Gay man opens up about vengeful ex sending their sex tape to his boss and family

Gay man opens up about vengeful ex sending their sex tape to his boss and family

A man has spoken out after his ex posted their sex tape on the internet and sent it to his boss. The man, known only as Mr. A, has revealed his story in a bid to highlight the crime of revenge porn.

Mr. A split up with his boyfriend, and it didn’t end well. Following their breakup, his ex began to post explicit photos of him on Facebook. When he confronted the ex, he came away from the altercation with a fractured eye socket.

After that, things turned much nastier.

Explicit images were sent directly to his mother, and his family and friends were tagged to the images. A sex tape was thereafter sent to his work colleagues and family.

“My friends were calling and asking if I was aware about what was going on,” Mr. A said.

“While I wasn’t around, he [the ex] had accessed my Dropbox, Facebook, email and other social media. The worst was when my mother called up and told me she didn’t need to see me having sex.”

The ex also published Mr. A’s phone number and address on online dating sites and requested people unknown to him to visit.

“While the images were taken down off Facebook mostly within a few hours, the email to my work was not able to be retracted,” Mr. A said.

“The damage by then was done. In one way, it’s good because there’s nothing hidden about me anymore, but on the same token, my job, my ability to perform, has nothing to do with who I sleep with. I wasn’t hired because of who I sleep with, I was hired because of what I do, and it makes it difficult.”

Mr. A has said he doesn’t understand why his former lover has behaved like this, saying, “…no explanation rationalizes it or makes sense of it. This isn’t high school revenge. I went to bed every night not wanting to wake up the next morning. I just didn’t want to deal with it.”

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  1. Di-Navy
    March 20, 06:33 Reply

    Talk about bitter exes. Someone you once loved.smh

    • Pink Panther
      March 20, 06:39 Reply

      I always find that odd. The way people can get from loving someone so well to absolutely hating the same person so hard they can hurt him.

      • shuga chocolata
        March 20, 10:41 Reply

        I Once had an ex whose love was very toxic not only that but his revenge skills is top notch.

        I was intoxicated in the most annoying way, immediately after the break up, dude got into my page, created a new profile and was posting rubbish there, I was called upon by family to visit page and boy when I did I saw the thirst.

        Now I don’t get surprised at things like this anymore.
        I’ve been there,
        seen it,
        felt it,
        and exprerienced it first hand and came out victorious

  2. Delle
    March 20, 09:47 Reply

    And the funniest thing is you would never suspect what a psychopathic person he is during the relationship.

  3. UC TheMisfit
    March 20, 14:26 Reply

    ‘Hate, just as deep and strong from the love you feel, is just a heartbreak away’

    When someone you love deeply hurts you the consequent hate is usually as deep, maybe deeper, than the love you once felt.

    It all depends on how you both part ways.

  4. dizzyboy
    March 20, 22:42 Reply

    What love gone sour can lead to… one reason no matter how much crazy I am in love with u… I never share my nudes and take crazy sex videos with anyone… have seen enough this days to know the damage it can cause especially to a carrier person like me… I can’t be denting my image now wen am just starting a striving carrier… hell No

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