I have watched for some time now how LGBT persons tend to be more understanding of homophobia when it is touted by fellow LGBT persons, and I’ve always been curious about this phenomenon. Does homophobia appear more palatable when preached by gay persons? Do biphobia and transphobia sound more tolerable when trumpeted by homosexuals? Is it possible that within ourselves, we can find justification to condemn others and perhaps ourselves for our sexual proclivities? I was once of the view that the homophobia within the gay community is just as worse as that from the outside, but I chose to drop that perception along the line because I realized that for some reasons, it wasn’t very helpful. Recent developments are however beginning to force me to have a rethink. And the most recent case of the self-proclaimed ‘Snapchat queen’, notoriously known as Bobrisky, suits for a case study.

You see, as regards the subject of sexuality, I strongly believe the word of the individual should be taken as absolute proof. As a guy, you may have slept with numberless amount of men, but if you choose to identify yourself as straight, I’m all for respecting that self-identification. This is why despite the accounts and rumors of men coming out to attest that the Orlando shooter was gay, I stuck with the story that he was straight. Omar Mateen never publicly saw himself as gay. (Heck, he was married to two different women.)

So, to me, Bobrisky or anybody like him retain the right to scream NO to the question ‘Are you gay?’ And I most certainly have no evidence to think otherwise, not least when I’ve never met this young man before. I myself, as proudly homosexual as I am, will give a NO to that question depending on the person and place of questioning. This is perfectly understandable. We live in a deeply homophobic clime. Even people who live in gay-friendly societies have various reasons for denying their sexuality and we can all cope with that.

But what happens when we choose to take this denial a step further and make utterances that do not help anyone in the long run even though they appear to help us temporarily? Are there reasons why we can be vocally homophobic and feel comfortable about it, even garner applause from our fellow gay persons who help us to cement such reasons? I have read very disturbing biphobic comments on this platform even from self-professed rights activists, and it makes me shudder at how conveniently we can hold the same kind of views that haunt us and gather support from others who are too quick to share their personal experiences and give equally convoluted reasons for their obscene views. This is disgraceful.

Sincerely speaking, how much would some of us gay people be given to take the podium and vociferously condemn homosexuality? It seems there may be no price at all for this hypocrisy.

What reasons can we easily give ourselves to become like the homophobes who hate us? I’ve heard persons in some quarters argue that we can’t blame Bobrisky because he had to save himself, and I ask: Does saving yourself and saving others have to be mutually exclusive endeavors? In this era of straight people coming out to strongly condemn homophobia, what do you gain as a trans person, cross dresser, effeminate man or masculine woman, lesbian or gay, MGM or bisexual, from fanning the embers of what is seeking to consume you? And why do you think you shouldn’t be held up to the same standard and even be reasoned with as you express your homophobic views? If it can be said that it is better to keep mum than to open your mouth and be thought a fool, is it not better said that it is better to keep quiet than to open your mouth and in the process endanger the lives of so many out there for selfish gains?

What the likes of Bobrisky and those who support his harmful homophobic shot at saving himself finally fail to realize is that those who hate him care very less about who he’s fucking with. The gender of his imaginary ‘bae’ is irrelevant to their bigotry. His flamboyantly effeminate looks are enough to arouse the most inveterate repulsion in the mind of the homophobe and no amount of ‘I am not Gay’ or throwing gays under the bus can save him.

Don’t take my word for it, visit the comments on Instagram. Isn’t it schizophrenic that such loud cross-dressing effeminate guy can be so ignorantly homophobic? His utterances do not help anybody including himself and it’s most unfortunate that he cannot see this. Internalized homophobia ought to remain an internal affair for the sake of the rest of us. That Bobrisky happened to be in a position where he is asked the question “Are you gay?” before judgment is passed on him is a privilege that he should not use to endanger lives of others who will not be opportune to receive such fair hearing. Mr. Bobrisky and his supporters should know better.

Written by Henrie

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  1. Francis
    September 29, 05:46 Reply

    I’m probably not mad at the guy cause like many, he chose to focus on the marriage aspect of the anti-gay law bill. It’s not like he jumped up to say gays are disgusting and should not be tolerated at all.

    We can’t expect everyone given his platform to start advocating for gay rights. Even some of us that are forming gay rights activists here no get an atom of the liver needed.

    Hopefully his DM exchanges with Bisi have served to educate him on how best to react when asked if he’s gay or not, if he supports gay rights etc.

    • Peak
      September 29, 06:03 Reply

      Na here you sleep, wake up ni?

      • Francis
        September 29, 06:06 Reply

        LOL. Let’s just say I had a sad day yesterday and went to bed early cause of it only to wake up early this morning feeling better.

    • Peak
      September 29, 06:42 Reply

      @ Francis, I don’t agree with u. Although I haven’t seen the video, but from account I have read here, the guy simply jaboed sabi sabi style. Them ask am “A”, him come bebe scout answer “A, B, C to G”. Who senam? If he holds a certain degree of intelligence, he would have pulled a Denola Grey. This is why education and exposure is important. No be to de pursue prick and nyash upandan without sense to support ur speed. No one is asking him to admit he is gay and the writer supported that notion. He could have made a joke of the question or stylishly divert to something else. But the way I hear his English and brilliance is setup, that would be us asking for too much from him. So I am sticking with him being human.

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 08:42 Reply

      Um, at what point did anyone expect him to be an activist for the LGBT, Francis? In all the outrage following his comments, I haven’t seen anyone express that sentiment. And no one is faulting him for saying no he’s not gay. He didn’t stand up to say gays are disgusting, good for him.
      But he expressed support for an abusive law. THAT is the issue. He doesn’t get a pass for that, especially when he wasn’t even asked his opinion of the law.
      Even if he was asked sef, part of being a gay human being is recognizing that the law is bad.

      • Francis
        September 29, 08:47 Reply

        In all the outrage following his comments, I haven’t seen anyone express that sentiment.

        You haven’t seen, me I’ve seen….even some comments on this site allude to that expectation.

        • Pink Panther
          September 29, 08:57 Reply

          Well, they’re wrong to expect him to be an LGBT activist. He doesn’t have to be. Just also as he shouldn’t make any remarks that endangers the lives of his fellow countrymen in any way.

          • Pink Panther
            September 29, 08:58 Reply

            My point? Live your life free of obligations if you must. Just don’t do things that put others at risk.
            And it’s especially galling when you do it out of avoidable ignorance.

    • Keredim
      September 29, 09:43 Reply

      @Francis, we are in Sokoto.I am sashaying on one side of the street and you on the other side walking with all your “thug swagger”(Humour me here).

      The Police stop me accusing me of being gay.And I protest that “I am not gay, but Francis over there is.”

      Have I acted appropriately? Have I endangered your life?

  2. Peak
    September 29, 06:30 Reply


    1st of all he has no business giving interviews when he walks around with a thought process that has been severely fractured making articulation ( almost) impossible. Sadly, a lot of gay people the world are set up the same way. That is why they have a thing called PR training for celebrities in Hollywood,, and if u are too broke to get one, then you fall back on ur number 6. From what I have been reading (I no get that amount of attention to give am by watching his video and all that snapchat noise), he is too broke to get a PR training or acquire a fully functional brain.

    As much as I want 2 judge him and hack at him all day, a part of me that is human sees that he is flawed like everyone else. These interviews were his 1st and showed how much of rookie he is. His ignorance was a littered all over the place, he panicked and threw everyone under the bus hoping to knock the public off his scent. Sadly he is too dumb to realise that Nigerians are like a dog with a bone when it comes to homophobia. The media and Nigerian public have found a weak link in the LGBTQ network, and they seem to be out to exploit it for their dirty tricks.

    Someone should get to him and deliver the much needed education before he causes further damage.

  3. Absalom
    September 29, 06:37 Reply

    After all the fun and jokes, I sympathise with Bobrisky over the questions about his sexuality; it would have thrown me off balance too.

    But he didn’t need to overcompensate by backing a hate law; ironically, he has fooled no one, least of all the LGBT. Sigh.

    That said…

    A person can only be open about their sexuality WHEN they feel safe enough to, not before. And this is where the media all over the world are often tactless and diabolical: people are being killed and imprisoned for being gay, yet a journalist throws that kind of heavy question at a person without being sensitive to the vulnerability and safety of the guest in front of them.

    As the Great Bobrisky would say, “Izz naw nice now!” ?

  4. ambivalentone
    September 29, 07:57 Reply

    I can’t remember the comedian who made this joke. I found it humorless at the time but now I see the truth in it – A man was involved in an accident. Passers-by and policemen around rallied around to help him. The uncle railed and wailed about how blind the driver was and how he would sue him. What did the good samaritans say? “Oga, leave everything to God na. He don beg you na. Shebi na only ur hand cut. Werin u go do if ur head cut and ur leg break?”.

    Apparently, it is supposed to be very Nigerian to sympathize with the person who very nearly kills u (especially if even more common grounds of tribe, race, height,….bind you) seeing as he did not get away with killing u initially. Such allowances are made until u either have too much poison your system can support, or all your body parts are removed in attempts on ur life. Its all apologies now, but nobody is thinking of its impact on the future.???

    • Francis
      September 29, 08:18 Reply

      My dear, if you wish you get angry at everything that’s wrong with the world, feel free. Some of us have decided to pick our headaches carefully

  5. Tony Odekunle-Brown
    September 29, 08:25 Reply

    I feel he is not very educated when it comes to LGBT issues. I think he is among gay folk who see homosexuality as a “game.” So in a way, I get why he did what he did.

    He has apologised. Twice for that matter. I think we should cut him some slack at this point.

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 08:51 Reply

      The first one was a non apology. Don’t count that please. But where is the second one? i’d like to know the content of it.

  6. bruno
    September 29, 08:34 Reply

    great post, henrie.

    “As a guy, you may have slept with numberless amount of men, but if you choose to identify yourself as straight, I’m all for respecting that self-identification.”

    while this is clearly an hyperbole to drive home your point, the kind of person you just described here deserves no respect. as ridiculous it it sounds i’ve encountered people like this. respect isn’t exactly what they should be getting. pity, maybe. (an attempt at) education maybe but not really this apathetic “respect”. letting this kind of delusional ignorance fester is what has giving us the likes of bobrisky and to look a little further, donald trump.

    ok back on the topic. i think while critizing bobrisky is par for the course, it is important to accept that the things he said especially in his apology is a more starkly expressed representation of what actually goes on in the mind of too many homosexuals around. it’s important to look inwards we might find that bobrisky is merely an amplified reflection of ourselves as a community and individually.

    when you rephrase it, what he’s actually saying is that homosexuality is all fun and games but living my life authentically as an lgbt person in nigeria is not really an option. it is not right. i have to eventually get married to a member of the sex i’m not attracted to and have children with them. i have to live out the expectations that society and family have of me and i have of myself too. that is the right thing to do. that is the only choice i really have.

    when you distill this message away from all the flamboyance, loudness and barely cohenrent sentences, you’ll realize that the core message here is one most homosexuals agree with and are indeed going to live out.

    i guess what i’m trying to saying here is that maybe it not really bobrisky’s thoughts that should be under scrutiny here our own.

  7. IBK
    September 29, 08:41 Reply

    Did I watch the same video with y’all? Panicked? Where? The guy lied with ease and his heavily made up face didn’t Crack from the lie. Nah mehn, he knew what he was doing.

    There’s no excuse for being a shitty human being. Whether he panicked or is ignorant or blah blah blah he shouldn’t be excused which is what i believe the article is saying.

  8. pete
    September 29, 08:54 Reply

    Great post, Henrie

  9. Witch
    September 29, 08:58 Reply

    can we move on from this guy please? because he’s just a waste of time! with all his gay antics and his male bae, i expected better. But coming from someone that pronounce America as HARMERICARR.. I’m really not surprised. let’s focus on people that can promote the lgbt .

    • Dontdropthathun
      October 04, 13:03 Reply

      Lmaoooo….yes we need to swerve from this stupid issue of Bobriskky or whatever his name is and you’re very righf about the Lgbt thing because my life is almost in a mess now…xx

  10. Chizzie
    September 29, 08:59 Reply

    Was abit ticked at how conclusive this post came across as. Somehow the writter is convinced w/0 a shadow of doubt that Bobrisky is homophobic, and there isn’t room to argue or to question whether he is or not. All benefit of doubt, thrown outside the window.
    If you are basing this off of an interview, anchored by a tactless amateur then you aren’t a good judge of character.

    It’s funny how the most dismissive and critical of Bobrisky and his antics have been LGBT folk, sure he might not be the most eloquent and articulate but nothing about his antics have been homophobic or are homophobic.

    We sit comfortably in our closets and throw stones at anyone who is deviant enough to rattle the confines of theirs. Yes, he might be attention seeking and his bleaching might be off putting to some.
    But his act of bravery, and deviance is commendable. I nevr in a million years would have believed that a man in full makeup who talks abt his (imaginary or not) bae’ ‘s dick would achieve mainstream status and amass a cult following in NIGERIA

    Last I recall, it was a Drag Queen that inspired the Stonewall riots that was extremely pivotal in establishing LGBT rights in the USA.
    Bobrisky might not be the ideal representative of LGBT in Nigeria. But if we want the much needed revolution then we need ppl with his deviance and courage. It’s our responsibility as LGBT to orient him and educate him. Rather than conclude w/0 a shadow of doubt that his is homophobic and dismiss him

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 09:08 Reply

      Two comments in a blue moon?
      That’s it. Bobrisky and Chizzie must be friends. 😀
      #Okbye ???

    • Peak
      September 29, 09:10 Reply

      ” It’s our responsibility as LGBT to orient him and educate him.”

    • Delle
      September 29, 09:31 Reply

      Sorry Chizzie, but I’d have to disagree with you. The uproar isn’t about him trying to protect his powdered closet or trying to save his head, after all the country isn’t gay-friendly, but you sure do not expect that we smile and brush off the fact that he agreed to the draconian law that rounds us up as criminals and not men that happen to have feelings for our sex.

      This isn’t about supporting him. Sure, his physical outlooks backed by stereotype makes him poster boy for the LGBT but his comments has stripped him of such and consequently put us in harm’s way. For heavenssakes, he has put us in more danger than we already were. I mean, it’s one thing for the government to be ignorant of why we exist but for someone (they already believe to be a part of the sect) to give credence to their ignorance, it’s fearful.

      The drag queen who lead Stonewall wasn’t this ignorant. He isn’t just ignorant but ‘violently’ so. No one wants such a person to start our engines of liberation. Until he has had proper education and how to sieve out things before saying them, we do not need such publicity.

    • Henrie
      September 29, 09:40 Reply

      You see courage and bravery in someone voicing support for that vicious law?


      This post was written precisely for your kind. And it’s sad that it hasn’t changed anything.

    September 29, 09:16 Reply

    Its not every gay man that has settled with self acceptance. Bobrisky would learn from this.

  12. lolosmallZ
    September 29, 09:17 Reply

    thank you so much for this. its so upsetting that even our own community is giving room for this so called bobrisky’s foolishness. he needs seriously education i really can’t stand people like him. bobrisky really needs to educate himself with the law. he doesn’t even know that cross-dressing is a criminal offence in Nigeria. its in the constitution.

  13. Delle
    September 29, 09:22 Reply

    The outrage spurred isn’t about Bobrisky saying no to the ‘are u gay?’ question. What he did by defending the anti-gay law was unforgivable.

  14. Wiffey
    September 29, 09:56 Reply

    I’m am sick and tired ? of hearing or talking about this bleached and painted cross dresser ?. Honestly I feel he is in no way worth the attention everyone is giving him, I mean this is the third article in KD that speaks of him.

    Oh and I am also tired of hearing people say “it’s not his fault that he was asked the question of his sexuality and he had to defend himself” oh for f*ck sake what else was he expecting. Even a dumb fool would take just one look at him and ask him that very question ❓ so he should have known better. In fact I think his answer to that question was pre-planned and he has been giving the same answer all his life so let’s stop ✋ making excuses for what is wrong.

    I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone who has quoted Denrele saying “I’m not gay”.

  15. Keredim
    September 29, 10:20 Reply

    For those of you excusing Bobrisky and saying he should be educated on LGBT issues, I don’t understand??

    Someone shared a link to a story on here a couple of days ago, in which he was exposed for dressing up as a woman and soliciting sex with men. This was in 2010 (& dark-skinned then)

    Bisi Alimi has said, he was involved in getting him out when he was arrested… i am assuming this was around the same time (2010) or earlier…

    So he is well aware of the LGBT issue in Nigeria.

    And please let’s not use his level of education (though he claims to have attended Unilag) as an excuse… It is common human decency not to endanger others, especially when there is no immediate threat to your well-being.

    You don’t teach that in schools.

    • Peak
      September 29, 10:51 Reply

      I am not aware of his past stints, but you cant deny that the man needs a sit down and thoroughly enlightened on how his actions is rubbing off on others.
      Attending Unilag doesn’t necessarily mean he is educated. I’m sure u remember something in line with “letting school pass through you and you not passing through school.”

  16. Peak
    September 29, 10:38 Reply

    My problem with small minded people is that they have trouble thinking outside the box or seeing the bigger picture. Their decisions and actions is highly fuelled by their emotions rather than practical and objective thinking. When there is a problem, the right thing to do is source for solution(s) rather than barrage in a maze of nothingness.

    No one is applauding the dude for his media outings, he made a blunder. Cussing or nailing him to a cross would change nothing. His lack of education, exposure and grooming is what got us here. The only way to salvage the situation is getting him educated so that blunders like ones we witnessed, don’t happen in the future. Be a bitter mary all u want, but what’s done is done.

    How many of us would have been able to handle ourselves better in front of lights, camera and innumerable viewers since him panicking is inexcusable? We sit here acting like we stumbled out of our mothers womb as sages with wisdom to all things LGBTQ matters. When a large proportion, if not all, learned and are still learning thanks to this platform. So lets not be so quick to cut others down and deny them a chance to educate themselves.

    He got caught and played in the “media game”. These media houses giving him airtime know damn well what they are doing. They are capitalising on his ignorance, lack of discernment and using it to fuel their homophobic doctrines. Only an outlet being run by homophobes would approve signing him for media time. Denrele cannot make a blunder of this magnitude. So those juicing and milking him up, are well aware of what they are doing. The best we can do is work more in the area of sensitisation on LGBT issues. We would wake up tomorrow and his 5 minutes of fame would be over, but the unforgivable shame would be if another ignorant man or woman takes his place.

    Bisi like the rest of us, could have cussed him out, but offered education instead. Sometimes it is not not about who/what is right, but preventing a reoccurrence.

    • Keredim
      September 29, 11:02 Reply

      Dude, you have said Twice that you haven’t watched the interviews…

      Maybe you should.????

      • Peak
        September 29, 12:38 Reply

        Just watched the video like u adviced, and I am sticking to my argument. If we take the time to study his body language and the inconsistencies in his words, we would indeed know that he jumped on the approval of the law to save himself and keep from answering the ” are you gay” question. He would have succeeded with it, if not for the interviewer INSISTING on a “Yes or No” answer (the interviewer was out of line and took advantage of his naivety by iNSISTING on the kind of answer she wants). By the time he did the Pulse interview, he had gotten a little wiser and refused to be associated with any label by just going “I am what I am” when he was asked about his sexuality.

        I only have 2 problem with this dude after watching both videos.
        1) His condemnation of gay marriage and thinking we are here to produce kids whether we like it or not.
        2) His idea that being gay is for “FUN”

        Other than the above, which can be remedied by serious reorientation and sensitization, I don’t see what the uproar is about. Many of us here would have done the same a few years ago. He is 25. His 1st televised interview, no media training, no adequate knowledge on LGBTQ issues (like most gay Nigerians), not exactly what u would call an eloquent or charismatic speaker and you all want him to scale the interview unhinged? Haba?! That’s asking for too much. We are all transitioning, learning and finding ourselves. There is no formal predesigned template that prepares us for the challenges of this world as LGBTQ person, so a little understanding should be something we should learn to give freely. He is swimming in a shark infested pool, everyone wants a bite and he doesn’t know it yet. For him its all fun and games. He gave linda of all people ikeji a shout of for godssake! Haba! Make una chill biko. The harm has been done. Crucifying him would yeild nothing. Getting him the much needed reorientation and education is the only way we can mitigate this trend of gay men and women giving words to the horrendous and poisonous views/thoughs they habour about LGBTQ issues.

        • IBK
          September 29, 12:51 Reply


          You’re on the extreme end of giving excuses for people. You seem to cut people a lot of slack.

          Don’t justify things that are wrong. Understand the reasons for certain actions, sure! But don’t use that as a reason to color it in some false sense of rightness.

          Whether or not he panicked or he is ignorant what he said was stupid and even harmful to impressionable minds and should thus be condemned.

        • keredim
          September 29, 13:41 Reply

          Really?!!? “He is 25” and he knows how to use social media and live television to plug is bleaching cream?

          “He is 25” and he knows how to create a “business empire” of sorts “using what he has to get what he wants”?

          At 25, he knows how to be “I (y)am who I (y)am”

          And yet at 25 he has not watched on TV how other “gay” celebs comport themselves and how they deflect the gay question?

          And still at 25, he shouldn’t be held accountable for trying to escape coming out on TV, by throwing “others under the bus”.

          I think you should speak for yourself, when you say, many of us here would have done the same a few years ago in the same situation. As much as there are disagreeable personas here on KD, I like to believe that the diversionary strategy we would use, when we are about to be Kito-ed, is not to support a law that leads to dehumanising our kind.

          And another thing a “25 year old today”, is not the same as a “25 year old, a few years ago” and will not be the same in 5 years time. Expectations are higher especially in this modern age of technology.

          Yes like IBK said, you have taken your excuses a notch higher than the extreme.

          PS, why don’t you adopt him and show him the much needed reorientation and education he so needs on LGBTQ issues. While you are at it, show him how to lighten his knuckles and toes as well

          • Peak
            September 29, 14:32 Reply

            @ I think you are stretching ur espections beyond it’s limit.
            For starters, we have established that he is not exactly a bright man.

            The fact that people are hell bent on taking the words of what most Nigerians regard as a side show, as gospel, says alot about how much import he is being accorded. You have been on this blog long enough to know that it is one thing to talk the talk and another to walk the walk. 3 back to back post, designed for his condemnation is rather on the high side. An ignorant man making a careless statement, and u think pounding him into the dirt is going to make things better? He was careless and reckless with his choice of words and the fact that you guys are treating it like it came from some high profiled and well repected individual is what I find shocking. Someone who indirectly slipped up about being gay but not. How are u sure that he knows the provisions of the law and under what context and situation will someone be found liable. The average gay man doesn’t know. He admitted in his 2nd interview that the question came from no where and he was just spitting out whatever came to mind. Lets stop and remember he is not bright again. It’s like arresting a man man for committing a crime when it is clear as day that he is mentally unstable.

            Pointing out and highlighting where he went wrong so remedies can be administered is ur idea of making excuses? What would u have done differently during and after what happened with bobrisky? And before u answer, I was referring to the ignorant you (if there ever was one)

            And the age reference was to point out that age 25, a lot of us weren’t as confident with certain issues about ourselves, and I seriously doubt I am speaking for myself.

            • keredim
              September 29, 16:18 Reply

              “For starters, we have established that he is not exactly a bright man.”
              – You underestimate the guy. He may be acting silly and ignorant but he is laughing to the bank.

              He maybe “ignorant” as you say, but the same people who aspire to his skin tone, could hark on to his “careless remarks”. It is the power of celebrity. (Just look at our dear Francis who shares an umbilical cord with Kim Kardashian)

              What would my ignorant self have done? In my next interview I would not have issued an “apology” and tell gay people its just a phase you are going through. I would have been contrite.

              “And the age reference was to point out that age 25, a lot of us weren’t as confident with certain issues about ourselves, and I seriously doubt I am speaking for myself”

              He doesn’t strike me as a “25 year old that lacks confidence”

              Admittedly, I agree 3 posts on this particular guy is a bit of an overkill, but I guess the editor is trying to highlight a “clear and present” danger. But I think the indignation it has generated is well placed. Especially as this is a guy who has at least once in his life, been harassed and ridiculed for his “perceived” sexuality.

              Basically KDians are saying, “you should know better”, others are saying “Girl, you are devious”

              Like I said before he is business savvy, he knows what his doing, Just because he hasn’t come to you with a pseudo-American twang with highfalutin words, does not mean he is not smart.

              • Francis
                September 29, 16:48 Reply

                What has my “fangirling” for the Kardashian-Jenners got to do with this matter? ????

      • Peak
        September 29, 13:16 Reply

        ” what he said was stupid and even harmful to impressionable minds and should thus be condemned”

        @IBK, I would be most grateful where I said his statement is laudable.

        Like most things on KD, it easy to sit behind keypads and dish out condemnation. But after the condemnation, pray tell, what follows?*cricket*

        Would u have acted any differently, if u are thrust overnight into kind of overnight stardom he is experiencing now? Would you have answered that question any better than he did if you havent been subjected to years of extensive consumption of LGBTQ materials from all corners of the earth? Are we so quick to forget the “one upon a time ” us?

        Have u asked urself why celebrities of a certain calibre ask their team to view all questions for interviews before agreeing to do them. Give him guidance and send him on his way so he can sin more. What will ur continual condemnation help achieve by day break tomorrow?

        With the way u are going, I am being led to believe that you have always given appropriate answers to all the questions you have been asked ur entire life.

        • Keredim
          September 29, 13:48 Reply

          “Have u asked urself why celebrities of a certain calibre ask their team to view all questions for interviews before agreeing to do them”

          Na naija we dey o!! This not Brangelina.??

          • Peak
            September 29, 14:36 Reply

            Exactly! Interviewers/journalists can be tricky and so he should ve showed up with his number 6.
            When it became obvious he has none, he got played like a toy was. Like I said, other Nigerian celebrities who have had gay rumors trail them for most of their career wouldn’t make the kind of blunder he made.

        • IBK
          September 29, 14:35 Reply

          Would I have done what he did on TV? HECK NO and I will beat my chest and say it. I have been asked under duress if I am gay and I have lied but never said things a gay homophobe will say to save his back even before I learnt as much as I have.

          And I believe condemning what he has said will at least let others know that it sucks to do what he did. It opens up a discussion just like the articles that have popped up. Hopefully a few people will learn that they can save their assets without adding to other people’s problems with careless words. That is the point of all this.

          And the amount of excuses you’re making talking about ignorance and what i wold have done In his shoes sure as hell sounds like support. There’s a line between being sympathetic and being supportive and you seem to be dangerously close to crossing it if you haven’t crossed it already.

          This uproar is very valid. It might be us sitting behind keyboards and shouting but what we are seeing is taking place is online so what’s wrong with hashing it out online too?

          • Peak
            September 29, 15:01 Reply

            I am not ashamed to admit that ur second paragraph does ring true, but if after questioning someone’s intelligence and going on cite is as the reason for his failure is ur idea of support, then we need to revisit the meaning of that word.

            He fumbled, got reckless and 3 post has been dedicated to his bashing. Perhaps to tell people and keep them from making the same mistake, but what happens to the subject of discuss who has a wider reach and a bigger voice than you and I? We should leave him to run wild, reckless and free? So cos he made a mess, You now think he doesn’t deserve a shot at redemption and making amends for his crimes?

            That is my talking point and not the sympathetic and support agender u willfully assigned to me.

            • Pink Panther
              September 29, 15:15 Reply

              Peak, you missed IBK’s point. He was pointing out that condemning WHAT HE SAID is useful to let people know that he was wrong. Stop making it seem like every outraged person on KD is gunning for him. Yes, some are. But the two people you’re going toe to toe with on this thread are pointing out that he doesn’t get to be ‘understood’ for making such comments. If he’s old enough to be business savvy, he’s old enough to know the gravity of such malignant statements. Granted, he may not have said them with any real malice in mind, but trouble isn’t a consequence only of deliberate wrongdoings.
              Because of this outrage, if he’s wise, he now knows to go glean some understanding on LGBT issues.
              I for one don’t know him well enough to slam his character. I’m just here for what he said.

              • Francis
                September 29, 15:29 Reply

                And Peak’s point is that we have crucified him enough. The koko now is to educate him and move on instead of rehashing the matter over and over again and slinging shots. It’s like when you commit an offense and your folks don’t give you breathing space for days and weeks thereafter.

              • Peak
                September 29, 15:46 Reply

                @ PP, please I want to be sure I am getting you and Keredim right. Are you saying that if someone is old enough to be business savy or run an “empire”, then they automatically become this all wise and knowing entity? Perfect and incapable of making mistakes? You have never made a bad call or poorly thought out statement that was mainly fuelled by ur ignorance and later seen the errors of ur ways with the aid of some guidance?

                All I have said from the get go, that as a HUMANBEING, I UNDERSTAND that he made a bad call. Our biggest criticism of homophobes is their inability to see us as HUMANS and how they thrive on IGNORANCE. At what point in using these factors to navigate through bobrisky fiasco, did I become a supporter (translation = a Homophobe)?

                He still hasn’t provided evidence of me justifying Bob’s actions. He is wrong, but after pointing that out, what follows?

                • Pink Panther
                  September 29, 18:55 Reply

                  Peak, you have asked this ‘what follows’ before and I stared at the question bewildered. There is no follow-up for us, except for those of us who know him to reach out to him and try to educate him. Because we are outraged doesn’t put an onus on us to do something following the outrage. The onus is on HIM to seek knowledge and enlightenment.

  17. Lord Naughtiness
    September 29, 10:41 Reply

    Oh yes… Another post that has people being judge, jury and executioner… U know for a group of people who claim to be the most understanding sect… U guy really know how to judge someone… What was he to say, that he was gay.??.. Someone said something about him having a PR how many Nigerian celebrities have PRs, then this borosky guy should? Everyone knows that its street sense 101 if u tell a lie and u know that people would not believe u, u tell another really stronger lie that leads to the person asking on more questions, have u guys considered that if he had just said “no I am not gay”, the journalist would have gone further to ask, what do u think of gay people, what would he have said then… We always write here and forget we live in Nigeria o… Where u can be stoned for sneezing too hard..most of us here would have still had a problem with him saying just “I am not gay” and funny thing is most of this people complaining opened a catfish email to post on this blog… Most of us are just looking for that brave person to speak for us, what is wrong with ur mouth, the world had become a global village, u want to be brave and be a gay activist in Nigeria, open a Twitter or Instagram account, put ur face on it and name it gay Nigeria, speak about what u really feel and see what happens… Most of us here are even paranoid about sending our pics to people, yet we come here on high horses and judge people.. Bisi that u say talks about gay openly… Is he in Nigeria… Let’s understand that cuz of our unfriendly gay society u can’t be looking for fame and say anything that supports gay or else u would be tagged as gay.. And yes derele has been quoted saying I am not gay….

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 10:45 Reply

      Dude, did you even read this post?
      Do you even understand what caused the outrage directed at Bobrisky?

    • Mandy
      September 29, 10:50 Reply

      Oga, nobody wants anything from Bobrisky but for him to get educated on LGBT issues. Simple. Nobody wants him to be our spokesperson. Nobody is crucifying him for saying he’s not gay.
      Stop mixing up issues here.
      You seem like you’re his friend. Do yourself and him a favour and educate him from your own enlightenment. Dazzal.

    • Peak
      September 29, 10:58 Reply

      Egbon educate urself by taking ur time to read and COMPREHEND the post and it’s associated comments, before coming here to pull a Bobrisky on us.

      Wetin we de talk, where him de carry matter go?

    • Delle
      September 29, 12:33 Reply

      I really do not know what it is you typed here, Naughtiness, cos you obviously didn’t read before venting but on your question about Bisi; sweetheart, he did come out in Nigeria before eventually going overseas. You should have known this (common sense would tell you that’s the reason he is idolized by the LGBT).

  18. Ringlana
    September 29, 14:57 Reply

    phew God bless bisi for that free Tutor

  19. Lanre
    September 29, 17:02 Reply

    2 interesting things about the LGBT community in Nigeria made headlines this week. One, a gay cross dresser was arrested and publicly humiliated by police in Jos. Two, fabulous barbieboy Bobrisky said he/she’s not gay and is in support of homophobic laws.Both are connected. We can tonguelash Bobrisky all we want but he/she’s only expressing in Public what most if not all of us are feeling in our closet. Which is , fear. The same fear that Jos cross dresser experienced when he was caught. The same fear we all feel daily even in the safety of our closets. Bobrisky, unlike the poor Jos boy, doesnt need to fear the police sha. Because, unlike the poor Jos crossdresser, Bobrisky is an elite. And in Nigeria, the truth is you can cross dress and be as fabulously gay as Bobrisky or JosBoy, at the end of the day what determines your fate is who you know, who you are and how much money is in your account.

  20. Nefertiti
    September 30, 00:44 Reply

    I personally think bobrisky isn’t such a smart person… .so I feel we expect too much from him, the gay question obviously threw him off balance and I could see where his faulting the antigay marriage law came from.he wanted to divert the gay question so he just poured out his only “logical ” / “homophobic friendly” point of view to the public.. .and dat was to show the public that he still has a sort of homophobic side as well as show that he isn’t as gay as people believe. .Bobrisky did Wat seemed like the smartest thing to do , yab about something society can agree with u on at least just to take their eyes of the truth .sadly slot of us aren’t so stupid

  21. JIMMY
    September 30, 22:56 Reply

    Damn the tea on this thread *stirs cup with all my energy*

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