Four Applicants Awarded TIERs Funds For Quarter 1, 2016

Four Applicants Awarded TIERs Funds For Quarter 1, 2016

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce that the LGBT Community Fund has awarded a total of NGN 550,000 in funding to four recipients. The Application Review Board of the LGBT Community Fund made the selections for the award.

The recipients are two vocational training awardees (who were provided with NGN 100,000 and NGN150, 000 respectively) and two awardees for the Small and Medium Enterprises category (provided with NGN 150,000 each).

This is the first award to be made by the Fund. A total of 12 applications were received for the first quarter of 2016, from which four entries were selected. Rejected applications were based on issues of non-compliance with the guidelines and lack of a detailed business plan for those applying under the Small and Medium Enterprise category.

The LGBT Community Fund is a quarterly award that polls resources from members of the LGBT community and their allies in order to increase economic empowerment for other LGBT community members across Nigeria. The Fund is expected to increase the economic power of the Nigerian LGBT community and strengthen community involvement and ownership in the fight for LGBT equality in Nigeria. The Fund is a local initiative and intended solely for LGBT persons living in Nigeria.

Interested applicants can download the application form and the guidelines HERE. Completed forms should be returned to: as an email attachment, together with scanned copies of any other supporting documents as stated in the guidelines. The next Application deadline is 30th of May 2016. Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered during the next review period.

To learn more about the LGBT community fund, kindly contact TIERs by phone (0800225584377, open for question on the fund between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday) or email

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  1. Francis
    April 25, 12:46 Reply

    Please does this info appear anywhere else? Asking for sharing purposes.

    • Pink Panther
      April 25, 12:47 Reply

      You can go ahead and share, if you want. If that’s what you’re aksing

  2. Khaleesi
    April 25, 13:26 Reply

    This is a laudable initiative! 100% endorsed!

  3. bountyhunter
    April 25, 15:43 Reply

    Rubbish! they probably selected those their ogas are fucking! we know how they do things over there!

    • Delle
      April 25, 15:54 Reply

      Jeez. That’s not a nice thing to say about something so new and inspiring…

      • chuck
        April 26, 00:20 Reply

        Is TIERS like Mr. Ideal in that respect?

    • Olumide
      April 26, 10:15 Reply

      So your comment was brought to my attention by someone who commented on this list. First, that’s such a huge allegation and I do hope you have evidence. but before I even go further. Let me make this clear to you as its obvious you didn’t read any of the document. The fund decision is not done by TIERs but by an independent review board which are all self identified community members. The only role of TIERs is to recieve applications and compile this for the board review. Now to your allegation; can you come forward to report any case where such issues has occurred? I will personally appreciate that you come forward, report and bring any evidence you have about this allegation if truly this happen. It’s would be sad if we just hide behind technology to create false information for no reason, you damage the effort that of work that people who work there daily to see a better place for all and this will be extremely discourgaging.

      • Francis
        April 26, 12:26 Reply

        This was so unnecessary. We already know the time wasters amongst us and we do our very best to ignore them even though it’s hard.

        Just keep up the fabulous work. ??

        • Keredim
          April 26, 12:34 Reply

          @Francis, i think its good that Olumide addressed the accusation. There are people out there who would rather believe the negative than the positive.

          • Francis
            April 26, 12:50 Reply

            Their thought process go change when they realise the negativity isn’t working. One of us here don show proof of that ?

    • Olumide
      April 26, 10:17 Reply

      And finally, just so you know, the fund donation comes from LGBT community and the decision is done by the community. Let’s learn to be positive, negativity is toxic!

  4. Tobee
    April 26, 06:42 Reply

    I think it’s a good initiative.
    P.S: the contact phone number (in the last paragraph) appears to have two extra digits.

    • Olumide
      April 26, 10:26 Reply

      Tobee, the number is a toll free line designed specifically for TIERS. Thanks

  5. Chizzie
    April 26, 07:15 Reply

    Initially when I saw this earlier this year or so, I thought the amount being given was too inconsequential to do anything. But now that I’ve begun my own business venture, I know how that money can go a long way.

    So congrats to everyone who’s gotten this. And it really is such a good initiative

    April 27, 10:17 Reply

    Mr Ideal Nigeria released his dick selfie and PP hasnt featured it here yet?????……….Gaan bring dat eggplant here ohhh odawise???

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