A Collaboration With Kito Diaries

A Collaboration With Kito Diaries

So, there’s a silent KDian named Sarah, who is seeking to do some work with KDians. She is Nigerian, an LGBT activist, believes every single person has a right to live life how they see fit as long as it does not hurt anybody else.

Speaking to me, she says:

“I do not believe that is right or acceptable, and that can only change if we humanize the discussion surrounding LGBT people. I want to make people realise that the person you’re damning to hell could very well be that friend who helps you in maths class, or is that friendly person in the workplace. I’m trying to amplify LGBT voices with the little platform I have and it’s been an idea I’ve had since coming across your blog in January. I hope this works fine and that we don’t send all our followers away (lol) but again, we are all about having concrete discussions on lucidlemons.com.”

Sarah is at the helm of a more mainstream blog, lucidlemons.com, and is seeking to help change the narrative of the Nigerian LGBT, through a November segment operating under the hashtag #LGBTTalk. The aim is to help make the Nigerian LGBT more human and visible, seeing as the main reason why it seems so easy for people to abuse and oppress gay people is that they’ve been dehumanized somewhat in media.

So in a mission of collaboration with Kito Diaries, any stories you would like told to a more mainstream followership, which gives a human face to the Nigerian gay community, you could send as an email to lucidlemons@gmail.com with the subject ‘Sarah – LGBTTalk’. You may also check out the site lucidlemons.com.

And Ronnie Phoenix, if you’re reading this, Sarah would like to interview you on what it’s like to identify as both Nigerian and Transgender, while still living in Nigeria. Kindly reach out to her via the abovementioned email address.

PS: Sarah’s apparently a fan of a bunch of KDians. She says:

“…Dennis Macaulay, JustJames, even Sinnex, Teflondon, Max and Tiercel Clarion. LOL! I love your blog so much that I think I already know these people!”

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    • Sarah
      September 05, 01:07 Reply

      Hey Tiercel, nice to meet you :). Would you be open to talk about your experiences on Lucidlemons.com?

  1. Max
    September 03, 09:05 Reply

    Hey Sarah. Nice to have you. 🙂

  2. ronniephoenix
    September 03, 11:12 Reply

    Hmmmm,this one I heard my name….. Well, we shall see

  3. kacee
    September 03, 12:03 Reply

    hi Sarah, November I can’t wait.

    • Sarah
      September 05, 01:09 Reply

      Neither can I Kacee. Interested in submitting?

  4. Khaleesi
    September 03, 12:40 Reply

    Nice! hopefully, this is going to generate a lot of positive publicity …

    • Sarah
      September 05, 01:10 Reply

      I hope it does. I really hope it does, but knowing Nigerians, you can’t be too sure.

    September 03, 23:03 Reply

    You all should tread with caution……My humble submit

    • Pink Panther
      September 04, 06:31 Reply

      Could u explain why you’re humbly submitting that?

  6. Nwanyi Akamu
    September 04, 18:39 Reply

    They even mentioned Teflondon. Boy, we should celebrate, you made it to the list. Hahahaha. *Tears a paper to write Sarah*

    • Sarah
      September 05, 01:11 Reply

      LMAO Teflondon and Sinnex’s love is something else

  7. Tobee
    September 06, 19:00 Reply

    👍👍👍👍Good work Sarah!

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