I Was Warned To Leave Straight Boys Alone

I Was Warned To Leave Straight Boys Alone

I am in big trouble.

Since I became aware of my sexuality, I have had my fair share of gay hook-ups, but my sheer love and attraction for straight guys is out of this world, to the extent that I was almost kitoed once. (Thank God I escaped that).

Maybe I am warped, but I prefer the raunchiness associated with straight guys; I perceive gay guys to be too emotional and clingy and soft. I love rough masculine guys, not necessarily thuggish or beefy; add that to the unavailability straight men represent and the way they seem fuck girls and move on to the next, and it becomes such a turn-on for me.

Apart from my near-kito experience, I have succeeded in gbenshing no less than 7 straight guys between 2013 and 2019 (I am 27), and once the guy starts getting clingy or emotional or gayish, I move on to the next.

Kelechi is the latest straight hookup. He is also my biggest trouble; he is in fact after my life.

In 2018, I got a job around Airport Road in Warri, and transiting from Agbarho was proving to be extremely stressful, what with the hold-up at the army checkpoint close to Okoriphere. So, I began looking for a house around my workplace. Somehow, I was linked to Kelechi, who needed a flatmate to occupy one of the two rooms in the flat he was renting. The rent was quite exorbitant (my share was 170k), but my physical attraction to this guy made me overlook it. I was ready to lay my next straight guy.

Kelechi was a nice person to be around; though he had a very volatile temper, he was not homophobic. I moved in and after a couple of months together, I let go off my bitch and did not hold back my gayness from him. One day, when I was washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen and was shaking my booty vigorously to some music, Kelechi walked in and asked jocularly if I was a gay. I told him yes matter-of-factly. He did not look fazed, but he avoided me for some days. However, he got back to relating with me soon after.

Kelechi’s girlfriend, Tekevwe (TK for short), usually came around during the weekends, and I would put my ear to his bedroom door while they made love. His grunting always turned me on. The way she moaned his name made me picture him naked and sweaty.

He seemed very into his girlfriend and would often gush about her. She was good in bed. She was generous. She was beautiful. She could cook. She had an awesome personality.

I didn’t care.

All I cared for was to have my share of him; then, he could carry on with his girlfriend however long he wanted.

On the eve of 2019, we decided not to go for any crossover church service, because we both believed that the “New Year, New Resolution” thingie was silly. We stayed home and watched some Hallmark movies. We were lounging in the same couch, and when a very funny scene came up, he turned to me in laughter. And I kissed him.

I just reached my head forward and planted my lips against his.

I wasn’t exactly expecting a Hollywood or Disney ending to the kiss, but I certainly didn’t expect what came next.

The slap was a resounding one. I could hear the angels (or demons?) sing as it connected with my cheek. Then the punching started. Kelechi is a bodybuilder. His fists on my body caused my bones to rattle in their sockets and joints.

However, his attack on me turned me on even more.

Eventually, I was able to escape to my room with a bloody nose.

The next day, he called me and apologized for hurting me, but also threatened to kill me if I ever pulled such a “faggot and stupid stunt” on him again. The way he said those words got me rock-hard. I said it wouldn’t happen again and we went back to being cool.

Many of my gay friends had been warning me to stay away from straight guys, that they would kito me, that they would out me. Some other friends would be in awe of my ability to “turn” straight guys. I simply couldn’t help myself. I don’t think my case is so peculiar: there are guys into older men/women, some who only fuck transgender people. So, I don’t see anything so bad in loving what I loved.

On Valentine’s Day, TK couldn’t make it to the house because her sister’s suitors were around for the introduction. Kelechi was distraught. He kept on lamenting about how he would miss a good fuck for the night. I innocently offered to help him out. He shot me an irritated look and bit his lower lip with full force as if he was thinking about – and holding himself back from – pouncing on me with his fists. I told him I was joking.

“You better be,” he growled.

That evening, we got drunk. Well, I was more in control of myself than he was. This was my chance. I reasoned that since he was so inebriated, he wouldn’t know if we did anything and he definitely wouldn’t have the stamina to beat me up.

I put on his girlfriend’s wig, applied light makeup and made out with him.

The next day, he beat me up.

I am not weak or lily-livered. I can actually take on Kelechi. I just enjoyed the man-handling.

Later on, he apologized for beating me.

His girlfriend gave him more excuses why she couldn’t come over for the next three weeks. He was very unhappy about this and kept on complaining about the lack of sex. I was going to offer myself, but I knew the result, so I kept mum.

We were playing Dream League on TV one day, when he turned to me with a frustrated look on his face.

“Wetin?” I said.

He mumbled something which I heard but wanted to clarify. So, I repeated my question. He lifted a finger and requested, rather cockily, for a blowjob. I made him promise that he wouldn’t break my jaw after it and he agreed.

It did not end with the blowjob. With the horny excuse of “I fuck my girlfriend in the ass too, yours should not feel different, nyash na nyash”, he went for my ass and we ended up having sex. Good thing I always cleaned up. (I now knew what TK was enjoying).

I enjoyed the sex and from his expression during and after the sex, I could tell he enjoyed it too.

We fucked every night till TK came around again. And he always reminded me, “I love my girlfriend. This is only temporary.”

Like I cared.

I wasn’t looking for him to love me. The fucking was enough for me. I have a habit of getting turned off whenever any guy starts loving me and wanting more than sex from me.

To cut the long story short, even after TK returned, Kelechi still wanted sex with me. He was now fucking both his girlfriend and me. That did not bother me at first, but when he started becoming clingy and emotional with me, I began giving him space. TK began complaining that her boyfriend wasn’t the guy she used to know, wanting to know if there was another woman. Their sex life deteriorated drastically and their love waned. I was supposed to feel guilty, but I didn’t. As far as I was concerned, Kelechi made the decision to get with me. I did not make him do anything – well, except that one time when we were drunk.

I began to move on with other guys, but Kelechi wouldn’t hear of it. He kept on saying I exposed him to evil and I now wanted to leave him like that. I confronted him with the reminder that he was the one who asked for it.

During that confrontation, he fell on me with his fists. This time, I fought back. There was nothing more I wanted from him. At some point during the fight, he ran to the kitchen to grab a knife, coming at me and shouting that I’d ruined his life. I fled from the house.

Up till now, I haven’t been back to the house. I’ve been hiding out with some of my gay friends, some of who have even gone to plead with him, even if it’s just to allow me back home to pack my belongings. I mean, I have my documents in the house that I really need. But he stayed adamant that until I am dead, he wouldn’t rest.

As I am here, I am confused. This is a big mess that I don’t know how to get out of. I’m also confused about his Kelechi’s behaviour; is a straight guy supposed to be this pained by the rejection of a gay lover? Is he even straight at all? Has he always been straight? Or did having sex with me realize something about him that he didn’t know existed?

How do I resolve this?

Written by Kenny

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  1. Drum
    January 28, 08:56 Reply

    It is good for you. A lot can be written about the fact that you dont want gay men, that you immediately abandon someone once they open up to you. Alot can be written about the fact that you are a sexual predator who has been assaulting people up and down. You help spread the view that gay men care only for sex, and that they will go after straight men to get it.

    I hope he beats you black and blue. I really dont feel sorry for you.

    • Fave
      January 28, 10:38 Reply


      Respect other people’s Sexuality!


    • Olutayo
      January 28, 10:52 Reply

      Brothers are not smiling on this space today sha. ?????
      Is no one even going to offer him one whit of advice?

  2. Mandy
    January 28, 09:08 Reply

    “I don’t think my case is so peculiar: there are guys into older men/women, some who only fuck transgender people. So, I don’t see anything so bad in loving what I loved.”

    THIS is the biggest reach I have ever seen. Likening perfectly healthy sexual preferences to your obsession with straight guys, comparing someone being into older people (who by the way are consenting WILLING participants in the sexual acts) to your thing for straight boys (who, by your own account, are not exactly WILLING participants in your games) is really disturbing and speaks to your unhealthy state of mind. And the fact that you classified these sexual preferences as some sort of “other” when in comparison with your thing for straight boys is really quite sick. Because, to like older men and transgender people is not “normal” just as liking straight men is not “normal”. SMH.

    And then, you sounding like you have no control over this. Like you’re just a helpless pawn in your desires for straight men. I call bullshit. I just hate it when we gay men peddle these sentiments as excuses for our bad behaviour.

    LEAVE STRAIGHT MEN ALONE!!!! You escaped kito once. You have escaped getting killed. All because you apparently can’t get over your obsession with straight boys. Carry on o, oga. Don’t borrow sense from your gay friends. Be there forming “I love rough masculine straight boys” and “I hate clinging, soft gay men”.

    Until the day someone will forcefully reset your apparent default settings, maybe then you will learn.

  3. Sadiq
    January 28, 09:17 Reply

    I don’t think he’d harm you. Guy is just frustrated with your rejections after successfully luring him. But you get mind o, to do such with a roommate

  4. Colossus
    January 28, 09:26 Reply

    What the fuck did i just read? The entire reach of this post.
    You sit there saying you didn’t make him do anything. I mean you paid huge sum of money to live in the same flat even when you knew it was way over your budget.
    Please wallow in the mess you brought on your self, i don’t care for another man’s bullshit in this new year.

    I mean, the entire fuckery of it all.

  5. Olamide
    January 28, 09:30 Reply

    Lmao! Leave straight people, u were admant. U got a dose of ur own medicine. Happy resolvement.

  6. trystham
    January 28, 09:45 Reply

    I dunno why I was turned on by the very blatant pummeling of a compulsively stupid somebody who wouldn’t leave well enough alone.
    Imagine if they eventually decided to be in a relationship

  7. Siphlord
    January 28, 10:06 Reply

    Honestly, I have to say, I’m really disappointed after reading this. We keep saying people are after us, people hate us, why won’t they when we give the depiction that we are nothing more than sexual predators. Like seriously there are a million thuggish, rough looking gay guys out there who may even be in NSA but no, they are too soft and clingy so you had to go for straight guys, not just any but your housemate who you knew well had a girlfriend who he loved. After you had successfully meddled and caused a friction in their relationship you try to abandon him and you feel he won’t be pissed, my dear you’re not serious. You won’t get any sympathy here all I can advise is plead and beg and try to come to an understanding but for future reference stay the fuck away from straight guy cause one day, you life may be taken.

    • Ifechukwu
      January 28, 13:26 Reply

      All of you sha being needlessly judgemental and stupid. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a thing for straight men. His comparison with other things are perfectly logical and justified.
      The only condemnation is in his direct physical intrusion and disregard for the guy’s bodily autonomy in to the person’s space by kissing him, and by taking advantage of him when he was drunk. Which I must say is very very disgusting and cringe.

      Now, his rationalisations might be wrong and stupid with the whole gay man soft, straight man rough mindset, but his desires are valid and justified and perfectly OKAY
      Anyhoo, it turns out that the straight guy DID finally ask for sex of HIS OWN UNFORCED VOLITION. He’s the one withdrawing from his girlfriend, he’s still the one chasing the Geigh for sex.

      They’re both stupid and are fit for each other.
      Uncle Geigh opened a Pandora’s box of geighness and now he’s running away. Uncle Geigh should gaan deal with the demons he unleashed.

      But then, Uncle “straight” is being an entitled prick and should sit down.

      • Out here with your fuckery
        January 30, 02:34 Reply

        Wth are you saying ?Chasing after people whose sexuality is way off than yours that’s simply being a predator .This guy doesnt only have thing for straight guys but pursues them persistently and leaves them with no ounce of remorse..He deserves whatever he is getting and worse .Its time we all stopped chasing our straight friends if they say they’re straight fucking leave them alone ..Cos chasing them and forcing yourself is fucking PREDATORY and utterly DISGUSTING!

        • Ifechukwu
          February 07, 07:50 Reply

          Maybe next time you should read to understand and not scream needlessly in my ears.

  8. Ebonysexy22
    January 28, 10:25 Reply

    I wish Kelechi destroys your documents. I hope he kills finally. You are the reason gay men are tagged diabolical, predators of sex, bad Omen, a sin to mankind, rapist, assaulter etc.
    I wish you die along side with all your kinds who love to destroy heterosexual relationships.
    Your kinds who do not respect gay relationship.
    Your kinds who are heartless and are still demanding affection.
    It shall not be well with you.

    • Olutayo
      January 28, 10:50 Reply

      Chineke God. ????
      Suffry suffry na.

    • Audrey
      January 28, 23:05 Reply

      Oga calm down jare dude is not the cause of your problems and frustration.

      He likes what he likes deal with it….

      • Olutayo
        January 29, 05:34 Reply

        You mean, the way the dude who likes what he likes is dealing with it? Look how well that’s working out for him. Please let’s stop excusing bad habits.

  9. Terra
    January 28, 10:35 Reply

    Let’s assume for a second that this isn’t fiction (hard to do, but let’s try). Dude, you have some serious emotional and psychological issues that need to be treated. By a professional. You need therapy from an honest to God psychiatrist. Seek help now.

    That said, you laid your bed, you’ll find little to no sympathy here. You knew he was violent before you put your head there. Flee for your life if you can. Whether he is straight or bi or gay, that’s really none of your concern at this point.

  10. Prince Micky
    January 28, 10:46 Reply

    U are a bicth why do u need to reject him after the initiative. U must stick to him till he cares for someone else.

  11. Logan
    January 28, 10:46 Reply

    He did not beat you well the first time.

  12. Lopez
    January 28, 11:23 Reply

    You’re a horrible person, I can’t even read to the end.

  13. Victor
    January 28, 12:00 Reply

    Awwww I’m so sorry love.
    But anyways, what song would you like us to sing at your funeral?
    On God , I pray kelechi gets the help to end your miserable life! Tori oloriburuku ni e !!!!
    Once again sweetheart, I’m so sorry in advance, for the tragic loss of your life .

    • Rocksy
      January 30, 23:42 Reply

      lmao..Victor you are mean and hilarious! I will be using this lines for a monologue.

  14. Nommy
    January 28, 12:15 Reply

    You need a therapist, and I say that with the most sinçerity of heart.

  15. Gaia
    January 28, 12:30 Reply

    Pseeeeeeew. You better look for a way to sneak into that house when he’s not around and get your stuffs and run for your life. Nonsense. Maybe the next straight guy will not even give you the chance to run.

  16. Tea
    January 28, 12:48 Reply

    “I began giving him space. TK began complaining that her boyfriend wasn’t the guy she used to know, wanting to know if there was another woman. Their sex life deteriorated drastically and their love waned. I was supposed to feel guilty, but I didn’t.”
    I’m sure that you don’t know what you have done, don’t worry, karma is just by the way

  17. Demi
    January 28, 13:17 Reply

    My God, the story was hard to read and so are the comments..
    I hope there is redemption for you Kenny but I’m sad you never saw and admitted to your wrong doings as you were neither remorseful nor willing to change. Coming from a family member to the other, I hope u get out of this ur ridiculous mess..

  18. Tk
    January 28, 13:29 Reply

    Guy it simple. Go back to kelechi apologize and stay with him. Hr will get over it as soon as he gets a new girlfriend.
    I will end with this. You’re simply wicked and lack respect for people. If you respect humans you will just know that no matter what you treat people with respect and be a little conservative.

  19. Prince
    January 28, 14:09 Reply

    What others are looking for, you threw into the gutters, how would you feel when you are being taught to steal and you guys went for robbery, and you were left in the middle of a crime scene, when your partner in crime has every option to save you, but decided to leave you at the mercy of the Policemen or the crowd? Just think of it in that manner.

    January 28, 14:12 Reply

    You wanted the whole cake badly but ended up having a slice and two. Kindly go back and nurture the seed you’ve planted. A grown adult should not be Out there playing with people’s emotion…… Find another hubby aside seducing and enticing none gay guys.

  21. Higwe
    January 28, 14:12 Reply

    The vitriol in the comment section though .??

    You’d think the writer was molesting little kids or people with down syndrome.

    These are full grown men with enough will and stealth to make conspicuous decisions for themselves .

    Yes, the writer is damn sure a piece of work , but some people have resorted to even cursing him …nah fam , you all need to chill .??‍♂️

    He did molest the guy twice and got pummeled for his troubles.
    The third time the guy came to him willingly – where is the angst coming from please ?

    His sexual taste might be downright deleterious but as far as I read , he didn’t commit any crime and doesn’t deserve this brobdingnagian weighted condemnations.

    – About converting Straight Men –

    I’ve always been of the opinion that straight men can’t really be converted, till I caught one piece recently on the internet.

    The writer delved into the complexity of sexuality .
    He did make a point that stuck .
    He questioned why is it that it seems we have more gay people now than the time of our ancestors .
    Is there something in the water ?
    Or is the good Lord making more gays ?
    The simple answer is that these men were merely content to live the only way most of them knew how.
    There weren’t many options of exploring back then , so they naturally accepted they were straight and lived their whole life believing it.

    This somehow makes my convictions hoary .
    Because even though I still believe that straight men can’t really be converted , I’d like to think that some people have dominant and repressed sexualities.

    If the buttons of the repressed sexualities aren’t pushed , they’ll live out their lives believing they are only the dominant one .

    This is by no means a clamour to start accosting straight men but it does shade some light on the whole ” converting straight men” thing.

    As someone who has had torrent of sex with both men and women , I can tell you with absolute certainty that I’m hundred percent GAY ASF.
    ….I guess some people need a little nudge to know where they truly stand , but it’s not up to us to choose to decide for them , as is the case of our unfortunate writer.

    – parting words –

    Mr writer , you made your choice and as with every choice we make in life , there are consequences .
    You have to deal with yours .
    I have two suggestions for you …

    1 : wait it out….your erstwhile fuckmate has proven more than anything that he’s a fickle person .One minute he’s Mohammed aliing you for daring to kiss him , the next you’re riding him harder than a train to Missouri ….I wouldn’t count on such a person to hold a grudge for too long .
    He might seem unstable but he lacks enough tact and cohesion to be truly dangerous.

    2 …give him an ass bait …call him up , tell him you’re sorry and you’re wrong and you’re looking to start over.
    If he falls for it and let’s you back in , pack all your things and move out.
    That rent money might seem too big to forgo but the last time I heard , there is no accounting room six feet below in Hades’ quarters.

    I can’t tell you to stop going after ” straight ” men .
    * It seems the fangs of perdition have been buried way too deep in your tentacles *
    But I’ll do tell you this …this will only end two ways :
    An abrupt halt .
    Or a severe hurt.

    Either way , we will be here to pick up the pieces and the lessons .???

    • trystham
      January 28, 16:47 Reply

      Kukuma ask Pinky for slot na. See as comment pass the feature story

      • Tman
        January 28, 17:52 Reply

        Lmao. I yus taya.

        Immediately I saw Higwe’s name, I knew it’d be one hell of a read. Higwelistic Igwe!?

      • Higwe
        January 28, 20:59 Reply

        TBH I didn’t know it was that long .
        Don’t worry I’ll summarize next time .??

    • Audrey
      January 28, 23:15 Reply

      My brother some of us are just wired that way.

      I for one can’t take my hands off a straight nigga but the moment I get sexual with you and you begin to get clingy I get turned off immediately. Trust me to have tried to work on it but it’s not been working so I’ve resolved to not letting anyone into my space(Gay or Straight) cos I know what the end holds.

      The only gay person I genuinely loved ended up messing up my emotions and funny thing is that dude was very confused about his sexuality so I think I understand Kenny.

      Dearie,you’ll be fine just look for a way to calm him down.

      • Higwe
        January 29, 07:08 Reply

        Yes brother .Different strokes for different folks .
        Everyone has their kinks and fetishes .??‍♂️

      • Cedar
        February 01, 13:07 Reply

        ‘The only gay person I genuinely loved ended up messing up my emotions and funny thing is that dude was very confused about his sexuality so I think I understand Kenny.’

        This here is just my entire love life in a paragraph.

    • Sexsnooze
      March 12, 03:22 Reply

      Kelechi may seem simply unstable, yes… but unstable enough to commit an atrocious murder before he realizes what he’s done. I’d urge the writer to keep off at all cost!

      With a fickle mind comes mindless soul.

  22. Miles
    January 28, 15:14 Reply

    If you could handle all those initial beatings you definitely can handle death. Tf. You think they’re call straight because they’re veterbrate?No dummy, they’re straight because they like the opposite sex.
    You created a mess, kindly fix it. No I feel a little sympathy for you, not because of the fact you’re about to die but because you’re attracted to something that’ll be the end of you. Love and lights Kenny. I guess RIP are in order.

    • Gif
      January 29, 15:03 Reply

      But was he really straight in the 1st place!
      I mean I’d understand an alcohol induced gay sex from a straight man, but him running back to the bussy even when his gfs pussy is on offer. That dude was a suppressed gay man, or atleast bi-
      Anyways whats done is done, personally i don’t think he’d hurt you, he’s just sexually starved of the bussy.
      So my advice.
      Send him a text apologising for “turning him” and ask him if you could talk on fone.
      Tell him how much you miss his dick and all, tell him you’d love to get a drink outside. (This is just to look into his eyes to see if he’s got sinister plans for you when you get home)
      Give him the bussy, introduce your hoely friends to him.
      Then hopefully he’d uncling to your bussy and start hunting for different flavour bussies! (:-

  23. Tony
    January 28, 16:55 Reply

    I believe he’d calm down at some point and then you could retrieve your belongings but please see a therapist because you’re not okay,this isn’t a put down btw because most of us carry unresolved trauma that manifest in different ways…..with that said see a therapist.

  24. Black Dynasty
    January 28, 17:11 Reply

    Folks like you were the ones i referred to @ a comment in a previous post. I was just irritated reading this.

    If you were my friend, i would tongue lash you and shut the door on your face… no regrets too.

    You scream outrageous levels of internal homophobia and lot of self hate. Comparing what you do to folks that prefer trans folks highlights exactly these.

    I hope karma keeps being this quick to answer you until you decide to go get help for your problems.

    Zero sympathy from my end.

  25. Uzor
    January 28, 17:42 Reply

    The lack of remorse is frightening tbh. I’m not even going to waste my time trying to churn out any advice because when you’re out of this one, you’re probably getting into another one. Goodbye and keep being the bad boy that you are

  26. Mitch
    January 28, 17:52 Reply

    You have a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!!

    Jesus fucking Christ!
    What the fuck did I just read?

    Haba haba!

    The sheer fuckery of your reaching to use people who have a specific type to validating the insidious nature of your predatory and, quite frankly, very belittling obsession with heterosexual men is beyond me. How in fuck’s name does any of that even sit well with you?

    As it stands right now, your craze has jammed better craze. Now, you’re running for your life and hiding IN THE HOMES OF THE SAME GAY PEOPLE YOU DON’T WANT TO FUCK! Can you see how much of a radarada nonsense you’re making of yourself?

    Wó, best of luck.
    I’ve got neither advice nor consolation for you. I hope you get out of this unscathed shaa. And that you finally fucking learn to let heterosexual men be!

  27. Tman
    January 28, 18:18 Reply

    This whole piece reeks of utter disheartenment and sheer disregard. He pummeled you several times and that wasn’t dissuading enough, you still had to go the extreme mile satisfy your selfish lust and blame it on him “making the move”.

    And then you had the brashness to pen the story here to ask for what exactly? Advice? Sympathy? Or ridicule? Are you usually this dumb or you’re trying hard?

    You should have taken your relationship problem to Joro naa, since you only have an allure for straight men, and this is a heterosexual sexcapade gone sour. Bomboclat!

  28. Ghetto
    January 28, 20:20 Reply

    Too much Grammer here already make I enter pidgin..
    Sebi the first time wey e beat you, the beatings turned you on Abi? Eern so why are you running away now? The knife for turn you on too naa.. straight guys dey manhandle, naim you dey see so??. You no kuku get problem sef.
    Person wey put hand for fire no suppose cry when e hand burn.??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  29. Leks
    January 28, 21:11 Reply

    How did I waste my precious time to read this piece??

    I do hope kelechi ends your existence… Damn!!

  30. Delle
    January 28, 21:53 Reply

    I can’t even say mean things to you because I think you’ve gotten enough to last you three years and some, but of all the astonishing things you penned, it was your love of getting pummelled that baffled me the most.

    Nna eh, people dey shaa

    • Gif
      January 29, 15:06 Reply

      He’s probably a Masochist.

  31. Dsixtools@gmail.com
    January 28, 23:20 Reply

    I want to Comment but I’m not grammatically equipped to do so but…..

    You think human feelings is what you just analyze and set a routine for at your own pace?? “You move on immediately they starts getting clingy”
    Well good luck moving on to transition this time
    Kelechi stab him roughly and in a very muscular and brutal way. I’m sure he will be turned on??

    • Higwe
      January 29, 07:06 Reply

      Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha ??????????

      Lol …I can’t deal ! ???

    • Rocksy
      January 30, 23:57 Reply

      lmao…na wa o! guys are not smiling o.

  32. IBK
    January 28, 23:58 Reply

    Anytime people go “I like him but I’m not sure of his sexuality” I urge them to go and watch the series “cucumber” so they will know why it’s good to be with someone who they are sure of their sexuality and that they are comfortable with it. Una weh done ó! I carry nyansh **adjusts wrapper and stilletos before gliding out**

  33. Saddick
    January 29, 10:10 Reply

    Nothing Pinky no go see for Kito Diaries

  34. Mik
    January 29, 20:55 Reply

    Honestly Kenny you deserved what came to you, how on earth will you do such a thing. I pray he beats you more sef. Mtcheew

  35. Fred
    January 29, 20:58 Reply

    I’ve never been happier to show up very late for any show ????

    More venomous comments, plizzzz

  36. Bennet
    January 30, 00:17 Reply

    7 lines in and I was like, “What in fuck’s name am I reading?”

    Baptizing my eyes with salt, acid and liquid peroxide and moving to the next article because wtf?

  37. Mark
    January 30, 08:46 Reply

    You orchestrated all this. So why run now? You can’t play with people’s feelings/emotions and expect to get out of it unharmed. Chewing and spitting people out like chewing gums. Humans are emotional beings. Some will come back for revenge. And you certainly won’t like what you will get.

  38. Jay Armstrong
    January 30, 12:33 Reply

    Chai… Y’all KD readers ain’t gat not chill!!! >_<

    I see how nicely I can fit into your shoes. I only know that such proclivities can only lead to big trouble, so I dey my dey. But you can't, can you?

    If not else, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets turned on by getting beaten by macho straight men. It turns me only, weirdly.

    Anyways, I think you should try talking with him, help him understand his sexuality. You didn't make him gay, you only got him confused, and for that, he has a right to hate you deeply.

    Try to care, will you? Not just about yourself, but about others. You strike me as profoundly insensitive. Hopefully, you would survive this. But, just in case, I'll keep an eye out for the headlines…. It may go something like "Gay man killed by jealous flatmate lover". (let's hope it doesn't get to this).

  39. David Kamdili
    January 30, 23:19 Reply

    I don’t think you’re turning a straight person. Probably the guy is a bisexual who is yet to discover same sex.

    And you get no sympathy from me

  40. Khing
    January 31, 12:31 Reply

    First off, it’s perfectly normal for all gay guys to want a straight guy, what is not ok, is forcing him, consciously or not into having sex with you. You might think you did nothing wrong, but you did everything wrong, dropping subtle hints that you want him is fine, but you literally did everything in your power to push him in the direction of having sex with you, even after being beaten up twice, you still went out of your way to do this.
    I try not to be judgemental with people’s choices, but what you are doing and the mentality behind it, is greatly rubbing off negatively on the gay community. This will not only make him less accepting of gay people but also harm them at the slightest chance he gets. So please, leave straight people alone, or at most, don’t force them into doing anything with you consciously or not.
    Now, I sincerely doubt he would hurt you. He doesn’t just want sex from you, he wants you, cause he likes you. You made a mistake and caused a load of trouble for yourself and the rest of the community and now you have to take responsibility for this. You have to go talk to him, let him have an understanding or something, let him know that you can’t be tied down to him, but you can always be there for him. He’s a ticking bomb, so unless he gets physical, please try not to get him angry.
    Lastly, you can’t just go about unlocking the gay in straight people and expect them not to clingy and lovey-dovey. You have to take responsibility and let them down gently, you messed them up, so you have to set them straight, like get them ok with being bi/gay before you abandon them. And again, please, please, please leave straight guys alone, or don’t force them into anything.

  41. Ashawo
    January 31, 18:22 Reply

    Honestly, I would be lying if I say I dunno how it feels; I too have a strong thing for straight young guys. So far, it’s all been successful, and I think it makes me come to believe that no young guy is entirely straight.
    On the other hand, I don’t push it. If I approach someone I think is straight and he says no, I stop. And I don’t abandon them too after we’ve done stuffs.

    My advice is you go back home and apologize to him. This gay thing becomes a kind of addiction to the “starters” and when you try to get someone out of their addiction, it’s really pissing. Apologize, and get back to him. If you’re tired of sex with him, you could prolly link him to other gay guys who might be willing to make out with him.


  42. Jinchuriki
    February 02, 00:42 Reply

    You are a mad dog, but I hope Kelechi comes around so that your life is not ruined. You have scarred him for life, just know that.

  43. Henrie
    February 03, 05:33 Reply

    Reads like fiction. Unbelievable. A straight guy who can afford 170k for his place and has a loving girlfriend kept living with you even after you sexually assaulted him and he punched you.. He just kept putting up with you in the same house.. Super story.

  44. larry
    February 06, 11:44 Reply

    Seriously… am speechless.

  45. Krazy Kenny
    February 06, 18:43 Reply

    OK, too many comments ?
    The most important thing, as far as I’m concerned, is that I’ve got back my things from the house.
    And I’m done with him.

  46. Patroclus
    February 17, 09:53 Reply

    I know everyone has hot takes but this is the most hilarious read I’ve ever had on kito diaries.
    He’s TWENTY SEVEN years old my fellow gaysies!
    He knows what he’s doing ??
    Masochism 5.0 Premium

  47. Patroclus
    February 17, 10:17 Reply

    This is my own piece but I believe gays that are stuck on “converting” straight guys are yet to accept themselves and are using it to validate the belief that “anyone can be gay” or “everyone is a little gay”
    Please dear, if you need rough and masculine, they are plenty outside. Don’t kill yourself ?

  48. Sexsnooze
    March 12, 03:11 Reply

    All I can say is the human psychology is a very powerful one and you’re often a decision away from rewarding yourself or destroying yourself.

    Just because you get turned off by emotions doesn’t mean everyone else should be just like you.

    You knew the ramifications of your actions could turn out extremely dire and yet you pursued your selfish cause. You actually INITIATED all this and indirectly lured a vulnerable mind into your sexual snares.

    You played an important role in breaking his relationship and ended up leaving him to deal with the consequences by himself. You should have at least had a conversation with him about all this before it got too intense. Leaving him stranded psychologically was incredibly cruel of you. You’re extremely selfish. You got what you want and you want to get away with it.

    As cold as this may sound, I actually wouldn’t feel sorry for you if he kills you.

  49. Pretty whore
    March 31, 02:35 Reply

    Lol look at all them judgmental pricks!!!
    But you all will be on twitter when they put up pictures of nude straight boys asking who it is.

    I love straight boys unapologetically and nothing bad has and can ever happen to me.

    The straight guy opened the hole in his face and asked for a blowjob, a straight guy oh, but somehow the gay guy is the bad guy. You’re either straight, gay or bisexual. You can’t be straight and ask a guy for a blowjob, if he needed it so badly, he’d have gone out to look for a GIRL!!!

    Y’all need to get off your pathetic high horses.

    It’s clearly not my fault if I’m too pretty and can get any man I want, gay or bisexual. And miss me with that he’s straight BS!! They all gay, yes I said it.

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