Kito Alert LV

Kito Alert LV

His name Gbabi Emmanuel Oryina, and he’s on Facebook as Sailor Emmy Oryina.

His number is 08063689021.

He stays in Ojo/Agbara area of Lagos State and is from Benue State.

There have been numerous reports that have pointed at this guy being a thief and a criminal, one who you should in fact NEVER invite to your home. He has been known to return to the homes of his hosts, after they have gone out, to attempt to force his way in to cart away the host’s valuables.

In other cases, he managed to lay his hands on the host’s spare key, and after his stay and he left, he came back when the host wasn’t around and using the spare key, was able to get inside and rob him.

Please, be warned and beware of scum like Emmanuel Oryina!!!

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  1. Mitch
    February 04, 08:09 Reply

    Ahn ahn!
    The criminal elements of the gay community stay outdoing themselves in their levels of criminality. This shit is tiring, fam.

  2. Mafiaso
    February 04, 10:01 Reply

    I met Emmanuel once and later he came up with spurious stories to extort money, fortunately I ran him through someone, who exposed him as a thief. He tried so much to convince me otherwise . I simply blocked him.

    At least, my fears has been confirmed. I am so happy I didn’t fall for his bare face lies.

  3. Mr Hork
    February 04, 10:11 Reply

    I had a chat with him did not like the way it was going he was sounding so desperate I had to block him. One of the major reasons people fall for scumbag like this guy is because once prick and Yansh is involve people loss their sense of reasoning and it is a terrible way to live.

    • tony
      February 04, 22:42 Reply

      We are trying to dispel the stigma around hiv and this your comment just upholds it.
      Its 2020 i don’t think we should still be making such scathing comments about hiv.

      • Terra
        February 05, 00:52 Reply

        Um…how did the comment make any commentary on HIV?

      • Obi
        February 07, 04:07 Reply

        Biko, how did HIV enter this comment now? Abeg, read his comment well

  4. Guy
    February 04, 10:24 Reply

    Ha! I’m speechless. And I’ve met him once and he’s even HIV positive, and worked for one ngo like that, that help other people manage their status. The guy na versatile, looks so straight but his hole is wide as Haaaaaaaa! Even I shouted, Oga wetin be this?! ?

    • Sage Philip
      February 04, 15:48 Reply

      Don’t be what you’re fighting.
      Exposing his status is a no no…
      Lemme not even start with the Kissing and Telling.

    • Paradox
      February 04, 18:46 Reply

      I don’t know why this comment sounds off to me. He is a thief and scoundrel. Why drag his health status into the matter?

    • Kobe
      February 05, 07:30 Reply

      Dear Guy, his status is of very little importance to us in this discourse and neither is his hole size. These shouldn’t have been revealed.

  5. Kristo
    February 04, 14:27 Reply

    Agbara…that’s my area ….this hit close to home!

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