Is Grindr about to introduce a HIV filter?

Is Grindr about to introduce a HIV filter?

Hookup app, Grindr, may be about to introduce a HIV filter, it has been claimed.

According to New Now Next, an academic from the University of Montreal and a HIV positive blogger have both claimed to be presented with a survey that asks if they would like to filter their results by HIV status.

David Myles from the University posted screenshots of the survey that asked questions such as, “what is your current HIV status?” and “How would you feel if Grindr allowed you to filter the guys you see by HIV status?”

Josh Robbins, a blogger who is HIV positive, claimed he received the same survey when logged in too.grindr-survey

Grindr has yet to confirm if it’s introducing the filter, but some have already condemned the move as stigmatizing people with HIV in the community.

Daniel Reeders, who writes for the blog, Bad Blood, said that the idea shouldn’t be rolled out to users. He said: “Would the HIV filter [make positive members] invisible to others whose HIV status didn’t match their preferences…like an automatic block function? If it did, and enough HIV-negative people used it, it really would constitute a form of digital quarantine that leaves people with HIV outcast and invisible.

“We should not be reinforcing categories that are used in less effective strategies for prevention.”

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  1. Mandy
    July 13, 07:03 Reply

    What exactly would be the point of this?

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 13, 07:29 Reply

      Helping Poz guys find people who wouldn’t mind their status. I actually don’t think its a bad thing, because Poz guys find it so hard to meet anyone

      • Francis
        July 13, 07:40 Reply

        True that but that would mean Grindr evolving from hook-up to dating app unless the filter is targeted at those wanting to have bareback sex with positive guys…..

        • Pjay
          July 13, 16:48 Reply

          Pray enlighten me. I am on grindr to date if possible. Do you mean to say that I got the wrong app?

          • Francis
            July 13, 17:22 Reply

            Well well, I was wrong. From movies to forums etc that app has been promoted as sharp sharp hook-up app and not one for proper dating. Was so not aware they were peeps there looking to date.

            *Wondering when proper online dating became a headless torso, dick, butt hole display pic affair* Hmmmmm.

            • Pink Panther
              July 13, 20:15 Reply

              Anything is possible. People find love in unexpected places all the time.

              • Francis
                July 13, 20:23 Reply

                I’m very much aware of hook-ups ending in relationships but I’m just looking at it from his angle as his main reason for being on Grindr is to find a date not hookup

      • y
        July 13, 10:56 Reply

        Or bug chasers find the man willing to infect them…

  2. Delle
    July 13, 11:55 Reply

    That’s like so bad. What happened to all the sensitization and awareness? Why amplifying it all over again?
    Total gibberish if you ask me.

  3. Chuck
    July 13, 12:05 Reply

    You should be able to filter for your preference. If you only want ppl without HIV, or only want ppl with HIV, the filter will make it easier for you to find what you want.

    It’s not Grindr that will convince you to fuck ppl with HIV if you don’t want to

  4. JArch
    July 13, 16:14 Reply

    Adam4adam has this filter similar to this as well, and no one bat an eyelid about it… Its optional whether to filter guys by their status or not

    I feel its welcomed because that way its helps prevent all that weirdness that comes with talking about HIV. Atleast you are well aware of what you are getting into the minute you say “Hi” to that hunk of meat that seems to be close by.

  5. KingBey
    July 14, 18:21 Reply

    Hornet has a section where you can fill in your HIV status but funny enough, everyone seems to fill Negative. Na who wan come become Positive? Lol

  6. Ray
    July 14, 19:38 Reply

    Rather than hone in on HIV+ filters; GRINDR needs to focus on more important issues that would make it more effective like cutting down on censoring profile pictures like BGC.

    As a hookup site it is portrayed to be in every clime, i wonder why it rejects a bulged boxer short but takes 3secs to approve a nigga in suite & tie.

    Taught bros be looking for a quickie and not looking to get a contract signed in there.

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