Kenyan gay inmates in need of condoms to curb HIV infections

Kenyan gay inmates in need of condoms to curb HIV infections

Despite the subject of homosexuality being taboo in Kenya, as it is in most African countries, but practice of men sleeping with men is rife in the country, especially in the correctional facilities where men engage in sexual intercourse with fellow men, fueling the spread of HIV.

Kenya has in the recent past made strides in the fight against HIV, reducing new infections significantly, but there is a group that has been forgotten – the prisoners.

Daniel Nzioka, an openly gay Kenyan, reportedly says that one cannot achieve much in the war against HIV if the homosexuals are excluded from State programmes.

“How can we fight HIV if we don’t include men who have sex with men?” poses Daniel.

Homosexuality among male prisoners is reportedly rife, and with the deplorable conditions of unpleasant food and small uninhabitable rooms, the prisoners are forced to engage sexually with other men who are in the position to get them preferential treatment.

Calvin Wafula (not his real name) served his prison sentence at the Naivasha Maximum Prison, where he says many inmates are forced to have sex with others for favours such as better sanitation, food and even resting areas.

“When I was brought to the prison, I realized some of the other inmates get preferential treatment, good food including meat, while I was fed on vegetables every day. One night, a man approached me and he began touching me, but I resisted, but he told me that if I accept, I will get special treatment, get better food and even bedding.”

Juma Nzuga, who served at the Shimo la Tewa Prison in Mombasa County, says that prior to his arrest, he could not stand the idea of men having sex with each other, but he was raped in prison and got used to it. Now, he says it is impossible to revert.

“I was attacked by a fellow inmate at the Shomo la Tewa Prison, he was huge. He blindfolded me, threw me to the ground and raped me over and over and that became a habit.”

Calvin has appealed to the government to avail condoms in prisons to bring down HIV transmission rates.

“A huge percentage of new inmates in prison are raped, so the government should avail condoms in the prison that one can use.”

But Deputy Director at the National Aids and STI Control Program, Martin Sirengo, is reported to have said that this is impossible, insisting that the behaviour goes against morality and even the laws of the Kenya.

“It is impossible to avail condoms in correctional facilities because as we all know, in prisons, male and female inmates are separated, so when you avail condoms to the prisons, what are you telling the world?”

Sobie Mulindi, a former director at the National Aids Control Program says the government should ensure that each and every Kenyan has access to condoms without discriminating.

“If condoms are used correctly and consistently, they can prevent the spread of HIV. So we want everyone to access condoms freely without discrimination. We are saying that condoms cannot be hidden in the toilets. We want them to be made available and accessible to everyone who needs them.”


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  1. Simba
    September 17, 07:22 Reply

    Lol at Kenya, a classical example of an average African thinking processes. Those men shall be released after serving their jail terms, they shall be reintegrated back into the society, and probably fuck ur daughters and wives. Thereby introducing new Incident HIV infection, all this grammar could easily be avoided by making condoms available in the prisons without the world knowing. Give them condoms, and pretend lol

    • Mandy
      September 17, 10:10 Reply

      This point you made is, like, so obvious. Like really, how are these officials so blinded by their prejudice that they don’t see the harm they’re actually causing their society? These men will fuck finish in prison, contract HIV, get released, come back out into the society, return to their wives and girlfriends and carry on spreading it.

      And all this because stupid homophobic government officials are worried about what they are telling the world.

      Nawa o!

    • sexysunshine
      September 18, 17:49 Reply

      Have you considered that it is your daughter and wife that will be fucked. or… maybe you have exempted yourself from having a daughter and a wife

  2. Francis
    September 17, 07:32 Reply

    Sad when doctors start acting like illiterates.

  3. Lorde
    September 17, 08:15 Reply

    They are busy thinking what the world would say…….don’t worry…the world will soon have sth to say about your hiv prevalence rate

    • sexysunshine
      September 18, 17:54 Reply

      The 6th pillar of Islam is the Jihad, described by some schools to be a war. Considering that there is freedom of religion, i would suggest pre-arrangement of ammunition for every moslem child born to enable them carry out their religious tenets. just in the same way that i would support pre-arranging condoms for rape of men in prisons…


    • sexysunshine
      September 18, 18:01 Reply

      The world has something to say about everything… I am a Public Health Pharmacist i know about all they say concerning Africa’s health status… I have a reply for the world

  4. Mandy
    September 17, 10:11 Reply

    Shey this is what Nigeria says will cure gay Nigerians. 14 years in prison with other men.

  5. quinn
    September 17, 13:08 Reply

    Una sure say them no swear for this Africa so? I mean, hello? common sense?

  6. Delle
    September 17, 13:33 Reply

    The one that was raped and raped by a huge schlong and got used to it though ???

  7. sexysunshine
    September 18, 17:57 Reply

    No, them so swear for Africa… we have bigger problems to tackle and better methods of tackling them than – providing condoms for men to “rape”other men

    …Sexy African

  8. Malik
    September 18, 19:42 Reply

    Practical solution: if the government can’t provide condoms, as that would be paradoxical to the state legislature, at least support an NGO that will do the work underG.

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