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Photo Of The Day XV

But I thought we were already wearing AMU… *flustered look at down below*

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Have You Seen The Ass That Is Legend-ary On Instagram?

When someone sent me the photo of John Legend’s ass, which was trending on instagram, after his wife Chrissy Teigen uploaded it, my first thought was: Black is better! Take that, Justin


  1. ken
    August 10, 05:59 Reply

    *in nicki’s voice*

    My anaconda dont want none unless u got buns hun! Hehehe

  2. drizzle
    August 10, 06:02 Reply

    “Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of ur lie, I’ll tell u my sins so u can sharpen ur knife”.
    Waking up from a very sexual dream to see this, while still fighting morning Wood. I have sinned..

      • drizzle
        August 10, 08:41 Reply

        If Boris Kodjoe is the one appointed to listen to my transgressions, then Yes.

        • Pink Panther
          August 10, 09:29 Reply

          Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!! What can u possibly hope to gain from that in the confessional, eh?

          • drizzle
            August 10, 10:00 Reply

            I’ll tell him my sins so he can sharpen his ‘u know what’

  3. james bruno
    August 10, 06:46 Reply

    i think you left out the part where you tell us who’s cakes that is

  4. kacee
    August 10, 07:35 Reply

    hahahahahaha MM, Max where art thou?

    • Max
      August 10, 07:37 Reply

      Lol.. I’m here hunnay

  5. fabby
    August 10, 09:13 Reply

    Chimooooo….on dis monday morning again!!

  6. Griffin
    August 10, 09:48 Reply

    Yeah well, I’ve seen bigger, heck mine’s bigger.

  7. Peak
    August 10, 10:35 Reply

    1st a public service announcement was issued this morning, only to get to KD and find a nude body that has a head that looks like urs. Now that i think about it, that announcement is beginning to sound like a warning to prep my eyes for what is to come. This better not be ur ass on display! No worry sef, I plan on getting to the the bottom of this. Ok that came out wrong. I plan on finding out the cheeks aren’t urs.

    I will go with “nice ass” (so long as they don’t belong to who I fear they might belong to)

    • Deola
      August 10, 10:56 Reply

      ***blows gently on green tea and takes a sip***

  8. ambivalentone
    August 10, 10:51 Reply

    Good one. Doesn’t look the type that get belle for front. Thats not to say I’ve not been trying to tilt my phone to the side to confirm

  9. jay
    August 10, 11:54 Reply

    whow nice cheeks

  10. R.A
    August 10, 13:35 Reply

    L A W D! I need dem extra cheeks on my face

  11. Diablo
    August 10, 14:52 Reply

    But i can’t see anything, all i see is darkness and blurriness and the faint imprint of a man. I can tell this was taken in a hotel room which is so bad ass, no pun intended.

  12. D
    August 10, 19:36 Reply

    Err…cld align with that but mine is way better

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