I stay in Kano, and earlier this year, I fell prey to a guy named Mahmud Hamisu Galadima here in Kano.

We met on Grindr a few months back and chatted for a week. Then he was in Sokoto but said he would be in Kano in two weeks’ time. When he eventually came to Kano, he asked me to meet him at a hotel at back of Farm Center, which is on Zaria Road. I agreed to meet him there.

When I called to tell him that I was at the hotel, he came down and took me up to his hotel room, where we proceeded to have sex. After sex, I began to reach for my clothes, but he took them away from me, saying he wasn’t done with me, that he wanted a second round. Which I didn’t disagree with. I told him we should hurry and get to it, that I wanted to go home.

And that was when he took up his phone and made a quick, muttered phone call. I wasn’t aware he had called for backup. A few minutes later, he was opening the door to a group of his friends to storm in. after which, he began asking me to pay him his money. I was shocked by the sudden intrusion and bewildered by his demand. Which money?

He replied, saying the money for him fucking me, something we had never agreed to.

As I was pleading with him to give me back my clothes and phone, I wasn’t aware that his friends were videoing me naked. Then one of them took me to the bathroom, showed me the video they’d made and asked me to pay the money or else they would post the video online. They had my phone, so he said they would also post it as my WhatsApp status.

I was panicked and said no problem, that I would give them the money. After transferring 5000 naira to Mahmud’s account, they still went ahead and posted the video as my WhatsApp status and refused to give me back my phone. Even though I was finally let go, I had to deal with scrambling for what to say to those who saw the video.

This is the guy, Mahmud, below, and his number is 08147777572.

I think it is a real scummy thing for guys within the community to be targeting the rest of us like this, most especially, when you go ahead to actually hook up with your victim before you strike him with your treachery. Something about going ahead to have sex with the guy you are about to set up relaxes his guard and doesn’t make him alert to the fact that you have ugly ulterior motives.

Let us beware and always be alert, no matter the hookup situation we find ourselves in.

Written by Friday


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  1. Posh
    April 15, 07:27 Reply

    Omg!!! See the person’s face. Really? This Ugly Hyena? Wow…
    I’m sorry about the kito but then again, why go for this guy. He’ So so ugly!!!

    • Peace
      April 15, 07:36 Reply

      Asin ehh!! His head is shaped like the teacup from beauty and the beast.

  2. Peace
    April 15, 07:34 Reply

    See his jaundiced eyes msstccheewww noinzense! Ugly thing! I’m so grateful I found kitodiaries. We need to be more careful. Sorry Friday, how are you now? I hope you’re better. Pele nna.

  3. trystham
    April 15, 07:44 Reply

    Shet!!! how tf did we get to this??? This one is ugly na

  4. Mystique
    April 15, 07:48 Reply

    i’m so so sorry about this man damn! i’m sure you’ll get over it .. but be sure to do a drive-by

  5. O_shabby
    April 15, 08:10 Reply

    Lmao wonders will never seize to end i heard this aboki too are scammers same thing happened to guy in abeokuta God will protect us sha

  6. Bells
    April 15, 08:52 Reply

    So sorry dear but I just think the “kitoer” is less than desirable.

  7. Maycakes
    April 15, 09:55 Reply

    Y in holy name would u allow Dis ugly ape Fuck u….. I jst hate his lips

  8. Dammi
    April 15, 10:07 Reply

    The sadness I feel after reading stories like this…
    One touch from this ape is enough to dry up all my body fluids.

  9. bamidele
    April 15, 10:45 Reply

    It is a shame that the gays as oppressed in Nigerian are also oppressed themselves within.

  10. Rehoboth
    April 15, 11:28 Reply

    Focus on his crime. His looks or lack of it shouldn’tbe the focus not like most of you win in that department.

  11. Omiete
    April 15, 12:12 Reply

    Chai see the sheer hideousness. Even shrek is hotter. Friday so sorry this happened to you it’s just so heart breaking that it’s a gay man doing all this.

  12. Posh666
    April 15, 12:22 Reply

    I know this boy you are talking about and he’s notorious for kito in kano.. Its called “Bill” over here so you were billed. This boy and his clique are well known and he’s always hanging around shoprite kano.They are practically all very dirty, ugly,unkempt and drug addicts..

    I’m just baffled on why you had sex with him in the first place because this picture right here is even doing him justice.Yet imagine how people here already hate him and calling him ugly and a lowlife because that’s who he truly is.

    He looks more horrible and very very dirty in real life.He cant even compose or speak any form of good english and is practically an illiterate.I guess you were deceived by his big dick and your sense of self esteem fled.

    Just thank God you were let go easily because he and is clique of friends actually do collect 100k,200k,500k upwards. I guess they noticed you were broke and had nothing to offer them that’s why they deliberately posted your naked video on WhatsApp..

    I sincerely hope you used protection because that boy has practically toured the whole of Nigeria and its neighbouring countries,he’s always on the road. I think I even know who you are because I heard this gist recently..

    • Omiete
      April 15, 12:30 Reply

      Chai imagine!!! So he is even scruffy looking. Don’t worry his end will come

    • Higwe
      April 15, 15:07 Reply


      How did you know he has a big dick though ?

      • Posh666
        April 15, 15:44 Reply

        If you were wondering if i have hooked up with him no i havent….My friends and I are indigenes of the state and barely anything goes by that we don’t know about… We can actually find out almost anything about anyone in the lgbt community within few minutes so long as he’s in this same Kano.

        • keredim
          April 15, 16:25 Reply

          You and your friends know about him and his shenanigans.

          Have you guys thought of giving him or one of their cohorts a taste of their own medicine?

          • Posh666
            April 15, 17:07 Reply

            Trust me this same boy and his types who they actually keep recruiting on the daily have been in and out of police stations and prison several times… They are lowlives whose life ain’t worth nothing and are just existing and really don’t have anything they are living for and are ready to drag you down with them.

            The truth is that if the poster was someone I was close to or know and we got to hear about the issue on time we would have definitely gotten his phone back for him before it was soldbeven though he might have to let go of the 5thousand because I’m sure they would have spent it.

            Bottom line is that we as a whole need to do better in picking who we choose to get down with. If it looks like a duck,quacks like a duck then its probably a duck.

            These people always have a peculiar look.Ugly,rugged,dirty,sometimes bleached skin and can barely communicate in English or even speak good English.

            Learn to trust your instincts,share picture with others before you meet to hear if anyone has info about such a person and actually raise your standards of the kind of person you are willing to get down with.

            In this particular case the particular hotel he took the poster to is a seedy hotel with questionable characters always lodged in there and that should have been a red flag for the poster if his looks wasn’t enough red flag…. To all those saying looks don’t matter and ugly people deserve sex too.Let me just tell you in this our community right now you need to raise your standards and once you notice the person you are chatting with looks horrible and can barely communicate then its a red flag you shouldn’t ignore….

            I know its not the only basis to judge who a potential kitoer is but trust me its better you hookup with someone you know you are on the same societal level with or even someone Better than you who has something to loose too.

            • Higwe
              April 15, 17:35 Reply

              Wonderful ; apt .

              I really loved all the points you raised …very relatable and realistic.

            • Keredim
              April 15, 17:51 Reply

              Not quite the response I was expecting, but I doff my hat to you for unapologetically raising those valuable points.

              Well said.

  13. Compadre
    April 15, 12:40 Reply

    I’m so sorry about your predicament but seriously you should have a better taste na. Mere looking at this scarecrow you should sense the danger. Haba

  14. RichieMichie
    April 15, 14:38 Reply

    Wow!!! Kdians most be really down to earth handsome. See the way you lots are angry that the poster got down with an “ugly” guy. Let’s forget the fact that he is a kito scum, so he shouldn’t have hooked up with him because his facial features doesn’t look breathtaking?Really wow. And it’s here on kd I hear people crying so people will stop femme shaming, bottom shaming and the likes, but shaming looks is totally accepted. Now I know who is fuelling the myth that all gays are handsome.

    • Posh666
      April 15, 17:15 Reply

      Let me inform you that for your own good except same sex is legalized in Nigeria,avoid hooking up with someone that looks like a lowlife because in most cases that person will cause you harm.The person doesn’t have to be Mr Handsome but there should be a certain level of neatness,class,exposure and ease in communication…

      Leave all that English about discrimination against feminine guys bla bla bla.You can’t save the whole world and your safety should be number one priority..If someone you are trying to hookup with looks like a lowlife that you don’t know from Adam except from social media then warn yourself and don’t try meeting in real life.

      • CHUCK
        April 15, 23:33 Reply

        Please Posh666 how do we get in touch to vet hookups with Kanawa?

      • King
        April 16, 20:14 Reply

        You do really understand the community and Kano as a place

  15. nonny
    April 15, 16:04 Reply

    it’s high time we do something, we could also kito the kitoer which would serve as warning and detergent to this scums. it’s high time we stop this pity party talk and outright condemnation of look, cause konji sometimes doesn’t care about looks. we should fight as well. Maine or kill one of this guys to learn a hard lesson

  16. Lopez
    April 15, 19:34 Reply

    seriously we should do something about these guys. the reason why they keep thriving is because nobody is fighting them back, they operate in gangs and we are also in numbers so we can come together and give them a taste of their wrath. we have nobody to protect us, the law is not on our side so we have to protect ourselves. we can’t fold our arms and keep playing the victim… we should fight back

  17. King
    April 16, 20:13 Reply

    It’s sad to see or hear such happenings in a close community where there are really no defence except self discipline, tho there are many scum here in Kano, if one is not intelligently selective and careful there is every tendency of falling into the wrong hands. Kano is large and sharia is key and our colors are shining bright only on the inside so no one wud even wanna help. We should all be careful in meeting plus this guy is fucking ugly

  18. Fabuluz
    April 17, 05:44 Reply

    Exactly… These group of people need to have a taste of their own dish

  19. Icandy
    April 17, 13:08 Reply

    It has been said here times without number that hook ups should be on recommendation. Y go for this ugly thing? Always control ur konji, don’t let konji control u.

  20. Jinchuriki
    April 18, 07:40 Reply

    Y’all should leave people and their preferences alone. Anybody can kito you, literally anybody. So don’t assume a certain class or a high percentage of a certain class is trouble.

    But RED flags are red flag. Sadly I gotta admit.. why is Nigeria so fucked? ??‍♂️

  21. Zed
    April 19, 22:07 Reply

    This his picture looks like a campaign photo

  22. Jekbay
    April 20, 13:01 Reply

    Sorry to say this but I can’t do this guy.
    Not even with a thousand condoms.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this, banging him and loose your money and phone. Plus the video
    That’s terrible.

    We really need to stand together against these scum bags, we need to do something

  23. LANCE
    April 28, 10:53 Reply

    Please posh, king and others living in kano, am new in kano and I won’t want to fall into wrong hands, u can reach me Tru 07037880787. I need a mentor in kano

  24. Ayo
    July 31, 14:19 Reply

    I’m sorry about your story, it sends shivers down my spine

  25. Babji
    October 17, 16:20 Reply

    every time I read one of these stories my blood boils because all this comes down to one simple thing, Hornyness and Randyness, Everyone deserves love even the poor and ugly, but for heavens sake, the signs are all there, someone fucked you and wanted more and then makes a phone call , eeeeeeeeehhhhh anyways who am I to judge, Me I only sleep with clean decent people in safe environments….. SATAN IS A LIAR

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