Chapter 2: First Adjustment

Boarding house wasn’t as bad as Ahmed and Sanni made it out to be, especially after my encounter with Kelvin. We didn’t eventually hook up again, by the way. I soon got to learn from my aproko friends that he had a pattern of “preying” on fabulous newcomers, hitting it and moving on to the next newbie. I had to flee from him because I didn’t want the identity of being another notch in his belt.

One thing I loved about the boarding house so far was shower time, where I would get to see all my crushes (seniors mostly) in all their naked glory. Sometimes I would purposely dilly-dally before going to take my bath, so that by the time I get to the bathroom, the day would be bright and all my crushes would be present. That way, I’d get to sample their delicious bodies with my eyes.

In class, I noticed some changes too. When I was just a day student, I was only known for my good grades and nothing more. But as a boarder, it was as though I’d suddenly attained the status of a shiny new thing that everyone noticed. I knew my mates were talking behind my back, wondering if I’d already started engaging in the nasty stuff of boarding house, but they wouldn’t approach me to try their luck because of my goody-goody attitude.

However, there was someone who wasn’t to be deterred by primness. His name was Wale. At first, Wale would always tease me over how I looked and behaved too much like a girl. And then his teasing graduated to him occasionally touching me. It even got to a point where, sometimes in class, in front of other classmates, Wale would simply grab my pecs (where my boobs would be if I were a girl) and start pressing them. No one would say anything to this. And anytime he grabbed me like that, I would always wish he’d go further and, maybe, caress my nipples. But because of my demure attitude, I would slap his hands away, whereas deep down, I really wished he would do more.

With time, Wale advanced from not only touching my “boobs” to touching my ass as well. He would grab my ass so hard, that I’d feel his fingers almost getting in between my ass cheeks. These games he appeared to be playing began to get frustrating for me, especially because I was yearning so much for him to take it to the next level.

That happened soon enough.

One afternoon, after school had closed and almost all the day students had either gone home or were out in the field playing football, Wale, himself a day student, stayed back in class, waiting for his parents to come pick him. All the boarders had gone to the dining hall for lunch of beans and plantain. Because I didn’t like beans, I was only too happy to skip the meal. I’d already gone to the hostel to change into my day wear, and I was back in class with my books ahead of the afternoon prep.

I entered the classroom to see Wale playing his game boy. I greeted him and went to drop my bag at my seat, before joining him to watch him play. After sometime, he handed me the game to play, and we kept taking turns. During one of my turns, I stood up from the seat, with my back turned to Wale.

Next thing I felt was a hard smack on my bum-bum, followed by a brief smooch. This turned me on, but I didn’t react. I stood there, not resisting him, transfixed on the game boy, as if there was anything on the game that was making sense to me at that point.

Getting bolder because of my quiet compliance, Wale began running his finger through the lining of my butt crack, and followed it up with another heavy smack. I was playing with the game boy, still not reacting to what he was doing.

Then he stood up and was directly behind me. I could feel the fullness of his erection poking at my ass. Wale began touching my “boobs”, before moving his roaming hands to my already hard dick. Then he moved back to my “boobs”, this time, going directly for my nipples. I couldn’t stay stoic any longer; I dropped the game boy on the desk and turned to face him. As I drew even closer to him, I put my hand into his trousers to play with his erection. I smooched his dick and he smooched mine right back. Things got heated and intense between us as we grasped and caressed each other’s dicks through the fabric of our trousers.

We were about to seal our passion with a kiss when the bell signifying the end of lunchtime and the start of afternoon prep pealed through the air. Wale withdrew from me and began mumbling apologies to me as he struggled to position his hard-on out of sight between his legs. I too managed to put myself back together as I went back to where my bag was. Wale packed his bag and game boy, and was soon out of the classroom without saying goodbye. Not like I was saying anything to him either, because the aftermath of the interrupted bout of desire was a feeling of shame. I felt like I’d done something incredibly wrong. I just sat there at my desk, staring blankly into my book and wondering how I let myself go. Recalling how slutty I’d felt minutes ago wasn’t helping my peace of mind. So many things were going through my mind, bothering me. I was worried that Wale would go on to broadcast to his friends about me and what had happened between us. Because of my state of unrest, I became a zombie throughout that day. I even skipped evening meal because my mind was still very much perplexed.

The next day, as I got into the class, I spotted Wale already at his seat, acting all normal. As I passed his desk to get to mine, we made a brief eye contact, but I withdrew from his gaze and kept walking. During break, I was at my desk, writing my Social Studies note, when I heard someone say, “Hey.”

I looked up and it was him. He took a seat beside me and began, “Look, Bunny, I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. Let’s just forget it happened, and I promise never to touch your boobs or ass again, or call you a girl again.” He spoke in a rush, like he was working against a mental clock to get the words out as fast as possible.

As I listened to him, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Relieved that he wasn’t going to carry tales of me to his friends, or wounded because he wanted to simply act like that moment of passion between us hadn’t happened.

“Okay,” I simply replied.

We sat there for a few minutes, saying nothing, and then, just as I was working up the courage to say something more, Wale saw his friends beckoning to him from outside and shot up from his seat to go join them.

As he left, without saying anything to me, I felt an upheaval of emotions within me. I lost interest in the note I was copying. I stood up and went outside to get some fresh air to clear my mind. I had nobody I could talk to about this. It felt very disappointing that Wale and I had gone from a flirtationship to this awkwardness where we were now just going to start acting like he hadn’t lusted after me and I him.

Ultimately, that was the way it was to be. Wale stopped teasing me, but things eventually stopped being awkward between us. We merely maintained a cordial distance from each other. And I moved on. Refocused on the seniors I had a crush on. And Philip was at the top of that list.

Philip was in SS1. And as I earlier told you, SS1s were the rulers of our campus. Philip was a prefect in the same house as I was. I started noticing him when he would step into the dining hall to pray over our meals. He was light-skinned, very muscly, with strong features and a dimpled smile. He had the kind of striking complexion that made me think at one time that he was biracial, until I learned that he was fully Nigerian, from Calabar.

I only admired Philip from afar, hoping for an opportunity to get close to him. One Saturday, after a routine inspection carried out by the house masters, we got to know that our house took the last position because our toilets weren’t properly cleaned. Angry seniors and prefects matched us juniors out into the hostel courtyard, and before we knew what was going on, they were lashing out at us with their belts. It didn’t matter that no fault had been found in other areas of the hostel and that only those who cleaned the toilets should be held accountable; they simply whipped at all of us. From the whipping, they asked us to kneel and spread our hands out sideways.

Knowing I didn’t deserve this maltreatment because of how well I’d done my chores moved me to tears. I couldn’t control the outflowing of tears as I struggled with my punishment.

“Ah-ah, why are you crying?” a voice said gently beside me.

I looked up to see Philip standing in front of me, wearing only shorts which did nothing to conceal the length of his manhood dangling right in my distressed face. For a brief moment, I forgot why I was even crying and just stared at his dick print.

Philip took my hand and lifted me up from my kneeling position. I couldn’t believe my crush was actually holding my hand and had picked me up from the ground. He asked me again why I was crying, and I explained that I’d actually done my chores well that morning and that I didn’t deserve to be punished for what hadn’t been my responsibility. He interceded on my behalf, and asked that I be released. The other seniors grudgingly acquiesced. And I couldn’t believe it. That my crush was now my knight in shining armour.

Philip took me into his dorm to his bunk space. He sat me down and positioned himself beside me.

“It’s okay,” he said gently to me, when he saw tears still lingering in my eyes. “You can stop crying now. You are free. See how your face is already turning red. Oya wipe your eyes.”

After I was calm, he smiled at me and the sight of that dimpled flash of brilliance made breathing suddenly hard for me. I managed to smile back and muttered, “Thank you.”

He told me to get dressed and head to the dining hall for breakfast. That brief moment with Philip made me forget all about the ordeal I’d just been through. As I left his presence that day, I was already dreaming about him. About being with him. I yearned for an opportunity to have him to myself.

Unfortunately, that opportunity never presented itself as I soon got to learn that Philip was one of the few boys in school who really wasn’t interested in male pussy. He was decidedly into girls. I realised that he’d probably done what he did for me that day because he was nice like that, and not because he was into me.

Oh well. I fabulously enjoyed the rest of the school year, and soon enough, the long vacation came calling. And beyond that, a step up into a new class. JSS3, here I come!!!

Written by Pleasure Bunny

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  1. Mitch
    April 09, 07:11 Reply

    School trysts….

    I’m just grateful to whatever deities there are that my parents never got it in their heads to send me to a boarding school.
    I’d have been pregnant inside of a month

    • trystham
      April 09, 08:46 Reply

      ??? all that testosterone and magic sperm flying all around abi? I stan

  2. Rusty
    April 09, 08:44 Reply

    Those of us who went to boarding school can actually relate to this story

  3. trystham
    April 09, 08:48 Reply

    There’s only one question bothering me. Are u now fully active in the BDSM department? I would have reacted sonhow to all those heavy smacks. Violently sef

  4. Keeva
    April 09, 08:51 Reply

    Yes,i can totally relate!!!
    I remember the days in the shower sampling the massive schlongs of some senior students & wondering how much bigger they’ll be when erect!!!
    Well,I guess I know better

  5. Delle
    April 09, 09:15 Reply

    So those of us that didn’t go to any boarding school, what do we now do?

    My secondary school experience, asides the one time a boy held me pressed against the wall and I ran my index finger over his nose bridge (I was watching too much Beyonce and Shakira then), was quite the bore (sexually).

    Reading this, I’m just pissed I didn’t push my dad to send me to King’s College when the opportunity presented itself ?

  6. King B
    April 09, 12:13 Reply

    Good old days in KC. This brought back a whole lot of memories. Beans and plantain for lunch at the dining, getting mercilessly flogged as junior boys when your house comes last after inspection, seniors bailing their crushes and boyfriend during punishment , intentionally going to have your bath at the time you’re sure senior boys are in the bathroom ( and dare I say KC boys have the biggest and thickest cock in the whole universe?) Just so many memories to start mentioning. I remember when as an SS3 boy, Oworu Olumide ( the fair guy that was featured in The Johnsons and Sugha) dear asked me to empty the bin when there were junior boys he could ask to do that. Story for another day.

      • King B
        April 10, 07:31 Reply

        You’re on your own brotherly.
        One of these days I’ll create time to write to this blog my first experience which happened at 17 and a week to my exit from KC. By the way, if by any chance Onyeka you’re reading this, I just wanna let you know I’m still stuck on that dick of yours. The length, width, colour, scent everything is just so perfect about your cock and I’m grateful its such beautiful cock that welcomed me into my first sexual experience as a gay man.

  7. Son of the soil
    April 09, 15:08 Reply

    Phillip might still be into boys you never can tell. My house captain then was so handsome that all the females can do anything to have him. I disliked him then because he punishes us that’s in SS1 then very well. Then one evening everything changed. I was alone in the hostel while others were in the hall watching football match. I was putting on only briefs. He walked towards me and asked me why didn’t I go to the hall with other students. I lied to him am having headache. He sat down on the bed I was lying and starting flattering me. Next thing he asked me to enter his cubicle. He sucked me and also rimmed me. He asked me to fuck him but I refused. Ever since that day I carry my shoulders up in the hostel. He dares not punish me even if I commit any offense

  8. ethereal
    April 11, 10:53 Reply

    Well I for one, I can’t really say that I do not have fond, nostalgic reminiscences of my boarding school days back then @ FGC NISE… looking down memory lane, I feel all so mushy now. Boarding house was great fun for some who were privileged to be in one. But that one nah tori for another day o, “chronicles of my boarding school days escapades”??????

  9. Lyanna
    May 19, 14:47 Reply

    One of my few favorites on here. Part 3 is needed

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