Taking a cue from the biblical verse usually read before or during the commemoration of the Lord’s Supper in many church assemblies, 1 Corinthians 11: 26 – For as often as you shall eat this bread and drink the chalice – I do remember all the intercourse I have had, the journey of sexual undertakings that brought me to this point in my life.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I reminisce on the moments I enjoyed those Ds bare inside me. Oh what pleasure they brought.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I take into remembrance the names of all the men I trusted by allowing them go raw into me.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I feel a reawakening of the pain those penetrative sexes caused. But in them, I found pleasure. Premium pleasure!

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I do wish I’d been given the chance to choose if I wanted this cup to be placed before me. I do wish he told me his status and allowed me make a choice of having this virus as a part of me.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I wish I listened and followed all the preventive measures and sexual health talks I was given.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I take into cognizance the fact that I may never find love on the basis of my truth. For my truth scares and drives love away from me.

FOR AS OFTEN as I take these medications, I do abide by the dwelling of this virus in my body until a cure this way comes.


THE PREACHER: You may now take your meds!

ME: (swallow meds with a glass of water)


HIV may be real, but it is neither a death sentence.

Nor does it hold any real power other than that given to it by ignorance.

Stay safe. Stay protected. And continue to live.

Written by Josh

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  1. Aubrey
    December 08, 17:03 Reply

    HIV isn’t a death sentence neither does it prevent you from being loved by one who’s negative, I would know, I’m positive and I had a negative guy on my neck for love just around the time I got tested, I was in stage 2 actually, I left the hospital straight to his office to tell him, I was hoping that would be the end of it all but instead, that day, he officially asked me out and I took a week to think about it but agreed eventually and now, he worships the very ground upon which I walk, takes very good care of me in every way I ever dreamt of including adding a substantial amount to my business capital. HIV can be only as harmful to you as you let it be. I’ve achieved viral suppression in such short time that primary tests keep showing negative, my CD4 count is as good as one without the virus. Love is possible even with HIV. I pray you heal from every pain you feel.

  2. Peaches
    December 28, 13:01 Reply

    I am in awe of the power this short piece holds. 20 seconds, lesson learnt’s longer than life.

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