Sorry guys, there is no WHO approved cure for HIV at the moment, although scientists are working hard at finding a cure. For now, due to the nature of how the disease spreads and hides in the body, none of the medications currently available to man is able to flush it completely out of the system. This is why a few who have been deemed free of HIV in the past tested positive a few years down the line.

In fact, at my center, we just concluded on the case of a patient with really high CD4 and multiple negative HIV rapid tests. In the end, we had to do P24 antigen and DNA PCR for her, and this came back positive. And so, she’s back on drugs once again.

Unscrupulous individuals, including pastors, are making a killing these days from peddling the ‘HIV CURE’. No one is saying miracles don’t exist or that they don’t happen. However, if you attend a crusade, night vigil or one-on-one deliverance session and your pastor tells you you’ve been cured and that you should stop your medication because faith without work is dead, there’s a very, very big fat chance of O.Y.O being your case. If you attend such vigils, what you should do afterwards is to continue taking your HIV medication and get tested for HIV again to see if the test reads negative. Faith without work may be dead, but Heaven helps those who help themselves.

NOTE: DO NOT get retested at a clinic or health center recommended by your pastor! Go and test elsewhere to avoid “doctored” reports.

If it’s negative, sit down and discuss extensively with your doctor before going off HIV meds. DO NOT WAKA FROM CARE JUST LIKE THAT. I say this because I’ve seen quite a number of patients that were admitted in bad conditions, whose conditions improved remarkably on HIV drugs, and all of a sudden, they stopped coming to the hospital. When they resurfaced months later, after drinking miracle cure or receiving pastor’s special anointing, they were in a condition worse than they were in previously. Unfortunately most of them didn’t recover again. #DieThings 🙁

Some of these ‘HIV cures’ run into millions of naira; if you know poverty will become your middle name after taking them, jejely respect yourself and invest your money in eating well and taking immune system boosters like Immunace.

Finally, if you are going to take some miracle HIV cure, it is in your own best interest not to combine it with your regular HIV drugs, as you do not know if they will react negatively or positively together. To be candid, some of these “miracle cures” have been tested and discovered to contain the same HIV pills you’re popping but in liquid formulation. At this point, I don’t think it’s necessary to warn you again about the dangers of DRUG OVERDOSE!

Shine ya eyes!

If you’re going to see your pastor about your HIV matter, I sincerely believe your prayer point should be: “May these HIV medication work for me without side-effects.” Or something like that. Try and desist from hustling for a cure, as it impedes your moving forward. There’s nothing as painful as popping pills religiously and being told one today that all your efforts are in vain because the virus isn’t responding to the medication.

May the Force be with you.

Written by Francis

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  1. Colossus
    March 15, 06:17 Reply

    Good one, well articulated. I pray we heed and listen, desperation leads us to do many things when it’s really quite simplier to follow the right route.

    • Pink Panther
      March 15, 06:28 Reply

      Tell that to Charlie Sheen and whatever cure he’s allegedly looking for in Mexico.

      • Francis
        March 15, 06:56 Reply

        Self stigma is not a small something. Affects everyone irrespective of status ?

  2. Ruby
    March 15, 06:53 Reply

    I hope those pipo that are wakaring upandan looking for cure will wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. Mandy
    March 15, 07:30 Reply

    It’s true sef. One time in Bobby’s journals, he talked about an alternative treatment he was taking, right? Bobby, could u tell us what that was about please?

    • Francis
      March 15, 13:07 Reply

      I don’t think he wants to share that part of his journey with HIV as I remember asking him what experimental drug he was on and he never responded. I was only asking ’cause of problems like those I hashed out in today’s post.

      I hope he’s well sha ?

  4. Mandy
    March 15, 07:33 Reply

    ‘Faith without work may be dead, but Heaven helps those who help themselves.’
    Most Nigerian Christians, frantic for a miracle, will not see and assimilate that ending part though. Oh no. As long as Pastor Chris has assured them that they are healed, everything else matters not. After all, God pass HIV.

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    March 15, 07:43 Reply

    My dear is that not how I saved my friend from death. He got on one of those treatments and stopped taking his atripla. I became alarmed, very alarmed still uncle refused to listen to me.

    I had to threaten to tell his family that he was poz before uncle came around and resumed his meds. Eventually he had to stop the experimental thing because the pressure on his kidneys was too much and they were taking a hit.

    If you are poz, your doctor is your bestie. Discuss everything with him/her. Be wise

    • Francis
      March 15, 13:17 Reply

      Correct person ???. If you no dey on top him matter na so he for check out ?

      This is the one of the main reasons why patients are asked to come with a treatment partner before commencing ARVs. Correct treatment partners are there to make sure patients don’t go astray.

  6. bruno
    March 15, 08:15 Reply

    it’s a shame most too many people around still believe in miracle healing. don’t be fooled. your pastor cannot cure your headache much less hiv. they are preying on the gullible and desperate. the monsters.

    “experimental drugs” are called that for a reason. please don’t play russian roulette with your health. your best bet is to stick to your anti retroviral therapy and frequent your clinic.

    good post, francis. ?

    • Francis
      March 15, 13:20 Reply

      Thanks man.

      Wetin dey pain person pass be say normally you get paid to use experimental drugs but in this case it’s totally the reverse.

  7. Delle
    March 15, 09:25 Reply

    Lmao, Francis. I like how you fused humour with such a note-worthy post. Good one.

    There’s even one Dr Elvis Welsley (I think that’s his name on fb) that’s just going around telling people he ‘removes’ the virus. Really becoming notorious for that.

    • Francis
      March 15, 12:02 Reply

      Thanks. I was trying not to sound preachy as some patients can get defensive when you talk to them about focusing on their meds and doing away with thoughts of a cure.

      Some believe we are just there to use them as guinea pigs for US experiments ???

  8. Absalom
    March 15, 10:46 Reply

    Pastors that have never cured a withered limb are curing HIV?

    Kai. *weeps*

    Thank you, Francis.

  9. sensei
    March 15, 11:08 Reply

    Thank you for this. I worked in a private clinic years ago and there was this HIV positive girl whose elder brother was a senior pastor in some church in town. The took her to healing school (Christ embassy) and stopped her medications for a year. The girl started exhibiting strange behavior (as the virus has a special affinity for the brain cells). They brought her to the clinic and they were telling us in hushed tones that she HAD HIV and now she is healed. (meanwhile test still showed positive). That their only problem was that she had become aggressive and they only wanted us to give her drugs just to calm her. And if you see the way the Pastor walked into the clinic, shoulder-pad times three. You’d think a top army general just walked in with his retinue. I just hope she didn’t die later.

    May the force be with you too…by force!

    • Francis
      March 15, 12:59 Reply

      *sighs* If no responsible human being took over parental care of that patient, she most likely will be dead by now. It’s a bit sad and funny when these pastors discover they themselves are HIV+. The few I’ve seen are quite religious with their meds sha. Hopefully they are not in the business of offering their congregation miracles while relying on science to heal them ?

      P.S: I claim the force by force. Lol

      • simba
        March 15, 15:32 Reply

        Am very impressed with what ur center did and does. I wouldn’t mind taking a tour,next time I visit Lagos, if its allowed. On Friday here in Abj am hosting a journal club from a research conducted in Kenya on a topic, Reductions in access to HIV prevention and care services are associated with arrest and convictions in a global survey of MEN who have sex with MEN… any interested person can contact me..

        • Francis
          March 15, 15:37 Reply

          Sounds weirdly interesting.

          P.S: You keep job for Lagos for me wey I never hear about? lol

    • Francis
      March 15, 17:15 Reply

      Had to restrain myself from laughing when I saw that. Unfortunately e no go reset Naija pipul brains.

      • Marc Francis of Chelsea
        March 15, 17:31 Reply

        I was so happy when I saw it. Nigerians have dissociation issues. It’s happening in the North so I don’t care. It only affects gays so I don’t care. Well darling now the same bible you have used as a gun for your inhumane agenda is now being used to deny you of your humanity. I remember when someone wrote an article calling human rights a gift from the devil and people cheered. Well is it still so now that women are involved and not just the nasty gays?

  10. Aster
    March 15, 22:50 Reply

    My bf told me four days ago that he tested positive to HIV last year. We’ve not been together for together for two years now, and the last time I checked I don’t have the virus. I want to be with him but I don’t want the virus. I don’t know if there’s anyhow I can have sex with him with my safety guaranteed.

    • Francis
      March 15, 23:36 Reply

      @Aster: Hi, i don’t understand “We’ve not been together for together for two years now” as it doesn’t quite fit in with the other things you wrote about up there. Either way I’d like to applaud you for sticking around with your BF. Not many people would do that. ??

      Now here’s how to proceed. You need to make sure that your BF is already on full proper HIV treatment and he’s taking his drugs seriously. If he has been on drugs regularly for over 6 months, he’s needs to get a viral load test done. This test by now give a result below <400 copies/ml at least and in best case scenario <20 copies/ml.

      If he has achieved this viral load count, the next thing to do is for you to get tested for HIV again and then make a decision to have sex with him using a condom always. If you feel strong enough, you might want to look into the option of PREP for added protection.

      In summary, a viral load of <20copies/ml, condoms + PREP would offer you the maximum protection possible out there against HIV.

      For further inquiries (if any), just ask Pink Panther for my email address. Take care man ?

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