It started when I was in secondary school, in JSS3, and almost fully aware of my sexuality. It was 2007 and I was in a mixed sex, boarding school. At first, the occupation of the hostels was according to houses, but was later changed to classes because of the extent of bullying junior students suffered in the hands of their seniors. When the habitation changed to class, I was moved to a different hostel. SS2s and SS3s stayed separate from the rest of us, JSS1s to SS1s. whereas SS2s and SS3s occupied block-room type of dormitories, the rest of us stayed in the hall or dormitory-designed hostels house-captained by selected SS1s.

I was in the JSS3 hall occupied by about 30 boys, and my bunk was the last on my side of the aisle, placed against the wall. I wasn’t effeminate, but I had delicate features that people often dismissed as typically-feminine. Looks that used to draw a lot of unwanted attention to me. I was also a neatness freak, always quick to launder my clothes and bed sheets and maintaining a clean corner. For some reason, this characteristic made boys in my set want to hang out with me, some of them always dropping by in my corner to gist and all that jazz.

However, there was this particular boy named William, who I noticed wanted to befriend me. But the way he went about it was odd. He would leave his bunk in the night and want to share my bed with me, and anytime he came to my corner and found other boys there, he would act upset.

One particular night that he was in my bed with me, I woke up in the middle of the night to the feel of his hand on my body. He was caressing me. William was one of the big boys in my class, tall, dark-skinned and good looking. I liked him and had always hoped something sexual would develop between us. So, to wake up to him touching me, I didn’t even waste time pondering what was happening. I turned to face him and began touching him back. My bunk was right up against the wall, and my corner was arranged in a way that granted us some privacy, as much as you can get in a roomful of sleeping boys. We went at it. Kissed. Blow job. Dry humping. Until we both came. Then we fell asleep.

That became the genesis of my story with William.

William became a regular occupant of my bed. Every night. We would get really hot and heavy in the dark. Even those nightly trysts became insufficient for our raging desires; some afternoons, when it was certain that everyone was in class, we would give each other eye signals that led to a quick trip to the hostel for some sinful daytime delight. During night prep, we would sneak back to the hostel to get frisky. Day after day. It was as though we couldn’t have enough of each other. The better we got with enjoying our pleasures, the more daring we became. I remember we once gave each other head inside the school farm when we were supposed to be doing Agric practical. We simply snuck to a part of the farm where no one would notice us and had us a good time.

Another interesting hookup was during a night prep. We were in the classroom, sitting next to each other when NEPA took the light. We knew it would take at least ten minutes before the school generator would be turned on. And so, William moved his hand to my crotch, deftly unzipped me, pulled out my dick and began blowing me. I came in his mouth and he swallowed. I was blowing him back when we heard the thrumming sounds of the generator coming on, and so we had to stop. As the lights blazed on, I couldn’t believe we’d just gotten sexual in a roomful of boys who were awake and alert.

There were different oral sex adventures. We hooked up everywhere in the school. Bathroom. Toilet. School field. Hostel backyard. Classroom urinals. From JSS3 to SS1. Our sexual flame stayed burning every time we were in school.

When we got into SS2, we moved to the block-room hostel. I had three other roommates in my own room. William had wanted us to stay in the same room, and had tried to make that happen. But the house master wouldn’t put us together. So, he would sneak into my room in the dead of the night, and we would have sex. Yes. We had started having sex by SS1. And after our hookup, he would sneak back to his room. He couldn’t spend the night in my bed like we used to do, because some people had begun to suspect us, so we’d decided to keep our hookups on an extreme down low.

In SS3, I was made a house captain. This meant I had to relocate to a room in the JSS1 hostel, away from my mates. I liked this, as it gave me enough privacy to get with my lover. As a house captain, all I had to do was send the JSS1s out early to some school activity, and then receive William, during which we would have sex before going out to join the rest of the school at the activity.

Soon our WAEC was over, and so was NECO. Graduation was on the horizon. I thought this would be the end of me and William. But it turned out to be the beginning of another chapter.

My parents were transferred to the state capital, where William resided. We’d graduated from secondary school and were both at home, waiting for admission into the university. He would call me whenever he was free and alone (his siblings went to boarding school and his parents would be at work), and I would go over to his house. We would play video games, eat and have sex. This went on and on. Day after day. Except weekends. On those days, I would miss him so much, but hold on to the consolation that come Monday, I would see him again. And touch him. And kiss him. And feel him.

I got admission and he did too. To different private universities. After that, our relationship became strained. We weren’t talking much anymore. Apparently because of our different schools and having to settle in new environments. But every time we were on break, we would meet at home and catch up in all the ways we could.

Then out of the blue, one day, William sent me a message. Saying he wasn’t interested in what we were doing anymore. He said it was secondary school child’s play and that it had to stop. That he now had a girlfriend in school and she was giving him the kind of “normal” sex he wants.

This message shattered me. I didn’t know I’d fallen in love with him until I got that message. I’d taken for granted that what we had would go on forever. Faced with the reality that it wouldn’t made me realise how much he had grown to mean to me. It was like a great part of me had been cleaved from me. however, even though I was breaking up into million pieces inside, when I picked up my phone to type a reply to him, it was just one word.


And that was that.

I would meet him again a year later in a hostel in the State University. I was there to see a friend, and it turned out his brother was staying there as well. I bumped into him in the balcony of the hostel and the whole year we hadn’t communicated or seen or spoken to each other just fell away. Here was the guy I first gave my heart to. My very first love. He looked like such a snack.

But I reminded myself that he was the one who broke things up between us because he was now apparently straight. We greeted each other cordially, exchanged a few pleasantries and then, I went on to my friend’s room. NEPA brought light and I wanted to charge my phone. I was using an iPhone and my friend was an Android user. I’d noticed William holding an iPhone when we greeted each other earlier. So, I went out to his brother’s room to borrow a charger from him.

I got there to meet him alone in the room. I asked about his brother and he said he was still in class. When I stated why I was there, he gave me a cord, saying I should use my friend’s adaptor as he would have to use his. A light rain was falling when I came to the room, and I was about to leave, he asked if I intended to go back out into the rain.

I said yes, that I had after all come here in the rain. Besides, it was just a few hurried steps to friend’s room. It wasn’t like I would get drenched.

As I turned to leave, he grasped the cord and pulled it, causing me to turn around to face him. And he moved swiftly, coming to stand in front of me. and took my lips in a kiss.

As though Heaven was sanctioning this reunion, the rain right then turned into a furious downpour, drumming down on the earth with a roar. But I wasn’t thinking about the rain. I wasn’t thinking about getting back to my friend’s room. All I was thinking about was how much I’d missed this guy. We were kissing each other. Passionately. Like lost lovers who’d found each other after a long separation.

Well, actually, we were.

After about ten minutes, he broke the kiss, and slid to his knees while unbuckling my belt. He yanked my jeans down to my ankles and located my dick with his mouth. The feeling of his lips and tongue around my dick was the most pleasurable sensation I’d felt in days. He blew me while I moaned, struggling to stay standing on feet that had almost turned to jelly. He sucked me for several minutes, and then turned me around, with my ass in the air. And then he dived in with his mouth again. The feeling of him eating my ass was initially like shock waves spreading across my body. it was pleasure like I hadn’t known it before. And he was dedicated to it. He ate my ass like he was having lunch and was starving before. His tongue was so inside of me, and he opened me up like never before. I was shaking and moaning, quite out of my mind.

He gave my hole one last slurp, cleaning it out, and then filled it again with saliva, before getting to his feet, his boxers pulled down, his dick ready to possess me. His penetration wasn’t painful; his expert rimming and some fingering made it an easy entry. After about a minute of thrusting, my hole had adjusted to unproperly lubricated dick pounding in and out of it. I relaxed into him and began meeting his thrusts. He fucked me slowly, often leaning forward to whisper in my ear how much he’d missed me and how much he loves me.

With the rain thundering down around us, it felt right. I felt like I was receiving my lover back home.

But this wouldn’t be a story if it were that easy.


Written by Celio

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  1. Black Dynasty
    May 22, 07:03 Reply

    My my, story of my life!!! Except there was no reunion.

    Love your writing style and look forward to the next chapter.

  2. KingB
    May 22, 07:23 Reply

    Impeccable writing prowess and I hope the story ended well.

  3. Net
    May 22, 08:13 Reply

    Awn mehn can’t wait to read more

    May 22, 08:29 Reply

    I honestly feel this is a recipe for disaster. He obviously had some unresolved IH issues. Stuff that shld have been talked about before this sex happened. I see some more heart break coming.
    Sha sha, we await the next entry.

  5. Temi
    May 22, 10:07 Reply

    what a sex escapade … hmm expecting the next post

  6. O_shabby
    May 22, 11:14 Reply

    Omg same as mine but no re_union am looking forward to read the next story

  7. Delle
    May 22, 11:17 Reply

    How weren’t you angry when you bumped into him like that? How was infuriation not the first emotion you felt after happening on him in what I’ll call an almost miraculous manner? You made it so easy. My goodness, you really tried.

    Now if this story ends on a sad note, I won’t be surprised.

  8. Mitch
    May 22, 12:19 Reply

    PP, I smell you!

    Celio, I’m surprised you melted back into his arms WITH JUST ONE KISS!
    I’d have bitten off his lip if he tried it with me.
    That said, I’m looking forward to the next entry.

  9. Higwe
    May 22, 13:07 Reply

    I’ve noticed an ugly trend …..
    The guys always getting heart broken or dumped are usually almost the recipients AKA the bottoms .

    As someone who plays for both team (TB) I’m inherently flummoxed …..is there something about being penetrated that makes one unusually susceptible ?

    Is there some degree of verisimilitude in the polarized assertion that bottoming is synonymous to feminity and inferiority ?

    Have we gays managed to classify ourselves …where the top is the unfeeling and unflinching man and the bottom the emotional and objectified woman ?

    Because I honestly do not get this .
    Almost every story I’ve read here …

    The person that got dumped was the bottom.

    The person who fell in love but the feelings weren’t returned was the bottom.

    The person who didn’t get his calls returned after a hook up was the bottom .

    When did we give a faction of our sexuality so much power ?
    When did we elevate the tops so high ,that they’re the only ones with the luxury of breaking hearts and being total jerks …whilst the bottoms remain the suffering wenches.

    I can’t ; I honestly can’t ??‍♂️

      • that dark-fair guy
        May 22, 14:01 Reply

        That is why he wrote “almost every story I’ve read here”. i think Higwe has a very valid point. And this is not a single story because he didn’t generalise and because it is true.

      • Audrey
        May 22, 19:41 Reply

        I think I understand where Higwe is coming from and he wouldn’t be so wrong if he made such assertion.

        The truth is most Tops would rather see themselves as Bi hence the need to invest more energy into heterosexual relationships when deep down of them they know who they think of before going to bed at night(Typical example is my University Ex) But menh! Letting go of some this Exes is more difficult than you probably imagine but the truth is its not IMPOSSIBLE.

    • Rai ❤️
      May 22, 15:25 Reply

      Reading anything you have to say dose my head in completely. Yall be doing and saying too much its borderline stupid. Its just a coincidence it doesn’t have to be a production with you hoe’s every fucking time. Jesus fix it

    • Lyanna
      May 24, 15:13 Reply

      These sort of things happen. Even in the lesbian world. Butches have the upperhand, while femmes get dumped 98% of the time.

  10. that dark-fair guy
    May 22, 14:03 Reply

    This is an interesting story. But I fear an impending doom and I do not like heartbreak stories.😭😭😭😭

  11. Maycakes
    May 22, 14:30 Reply

    Same question I wanted to ask….so u just melt just seeing him and u gave him all ur soul and body wt just one kiss ……..hmmm

    • Audrey
      May 22, 20:09 Reply

      Yes dear shit happens…
      There’s always this one Ex that tends to melt your insides no matter how hard you seem to have rehearsed your anger outburst.

  12. ChristianGayBoy
    January 09, 15:37 Reply

    I wonder the same thing everytime there is a love story salted with IH. How does one not get angry after getting dumped without respect? How do you stare at the heart breaker and full for his touches and even reciprocate them?

    About Higwe’s assertion, while there is a trend here about bottoms being at the receiving end of bullshit, we can’t hold K.D accountable. I believe PP posts stories he receives. He can’t make a bottom top in a story he has no control over (a true life narrative). Plus sadly, the reason why we don’t get Tops giving us entries like this is because many Tops are epitome of toxic masculinity. What is the ratio of active participants who are tops to that of active participants who are bottoms on this blog. Don’t forget that many tops are tops only because they think bottoms are “women” in the gay world and they cannot be gay enough to be “women or semi women”

    I know this post is old but I just could not not say this.

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