‘Fashion Police’ Co-star George Kotsiopoulos Responds To Joan Rivers’ Death

‘Fashion Police’ Co-star George Kotsiopoulos Responds To Joan Rivers’ Death

fashion-policeGeorge Kotsiopoulos, Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police” co-host, took to Twitter to pay tribute to Rivers after the comedian passed away Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Rivers’ death at age 81 came after complications from throat surgery last week. Her daughter, Melissa, announced Rivers’ death after she was removed from life support. The comedian leaves a legacy of more than five decades of brutal, no-holds-barred comedy that pushed the limits for women in comedy and on television.

Rivers was famous for her fashion commentary and celebrity gossip, both making fun of and reporting on fashion trends and celebrity wardrobe choices. She appeared on E! and TV Guide, as well as other channels, numerous times to report from red carpet events and award shows. She also hosted the show “Fashion Police” on E! with Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos.

Kotsiopoulos tweeted an emotional response to the comedian’s death, thanking Rivers for her impact on his life:

‘Rest in peace @Joan_Rivers. Thank you for changing my life. I will miss you so much.’ — George Kotsiopoulos (@GeorgeKotsi)

He also uploaded the image and message below on his instagram page as a tribute to the feisty Hollywood legend.insta

Rest In Peace, Joan. I for one will terribly miss your caustic sense of humour. Whatever part of the afterlife you find yourself, please don’t give the peeps over there too much of a hard time with your scathing wit.

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    September 06, 05:33 Reply

    This woman is hilarious! But I dare say she lived a fulfilled life!

  2. king
    September 06, 06:26 Reply

    Ooooooooh and the first thing i said to my wife when i came back from work was oooo am gonna miss Fashion Police…one of my favorite shows on E….and she knew coz everyone in my house (and am d head…hehehe) knows that once Joan Rivers is on then all buttons on d Dstv remote leads to channel 124! Oh booo! An gonna miss you Joan….and all those witty comments I couldn’t get enuf of!! And for some that don’t know her…she fought the cause of the gay freedom rights blatantly..i mean what louder statement can you make other than putting gay George on your show!

  3. Deola
    September 06, 06:50 Reply

    She’s a symbol of resilience, and the perfect epitome of comebacks, her husband commited suicide, her career failed at some point and she went through bankrupcy and every singlr time she back from it even stronger.
    Like Mellisa Rivers said, although its hard to laugh now, Joan would want us all to go back to what she spent her life doing, laughing.
    RIP Joan. You’ll be missed.

    • chestnut
      September 06, 07:11 Reply

      She WILL be missed. A number of celebrities I really like hav died in d past couple of years, but Joan’s own just pain me reach bone marrow! I didn’t even realise I liked her that much until I found myself literally praying to God to save her when she first had issues during/after that surgery.

  4. chestnut
    September 06, 07:08 Reply

    Oh so THAT’S how his last name is spelt!

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 06, 07:25 Reply

      LOL! I swear it is quite a mouthful. When I was Googling him, I just couldn’t with the last name. I simply typed in ‘Fashion Police’ and ‘George’ and Voila! lol

      • earl
        September 06, 08:59 Reply

        I love such intriguing names…. I’m always of the belief that wen it comes to surnames, make it simple… Or just go to Kazakhstan with it…. Lol…

  5. trystham
    September 06, 07:28 Reply

    I recently started watching Fashion Police. Much as my aunt always claimed to dislike Joan, she wud always tune in and we wud laugh uproariously at every quip about sagging careers, tits n scrotums Joan tossed in. She will be hard to replace.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 06, 07:32 Reply

      Oh I doubt she can be replaced at all. That charm to Joan’s witticism is that she is fearless and unapologetic. She slammed the wardrobe choices of celebrities with fear or favour. The others on the show always tried to be politically correct and oh-so-polite. Not Joan Rivers. I doubt you can find such a brutally honest person to replace her on the show.

  6. earl
    September 06, 09:02 Reply

    I spent the first 10 minutes of work looking at her picture since her death… To show how much I’m going to miss her….. Her witticisms and her sense of humor is something to pray for… I’m really gonna miss her…#RIPJoanRivers

  7. Micky
    September 06, 09:21 Reply

    She lived a fulfilled life… She will be missed!! RIP Joan Rivers..

  8. maxonex
    September 06, 11:54 Reply

    She was the reason I watch E! These days..
    Gonna miss her…

  9. Mart
    September 06, 12:49 Reply

    Just wondering what would become of FP. I don’t see who would make it as fun as Joan did.

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