I Want You To Have All Of Me

I Want You To Have All Of Me

Look me in the eye

And set my passion ablaze

Grab me into you

And let our hearts beat as one

I want you to have all of me.


Tear all my buttons out

And rip open my floral shirt

While you paint my lips pink

With the moist of your citrus mouth

I want you to have all of me.


Spare not my thick nipples

Erect like the Eiffel of beautiful Paris

Sandwich them between your lips

As you stroke my hair wildly

I want you to have all of me.


Undo my pants passionately please

I don’t have any need for it now

You can throw it in the trash can

Just for you to see my naked body

I want you to want all of me.


Oh yeah, do that again and again

Such amazing head is hard to come by

Don’t leave the balls out of it

Gives me enough pleasure than I can take

I want you to have all of me.


Nobody eats cakes better than you do

Your tongue speaks life to my body

Even places that have been dormant

Are fluttering into sensual spasms

I want you to have all of me.


Can you see the way I shut my eyes

How I squeeze my toes together

Your lovemaking has sent me to eternity

And I am counting the years back mentally

I want you to have all of me.


Put that shaft in my mouth gently

Hmm, it tastes like sautéed chicken

Can I make it my personal toy?

Like my favourite candy bar?

I want you to have all of me.


Oh yes please, yes please, that’s it!

Dig deeper and deeper, up, up.

Oh baby, you can make daddy happy.

No, don’t stop, don’t stop please

I want you to have all of me.


However you want it tonight

I’m ready, just whisper in my ears

On all fours, face down, ass up

Spooning, missionary, 69…

I want you to have all of me.


No, no, you can’t go limp

I want two more rounds

You can do that, can’t you?

You gonna make daddy happy.

I want you to have all of me.


Let me be your bitch

I’ll give you all my submission

All I want is your domination

Be my master, I’ll be your slave.

I want you to have all of me.

Written by Masked Man

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        • Masked Man
          August 05, 09:06 Reply

          Max, I’d want Jesus to send angel Michael to carry out that deliverance.

          By God, I’ll seduce him.
          Those wings,
          Those six packs,
          And angelic butt. Hmm

          • Max
            August 05, 22:34 Reply

            *sprinkles hoely water on you**

  1. kacee
    August 05, 07:04 Reply

    LMAO, this poem literally scattered my brain this morning, *in high pitch* o shit…

  2. Tobby
    August 05, 08:04 Reply

    Ok, this made me cringe in a ‘good-bad’. What the…..?.lol

  3. Griffin
    August 05, 08:33 Reply

    Damn, I don’t do poetry, but these had em images pounded into ma head. Masked Man u wanna remake this magic, give me a holla.

    • Max
      August 05, 08:58 Reply

      I never noticed your presence @Mercury
      Been wondering where you’ve been.

      • Griffin
        August 05, 09:45 Reply

        Hello Max, howz your fabulous self.

    • Masked Man
      August 05, 11:59 Reply

      Noted, Griffin.
      Hope you’ll last longer than Katy Griffin did on FP.

  4. Dickny
    August 05, 09:31 Reply

    Nice one…………..All you just need is all of me and you gonna reach the eternity.

  5. Peak
    August 05, 10:16 Reply


    I will get back to you when I’m done gathering my thoughts

  6. Khaleesi
    August 05, 10:45 Reply

    hmm … this is the Power Bottom’s mantra!

  7. Nightwing
    August 05, 11:28 Reply

    Sensual, we’re you having sex at the time when you wrote this? *iono*

  8. Masked Man
    August 05, 11:57 Reply

    Pls bring peak milk when you are coming back.

  9. Andrevn
    August 05, 14:27 Reply

    The person wey write this porn-em spoil ghan! *Excuse my pidgin pls*. Let me go back up and finish reading it oo *blushing beet red* Chai!

  10. Andrevn
    August 05, 14:39 Reply

    MM so it you?! Ok.
    And finally Ladies and Gents, we’ve gotten our own Queen of porn-em…..I give to you Masked Man *sorry PP, this was just too good* Imagine saute-ed chicken? Ok oo.

  11. Handy
    September 05, 10:15 Reply

    And, by the way, the next time I send an audience research report around, you’d all better read it or I’ll sack the fucking lot of you, is that clear?

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