Former NFL Player Keith Carlos Becomes The First Male to Win America’s Next Top Model

Former NFL Player Keith Carlos Becomes The First Male to Win America’s Next Top Model

Congrats are in order for former NFL player Keith Carlos, who has become the first male ever to win Tyra Banks’ modeling competition, America’s Next Top Model.

The 26-year-old is a former wide receiver (Ahem *sips tea*) for the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants, who fell into modeling back in 2011 after doing a photo shoot for Krave Magazine. From there, the rest is America’s Next Top Model history.

He says: ‘I’ve always been told I should model… but I was so attached to football that I never really immersed myself into it. So once my career came to an end, I was like, “I’m gonna do something different. Those that know me know that I want to see everyone win in life and this is who I am to the core. We need more positive role models out there to change the direction our society is going. I’m glad I am the new trend setter for this generation! It’s a great responsibility and I’m STRONG enough to do so.’

After beating out 30 women and men this week for the top honors, this win lands Keith a contract with Next Model Management and a feature in Nylon magazine.

See more pics of the model below. Just so you know, these pics are enough to escalate the temperature in whatever room you’re watching them from. You have been warned.Antm 2Antm 3Antm 4Antm 5

And saving the bests for last… 😀Antm 6Antm 7Are y’all sweating yet? 🙂

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  1. KingBey
    December 11, 04:02 Reply

    Jisos ! *rushes off to bathroom* and to think he’s a ”wide receiver” makes it the more delicious !

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 11, 04:20 Reply

      He’s just the kind of guy, once you land him as your boo, your eyes shall not stray again.

      • chestnut
        December 11, 06:11 Reply

        Stray to where kwanu? If those eyes want to stray, I’d rather pluck them out; I won’t risk this one biko!
        (Pinky, I saw what u did there with “wide receiver”…

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 11, 06:17 Reply

          *pouring myself another cup of tea and saying nothing*

      • Peak
        December 11, 06:36 Reply

        “He is just the kind of guy, once u land him as boo, ur eyes shall not stray again” Hmmm………is it just me or did above sentence sound like a guy who creeps around on his men? #Justasking

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 11, 07:11 Reply

          Hahhahshahaaa Peak, one of these days, you’ll look down at your groin and find your dick gone. *stony faced*

      • Peak
        December 11, 07:20 Reply

        Haba pinky! We get quarrel b4? I just mouthed an observation now

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 11, 07:23 Reply

          Keep mouthing observations, you hear? If you like, don’t go and mouth something else that isn’t an observation

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    December 11, 04:18 Reply

    mmmm ay ya yai! FUCK ME SIDEWAYS DADDY!!! *faints at his feet* Kingbey, stay far away from Keith he’s mine!

  3. olima
    December 11, 05:00 Reply

    I’ve seen him on before. Neva imagined he was a model. Pinky, I’m having this one; everyone else should step out of the room now!

  4. Legalkoboko
    December 11, 05:01 Reply

    wiaris my thermometer?
    *fans self *
    I must keep accurate record.
    The 5th pic is a killer.

  5. Queen Blue Fox
    December 11, 05:02 Reply

    *sharpening daggers and oiling guns* Olima what did you just say?

    • olima
      December 11, 20:42 Reply

      I said stay away! I go just visit babalawo for ur head. *flips wig*

  6. Colossus
    December 11, 05:26 Reply

    Men now compete in the show? I’m really out of touch. Kudos to him, a cover spread of Nylon magazine is huge, i assume so.

  7. xpressivejboy
    December 11, 06:00 Reply

    Pinkie, why?! I’m wet already and now I need a good shag as quick as possible.

  8. Brian Collins
    December 11, 06:10 Reply

    warisdis? Some people will just be asking for trouble early in da morning. See Ehn nobody should make me turn to a travelling serial killer cos I will gladly leave FUTO right now. Queen shift back first, olima u park well, kingbey just find one place go loss.
    I will not repeat masef.
    Choco mama Khaleesi, lemme just say ‘I no dey fear u’ in advance.

  9. Kryss S
    December 11, 06:21 Reply

    *screaming in Yoruba accent* Asewoooooooooooooooooo! Hian! See how u ppl r dragging a man that got married to me in a secret ceremony in Vagas yesterday! He is in my bed now! All of u can chill now! Lol!
    Pinky, U r very wicked! U know say brother man hasn’t shagged all year nd u chose to bring this on a morning when my morning glory is @ a hossana level! Smh! U no b am @ all! See that D! *faints*

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 11, 06:25 Reply

      Did i not extend a warning? Izzit my concern that you chose to ignore my warning? Mbok park well, you and your morning glory 😛

  10. Max
    December 11, 06:28 Reply

    That last pic though… That’s more than what the doctor ordered.. Enough fluids to quench my thirst for a year..

  11. chestnut
    December 11, 06:32 Reply

    You too sharp oooo! U don’t waste anytime,do u?
    (I really need to get on this “instagram thing” b4 water carry me go o, hian!)

  12. Metrosexual
    December 11, 07:05 Reply

    I knew he was going to win…. He’s sooo hot…!!!!

  13. Aproko Pikin
    December 11, 07:06 Reply

    Y’all need Jesus!!!!

    Just because of man na make una dey fight like this? Chai..!!

  14. Deola
    December 11, 07:10 Reply

    So much thirst this morning…

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 11, 07:13 Reply

      I warned them but they wouldn’t hear. Now they’re all thirstier than desert hikers

      • Deola
        December 11, 07:17 Reply

        Its all in the eyes with this guy, there is a certain way he squints his eyes that just throws one into a sexual frenzy! *rushes off to instagram to continue research*

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 11, 07:18 Reply

          Research. Instagram. Keith Carlos, how many follows and likes have you gotten this morning?

      • Deola
        December 11, 07:30 Reply

        …and of all the Follows and Likes, how many are KDians?!
        Thats is how you catch them thirsty ass hoes, btw i am not included. Mine was for research Purposes.

  15. Micky
    December 11, 07:14 Reply

    Oh Em Gee!!! Where’s vaseline when u need it???

  16. Mrs Macaulay
    December 11, 07:19 Reply

    Pink Panther wants me to say something that will land me in divorce court

    ***lips sealed***


    Queen Khaleesi ****courtesys*** I hand this one to you! Trust you to do justice to these thirsty hoes

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 11, 07:25 Reply

      Aaahhhh!!! The Missis! Where you dey since?! Abeg if you have returned, fetch the Mister too, will ya?
      Or you can just say that thing you mean to say so he’ll come storming back in a fit 😉

      • Mrs Macaulay
        December 11, 08:04 Reply

        His feelings were slighted by some hurtful things said about him the last time!
        He didn’t like some of the things said!

    • Khaleesi
      December 11, 13:03 Reply

      Yulzz darling, I’ve already laid a mine field all around him… any hoe comes near she loses a foot and boom another ugly amputee is born!! Rubbish!!!

  17. FKA Chizzie
    December 11, 07:27 Reply

    he’s hot, not exactly head-over-heel hot, but deserving of a blowjob at the very least.

  18. Masked Man
    December 11, 08:19 Reply

    I cover my eyes with the blood of Jisos Kraist.
    Pinky you are just too wicked this morning.
    Where’s my bible pls.

  19. Masked Man
    December 11, 08:31 Reply

    Now I know why DM has been absent.
    Mummy Macauley, tell him I miss him sha.

  20. preshus_DZ
    December 11, 09:01 Reply

    I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw d last pic. My world!!! Dat thing fit do better “godly”damage oh *wink*

  21. JustJames
    December 11, 09:15 Reply

    Hard bodied pretty boys are beginning to bore me.. NEXT!!!

  22. Vhar.
    December 11, 10:58 Reply

    I saw the whole cycle 21 of ANTM… believe me, Keith is a Husband material.. (the yard long ehn). so glad he won though. But then again, I don’t know who is more endowed. Keith or Denzel?? hmm

    My Next “Love poem” will be dedicated to him.

  23. Ace
    December 11, 12:54 Reply

    Abeg which part of US dis guy dey make i rub that thing that Baba for okija give me go visit am. No worry ehen, when the next IG pictures he will be posting has me with i arms wrapped around my waste, i will come here deliver one year of Aquafina bottle water to heal your thirst.

  24. Khaleesi
    December 11, 13:07 Reply

    Jisossssss!!!! ***screams in a high pitched voice**** see man!!!! This one makes me sweat from every orifice ahhhh!!!!! ***plants a minefield in a 20mile radius around this Nubian god,*** bitches back off!! If y’all dont want to become the latest amputees in the land! !! Back off!!!

  25. lluvmua
    December 11, 17:27 Reply

    jexix #holds chest and dies…………….

  26. lluvmua
    December 11, 17:33 Reply

    omg that fifth picture can make a broda commit suicide .hes just so fine. #still staring hard @my phone’s screen. mrs m plz tell dm that we all miss him. and I would love to share a cup of coffee wif you both. #currently inphc

  27. enigmous
    December 12, 05:34 Reply

    Dayum, I just wanked to this dude…and am not even ashamed.

  28. Lothario
    December 15, 13:15 Reply

    Awwwww…. Keith won… Happy for him! Well deserved!

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