Gay Twins Launch ‘pink LinkedIn’

Gay Twins Launch ‘pink LinkedIn’

myGwork is a global social recruitment and networking hub for LGBT professionals aiming to promote diversity and inclusion in the work place and beyond.

Set up by London-based brothers, Pierre and Adrien Gaubert, the site operates as a professional networking platform, allowing members to create their own profile, upload their CV, search for job opportunities, or simply share experiences and ask for advice from other members on the site.

According to Jonathan D-Lovitz, myGwork members can seek “direction, wisdom, assistance and inspiration” from fellow members. Members can also access a list of social events offering them additional offline networking opportunities.

The brothers say their late mother inspired them to set up myGwork, as she was always worried that being gay could hinder their career prospects. This was proven true as a recent report by Out Now Consulting, which found that 46% of LGBT employees had seen or heard discriminatory comments at work.

Pierre explained: “The concept of myGwork is that any organisation posting job vacancies through the site will have an LGBT supportive ethos and a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, therefore assuming prospective employees that they will be accepted regardless of their sexual orientation”.

myGwork’s aim is to tighten the link between the LGBT community and increase the demand for diversity and inclusion in the job searching process. myGwork’s new partnership with the GAY European Tourism Association, for example, will provide job opportunities for members who wants to work in hospitality.

The recent wave of Diversity and Inclusion Policies in companies is a promising start in changing mentalities and attitudes towards LGBTs in the workplace. However, “It is a hard task for HR directors to find LGBT candidates. It is not something visible as it is the case when HR directors celebrate gender, age or race through positive discrimination”, Adrien says. myGwork aims to help those companies who seek to implement Diversity and Inclusion Policies find suitable LGBT candidates.

myGwork started in the UK only a few months ago but has quickly attracted global interest, with more than a 1,000 individuals, organisations and businesses have already registered.

Positive about the future, Pierre adds, “We hope myGwork will help remove the fear of coming out at work as we know that in turn, this leads to improve morale, productivity and staff retention – factors that benefit everyone in the working environment”.

Head on over to myGwork and set up an account

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  1. Max
    June 15, 05:28 Reply

    hot twin(k)’s… 🙂

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    June 15, 05:40 Reply

    This is really commendable! Where I work I often seek out gay vendors whenever I am in a position to. As long as they are good at what they do, we can band together amd support one another. If a gay man you know is offering a service and he is good at it, patronize him and bring him more business. We can all move forward this way!

    Having said that, why do I suddenly think of a threesome?

  3. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    June 15, 06:10 Reply

    Good stuff.

    But I guess I will only appreciate this and truly see its usefulness if naija stops being homophobic.

    • Max
      June 15, 19:46 Reply

      Thats wishful thinking…

  4. sinnex
    June 15, 06:39 Reply

    I guess that would be another way of coming out to the world. Or maybe it is for those who are already out.

  5. alpha papi
    June 15, 11:42 Reply

    Hmmm gay twins… Interesting! God knows I plan to hv 2 sons and ensure one is bi like

    • KingBey
      June 15, 17:22 Reply

      Ensure? By what means if I may ask? Nothing I won’t hear

  6. Robert
    June 16, 22:11 Reply

    Hhhhhmmmmm thats a good one…can Nigerian or african gay think of something positive such as this to help their kind?…no, rather whats on their mind is kito and other tins just to bring down one another as well as hupping from one dick and ass to another…may God help d black man. Most gays in Nigerian r highly placed or in a position to help others, and many r equally not employed but even if they know u r one they would rather not associate with u talkless of helping. I rest my case.

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