06:09 Reply

    He looks good with more hair on his head. He shouldn’t have taken down the pic, Nigerians should learn to mind their business!

    • Kenny
      December 30, 06:10 Reply

      *better with more hair

    • #TeamKizito
      December 30, 06:36 Reply

      My thought exactly; he’d already posted it, a lot have it on their phones already. What’s the use taking it down when you now? Be conforming to the whims fans.

      Tsheew. Most of them would jerk off to it anyway.

  5. ken
    December 30, 06:22 Reply

    *Grabs Vaseline*

  6. Dennis Macaulay
    December 30, 06:45 Reply

    I have never really found him attractive, but I have no qualms with people getting naked!

    If you worked hard for your body, by all means show it off.

  7. shuga chocolata
    December 30, 07:07 Reply

    Publicity stunt anyone? I saw the pic 5s when it was posted not until everyone started talking about it since Saturday,,,

    To me this is not nude. Have you seen his black ass in ‘fifty’ dude was stark naked full butt.

  8. Oturugbeke!
    December 30, 07:20 Reply

    I wonder what made him win Mr Nigeria sef? I just feel because he was a known face in the celebrity circle already and was in par with Denrele, whose “long legs” can only be rivalled by river Nile. Just take a look at him na, just buff up n down, not perculiarly striking facially.

    • Mr. Fingers
      December 30, 07:23 Reply

      U don’t need to be ‘extremely cute’ (whatever that means) to win a pageant.

      I think he is OK.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 30, 08:01 Reply

      I agree with Oturugbeke! Nothing striking or remarkable about his looks!

      • posh6666
        December 30, 09:14 Reply

        Maybe he gave the best sex to one of the judges?????

    • posh6666
      December 30, 09:11 Reply

      I believe it was because he was the most vocal and confident amongst all of them.He actually has a good voice and he sang to Dillish when the others were just engaged in awkward dancing and silly jokes when they were asked to show what skill they got..Alot of those boys were not confident and when they were asked questions they were just rambling and grappling at straws my gaydar was off the hook that day.
      Btw Oturu abeg oh wetin aunty Denrele do you? You sound so angry at her

    • Peak
      December 30, 09:31 Reply

      I swear after reading the above comments, I’m more that curious to knkw what Y’all and ur catalogue of bkdy counts look like. The body no fine, the boy ugly, the boy no attractive! Haba! Make una fear god nau! If ur looks can’t be fully described without the word “basic or struggle” zthen u have no room to talk biko.

      He is a good looking young man and the 1st picture does him no justice.

  9. johnnie
    December 30, 07:30 Reply

    puhleeze oh, its too early for porn pics, now that there is potential bae no disvirgin my mind…I heard he showed all in Fifty, tickets were even sold out yesterday, I would have winch DAT boy to let’s watch

  10. ambivalentone
    December 30, 07:42 Reply

    That he sings off-key almost spoilt my christmas sef. While I can’t reconcile the 1st pic with the hot 2nd, as Kenny has said, he shud not av brought it down. Nobody can teach Nigerians to be ‘irresponsible’. They can do it by themselves

  11. Masonkz
    December 30, 07:52 Reply

    Can someone please define Irresponsible for me?

    Smdh at some Nigerians. If na me I would have posted another to keep them shut! That’s why I like Flavour. If you like rant all you want, he’d still post another “irresponsible” pic.

    • Mandy
      December 30, 08:00 Reply

      Hehehehee! Wallai! Na Flavour fit them. Nigerians will rave and rant, and the pikin will drop another near-naked photo like it’s hot. This guy shouldn’t have bothered taking down the pic joor. You can’t hope to impress all your fans biko.

  12. Francis
    December 30, 08:01 Reply

    He has always been just there imo BUT this shot is EVERYTHING sha! Loves it!

  13. Mandy
    December 30, 08:02 Reply

    But PP, who said ‘#babeisagoodphotographer’ is an ‘anonymous girlfriend’, hmm? 😀

  14. CriXXus
    December 30, 08:29 Reply


    Those arms……………. everything???????! And those his bowlegs eh…….heard that they r usually well endowed down there.

    Anyways, I think the outrage stems from the fact that Nigerians rather not be teased but get the real deal and not that hypocritical nonsense they r spilling. The ladies r angry that he is getting them all wet for nothing and the men are just jealous of d body and d effect on their gfs.?

    But All this ppl sharing semi nudes upandan and leading us to sinspilling shaa…………last days tinz?????????

      • CriXXus
        December 30, 09:12 Reply

        Show me your friend and I…………..

        Fill in the blank!??????

  15. R.A
    December 30, 09:01 Reply

    Nudes seem to be flying up and dan IG these days. People are complaining about this? Then they should check out Morachi’s IG. I’m sure they’d realize this is as “responsible” as it gets. Mtcheew! Humans!

    • sinnex
      December 30, 10:16 Reply

      I used to crush on Morachi back in the days

  16. gabbie
    December 30, 09:15 Reply

    i think hes passing a message *nodding head*
    he’s bottom!

      • posh6666
        December 30, 09:35 Reply

        Pinkie its true he gives me the power bottom vibe this kain guy will be a freak on bed and will just be taking that dick like a champ screaming *fuck me harder is that the best you got*

  17. #Chestnut
    December 30, 09:17 Reply

    Chai. I never really found Emmanuel attractive…until this pix.

  18. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 30, 09:31 Reply

    Emmanuel my bae!

    Oh and in other very interesting news …. I was the babe who took the pic #iWish

  19. Peak
    December 30, 09:41 Reply

    I swear after reading the above comments, I’m more than curious to know what Y’all and ur catalogue of body counts looks like. The boy no fine, the boy ugly, the boy no attractive! Haba! Make una fear god nau! If ur looks can’t be fully described without the word “basic” or “struggle”, then u have no room to talk biko.

    He is a good looking young man and the 1st picture does him no justice.

  20. Mitch
    December 30, 10:51 Reply

    KDians fear God oh! Jisox! How wee you see this sculpted perfection and be toking nansense? Bikonu, if you’re hotter than him, do as he has done. Take a pic with your face averted and send to PP. Lerrus know who’s got the real deal. Haba!

  21. Dickson Clement
    December 30, 11:16 Reply

    There is an assertion men wit teeth gaps are generally homosexuals!! Secondly, 90percent of pageantry men are gay… well he has a nice teeth gap and he is Mr. Nigeria!!! So when I combine the two assertion? Oh! He scores high on my score sheet. He is gay? So what? So is the millions of other hot talented filthy rich gaymen out there

  22. Teflondon
    December 30, 12:01 Reply

    Sexy people Flaunt on social media.. Irresponsible
    Rich people flaunt on social media.. Proud
    You decide not to flaunt or be active on social media.. Broke.

    Classic case of Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t!

  23. Francis
    December 30, 12:04 Reply

    Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean I have to find you sexually appealing. Sex appeal for some (me included) doesn’t revolve around fine face and bod only.

    No one is calling oga Emma ugly…. Wait i’m speaking for myself sha

  24. Chizzie
    December 30, 12:05 Reply

    Ok. This is really hot. A healthy looking male. No chicken legs and all that. Those arms are giving me life… Rabababbababa

    Isn’t it funny how the unattractive ones here are so quick to dispel his looks. A man with hen legs should by no means contribute his two cents on this issue

  25. Tobby
    December 30, 13:35 Reply

    This is not nude. He should have kept it

  26. Brian Collins
    December 30, 13:57 Reply

    Ahhhhhhhh, this one Maximus is hmmmmmming everywhere. Warris going on?

    • CriXXus
      December 30, 14:16 Reply

      He is reserving his CUMments for the real deal after work today!???????

  27. AshawoMallam
    December 31, 09:23 Reply

    Kai! Which one be fan outrage? His fans would not have a problem with this picture walahi.

    Ni kuma I am not attracted to him, but I could mark his register.

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