Kiss And Tell (Entry 2)

Kiss And Tell (Entry 2)

The National Youth Service Corps is a period of serving one’s fatherland. Corpers are usually exhorted to be industrious in this service, making sure to be very dedicated in all you do, and endeavouring to bring satisfaction to both you and your community.

I simply LOVED serving my fatherland. I served him well.

I embarked on my NYSC in 2009; I was posted to Nassarawa State. My place of primary assignment was in a secondary school, and I was assigned to teach Biology to SS2 students. But then, I had my eye on one SS3 boy named Daniel. He got my attention by the sheer force of his size. The guy was the biggest in his set, a veritable hunk. He was nineteen then, but looked like a twenty-five-year-old in size. About 5″10 tall, broad shouldered, dark-skinned, with a large chest the size of a small football field. He was that kind of chocolate bar you just want to keep nibbling and biting and licking all day long. And he was also very respectable and down-to-earth.

I wanted to have him as a friend. I also knew I had to have him. I acquainted myself with him after a few months of being in the school. I started off by giving him some of my clothes I had no use for, secondhand gifts he greatly appreciated. Then, he became a regular face at the staff quarters where the corpers were lodged; he often brought water for me in the evenings. The school had scarce electricity, and Daniel made it a duty every evening to escort me into the nearby village market square where I charged my phone and hung out till late in the night.

During one of those nights, as he accompanied me back to the staff quarters, we decided to sit in the gutter by the road side and continued conversing. The night was calm, and its breeze had just the slightest chill. It was a night that made promises and fulfilled them all at once.

With my heartbeat slightly elevated, I dropped my hand over his oh-so casually. He didn’t flinch from my touch. He didn’t take his hand away. We carried on with our chitchat. Getting bolder, I proceeded to caress his arm, running my fingers leisurely up and down his hand. Our conversation slowly petered to a stop, and he remained immobile, sitting and staring at me.

By this time, my dick was fully erect, and it strained against the calf-length shorts I was wearing. This was going to happen, I told myself. This was actually going to happen!

Without thinking anymore, I lurched forward and planted my lips on his. His mouth opened and welcomed mine, and I began kissing him with unrestrained passion. He kissed me back, albeit a little clumsily. I placed my hand on his crotch and rubbed at what felt like a rod-shaped rock. His dick was throbbing fiercely against his trousers.

I broke our kiss just long enough to lead him out of the open space we were seated, to a secluded spot behind a tree. Once we were sufficiently concealed from the sight of any would-be passersby (I doubted there’d be any, given how late it was), I pulled down his trousers to reveal a thick and slightly curved black cock with a mushroom head and two large low-hanging balls. I got down on my haunches and nibbled at the head, flicking my tongue over it and teasing him. His legs quivered and he groaned. Then I went all the way down to the hilt, taking his entire dick inside my mouth. And then I was deep-throating him and sucking the balls intermittently. He moaned harder and began grinding his hips against my face, meeting each bob of my head with his thrusts. This went on for a short while, and then, he started shaking and panting harder. He was close. No sooner had I thought that, than he began shooting his cum into my mouth. He expelled a harsh breath as I slipped my mouth from his dick. A few moments passed as he regained his breathing and composure. Then, we cleaned up and he escorted me back to my lodge.

The singular encounter gave birth to subsequent hook-ups. Our sexcapades occurred in every place we could manage – in the bush, at his house whenever I slept over (because by then, his parents had gotten to know me as the fair corper who was their son’s friend). Before very long, I was able to coax Daniel into surrendering his muscular butt, and as a show of my gladness at his willingness to be my lover, I expended more generosity toward him, kind acts that included completing his NECO registration fees.

Till date, I still keep in touch with Daniel. He currently works as a security guy in a new generation bank in Port Harcourt. I visited him about thrice this year and funny enough, he’s still so naïve to the point he hasn’t had anything sexual to do with any other guy, although he has a girlfriend.

And that is the story of how I served my fatherland.

Written by KingBey

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  1. JaneTheVirgin
    June 18, 04:52 Reply

    Hmmmm. You deserve the FG award for Corper of the year. Quick question, where in PH is he now??


    • Dennis Macaulay
      June 18, 05:10 Reply

      I aint gonna lie I was just about to ask the same question! I need to accidentally stumble into that branch!

      So this is what you do those times you come to PHC? Oh chimooo I have to have a conversation with the governor, you cannot be coming to spoil our dliligent workers in porracort!

  2. King Mufasa
    June 18, 05:55 Reply

    Come on King Bey, you shouldn’t be fucking with someone you were supposed to be mentoring… terrible teacher.

    • Jamie
      June 18, 06:06 Reply

      Like seriously though… It’s insane to me!!

    • trystham
      June 18, 08:37 Reply

      Azzin!!!! All I cud sha do was “Dear Lord, let this not go wrong”. He could become sassy, rude…a standard recipe for student-teacher kito. Its such a NO-NO

  3. Jamie
    June 18, 06:05 Reply

    Hmm… Not my kinda fantasy though…

  4. Khaleesi
    June 18, 06:34 Reply

    Kingbey!!! Slut! Ashawo corper!!! **claps tambourine over your head**** … wow, i wish i had even 1/4 of this kinda courage,i v been around soooo many men in the past and desperately wanted to jump their bones but am always stopped by the deep haunting fear of things going wrong. Nice piece,keep em coming!!
    @Dennis, i do remember a few months ago when you stated categorically and unequivocally “no security men for me” hmmm has your mind now changed because you hear he has a juicy butt? ***Stuffs your mouth full of rainbow colored humble pie***

  5. Max
    June 18, 06:53 Reply

    Ok, this is several shades of wrong.. And I can’t believe I found it arousing. How do you people do it? 19yr old secondary skl boy?
    Bush? Tufia
    No wonder you hear Kito stories upandan!!.
    All of you who coax unsuspecting teenagers to have sex with, stop it!!.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        June 18, 07:52 Reply

        Ohun ti o da o l’oruko meji,koda l’onje.
        This wise,I totally stand with Max.Aren’t we giving more cause to those homophobes who claim we’re out to seduce and corrupt the innocent?.

    • Jamie
      June 18, 09:09 Reply

      Same here. I’m not a lil bit in love with the prospect of some people using their positions to coerce unsuspecting, innocent others into engaging in what they never really bargained for. It’s horrible… But of course, I may be the boring one who doesn’t wanna spark up my life with ”fun”!
      I want to imagine that people who do that do not plan to have their own children…
      What could the world ever be without morality and self-control huh???
      Why must we be, and just be, and basically be sexual beings? Why can’t we be us, and then our sexuality be just a part of us???
      Would the world really be so lovely if we had our children being victims to our house helps, and the younger ones being doing it with the elder ones and everyone else just having sex and sex indiscriminately?
      What if someone else did it with an unsuspecting child and in the process, the boy got an std which could go a long way to affect his sexual health in future?

      • Williams
        June 18, 15:17 Reply

        He was 19…an adult!,the teacher didn’t rape the student,and the narrative didn’t indicate that the student resisted , was forced into having sex or fearfully consented.This has nothing to do with having kids or karma,,you’re judging the writer by your own standards of morality.

      • Jamie
        June 19, 08:09 Reply

        Maybe I am but, I am not perfect; what if this one standard of mine is morally right for anyone…
        You do expect that you would be told everything, including if the boy resisted before being egged on??? Gotta be kidding me!!
        Judging doesn’t change a thing right now, but we learn every day. What other joy could there be than for someone to learn they can’t lure their students into sex???

  6. ruby
    June 18, 06:57 Reply

    A friend had a similar experience too tho it was with a “Chemist” who actually wanted to go the whole 9 yards during their first encounter.
    But KingBey you sef….
    Is a wah to you oh…
    I give you hand, leg n nyansh for this one.

  7. Teflondon
    June 18, 07:06 Reply

    You seem to continue to mirror my fantasies, Your sexual tryst are very similar to mine.. Albiet mine abit more fun. So no need starting a series of my sexcapades? Your first entry about a confused pastor, and now also a naive secondary sch boy from were you served. All sound familiar. Although in my case, in 2009 after I was done serving in Bayelsa, the boy actually ran away from home to come look for me in lag without previously telling me he was upto such. I mean, I was shocked (but that’s a story for another day)
    This was an interesting read as always. Tho I am begining to get bored abt your description of the sex itself.. It’s beginging to sound too familiar with the first entry. Go down suck his balls, slamming his waist to your face while sucking Blah blah blah. The description is similar and if you are going to be doing a long series you would Have to be more detailed and innovative if you like of how you describe the sex-action to your audience so we don’t get bored.

    • Max
      June 18, 09:08 Reply

      He doesnt write to cater to your dirty fantasies.
      Have that at the back of your mind.

      • Jamie
        June 18, 13:01 Reply

        Lol…Max, come on, it was just an opinion…

  8. Ace
    June 18, 07:21 Reply

    Oh wow! The best kind of sex is with someone you never thought it was gonna be possible with then all of a sudden, you both a sweating and grinding at a dark corner. Nice write up.

  9. Sinnex
    June 18, 07:39 Reply

    Lol…sounds like a familiar story. The only difference is that you got to do the do while after making all the efforts and getting the green light, I did not know what to do next.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 18, 07:42 Reply

      Lmao. Shame on you, Sinnex. Did no one ever enrol you for the class, Seduction 101?

      • Sinnex
        June 18, 08:37 Reply

        Lol…I guess I have come a long way.

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    June 18, 09:18 Reply

    Okay before we play Judge Jury the boy in question is 19 years old! He can vote na, so nothing is wrong with it

    • Façade
      June 18, 10:07 Reply

      Everything is wrong about. The boy is naive for godsake. We’re here clamouring about acceptance when we go about seducing naive kids who from the looks of it is straight

      • Dennis Macaulay
        June 18, 10:22 Reply

        Oh please get off the podium! Who defines naive? The boy was 19 so he was up to the age of consent! If he were underaged then you can have the podium but he wasnt, so I dont see anything wrong here!


    • Façade
      June 18, 10:39 Reply

      When the guy is straight n u seduce him n fuck him? That’s way too wrong

      • Dennis Macaulay
        June 18, 10:58 Reply

        Was he raped? Was he pinned down and fucked against his will? What is your point actually?

      • Tiercel de Claron
        June 18, 11:14 Reply

        The point?.
        Self-control,some sense of responsibility and morality.You know,those itty-bitty things that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.The boy was literally his ward for chrissakes,old enough to vote or not.
        Get you out of that slut gutter,it ill becomes you.

    • Khaleesi
      June 18, 11:59 Reply

      Tufia @Dennis, its a raunchy steamy story, but i cant help but notice the manipulative and controlling element to it all. yes, the boy was 19, but he was beholden to his teacher somewhat … I just dont know sha, its a confusing scenario because come Kingbey did not actually force him, the boy had an erection as well as sexual atttraction so … in a sense he wanted it to happen as well…

      • KingBey
        June 18, 13:34 Reply

        And attracted he still is to me till date….he gets hard anytime we are alone…..hehehe

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        June 18, 13:35 Reply

        The boy wasn’t forced biko… people should calm down.

        Plus remember… Kingbey teaches ss2, the boy was in ss3! Technically Kingbey isn’t his teacher.

        *i still think Kingbey is a very big akwuna tho*

      • pete
        June 18, 13:44 Reply

        you realise that having an erection doesn’t mean consent?

    • JamesJemima
      June 18, 16:57 Reply

      Forget age seff.. Sleeping with a student of the school you teach in? Isn’t that ethically wrong or am I missing something?

  11. ginasbedtimestories
    June 18, 09:30 Reply

    Pink Panther, I have really
    noticed that nearly all
    stories shared on here,
    fiction and non-fiction
    alike, all come from the
    perspective of a “top”, even
    as hard as I find some of
    them somehow difficult to
    believe. I don’t know if the
    stories get a little twisted
    by the writers to make
    themselves feel good, but
    there’s absolutely
    NOTHING wrong with
    accepting you take it up
    the ass! Please, it gets
    boring. Someone like
    myself keeps looking
    forward to reading about
    the adventures of a bottom
    and all I get are tops, even
    when the story, most of
    the time, begins with the
    impression that the writer
    would bottom, he ends
    bring the top. Is bottoming
    now a shameful thing?
    Nobody seems to be proud
    of it?

    • alpha papi
      June 18, 09:43 Reply

      Dis one don bring up anoda Mata lol… It’s true tho, I wonder y most pple dnt like identifying as bttms. IMO… 99% of guys who claim vers r actually bttms

      • Chuck
        June 18, 11:58 Reply

        Here they come. 99%? Which survey did you do? I see you’re doing your best to keep stereotypes alive.

      • JamesJemima
        June 18, 16:54 Reply

        Lol.. The ignorance this comment reeks of is very disheartening.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      June 18, 10:25 Reply

      Have you read Love and Sex in the city? Because the lead character and majority of the characters are bottom!

      Have you read any of Khaleesi’s stories? Because he often writes from the perspective of a bottom!

      Have you read Carl’s existentialism? Because he writes as a bottom!

      There are so many stories I could dig up from the archives written from the perspective of a bottom, so I dont know if you are talking about the same blog that I have been reading from day 1

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 18, 11:26 Reply

      Gina, you’re kidding, right? EVERY story you read here is written from a top’s point of view? I don’t think you’re a regular visitor of KD, otherwise you’d be better informed and wouldn’t be making these claims.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 18, 11:31 Reply

      And honey, I’m a proud bottom. No one on this blog has ever been left in doubt of who I am when the pants are down. Read up on all those writeups Dennis mentioned. You’d be more enlightened.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 18, 13:50 Reply

          Oh and KingBey, FYI, if I ever make it into this your sex journal, i’ll know. And i’ll find you. And i’ll hurt you.

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        June 18, 13:41 Reply

        Y’all remember the boy that left school to go fuck in Abuja… I can’t remember him being the top to the un-romantic generous man!

        … here some people still insulted.

        *sigh* insatiable humans!

  12. alpha papi
    June 18, 09:32 Reply

    Dis is d height of thirstyness nd hoeism… Ss3 boy? Seriously lol

  13. Francis
    June 18, 10:11 Reply

    Abeg oh, what is difference between not dating beneath us and not dating outside our tribe/village? #JustAsking

    • Dennis Macaulay
      June 18, 11:24 Reply

      Dating beneath you is a social classification, while the other is a tribe issue!

      For instance I will not date a man without a university degree

      • Francis
        June 18, 11:46 Reply

        @DM Nna you do realize that some people feel their tribe or race is better than the others and thus can’t date outside it?

        I just sometimes wonder what if I’m missing something by screening people.

      • Mirage
        June 18, 18:32 Reply

        You would not date a guy without a university degree? wait what has love, sex et al have to do with degree? A graduate’s dick or ass taste differently or what? nna pls explain cos I don’t get.

  14. pinkpanthertb
    June 18, 12:06 Reply

    You’ve not shared at all and you’re already censoring yourself?

  15. pinkpanthertb
    June 18, 13:16 Reply

    People will always disapprove. That shouldn’t stop you from living, should it?

    • Francis
      June 18, 17:37 Reply

      @PinkPantherTB that’s true but I’d rather not suffer certain disapproval.

  16. Gad
    June 18, 13:24 Reply

    As the writer pointed out,though the boy was 19, he exhibits maturity and decorum like 25yrs old. That’s okay. If the writer has known this student as being gay or bisexual previously it’s understandable too. Having sexual intimacy with such a child has a lot of dangers. The boy could be damaged emotionally for life. He might have a wrong impression of gays. If he had confided in his parents or teachers,the outcome can only be imagined. This type of acts erodes the discipline expected of a pupil and can breed disrespect for whoever indulges in it. Let’s not even think of the angle of blackmail and it’s effects

    • Jamie
      June 19, 07:55 Reply

      But no, people would think its rather boring not to love it!! Huh???

  17. KingBey
    June 18, 13:51 Reply

    Una well done, like I said in my story, Daniel has matured looks, behaves in a matured manner….and I always thought he was about 23 then….it was actually during my last visit to his place that he told me he’s now 24….I still find it hard to believe because he’s a big ass dude. Let me just say what happened between us was mutual attraction. There’s something called feelings and body chemistry….I never forced or coerced him in any manner. If I did, we won’t still be seeing till date. BTW, he occasionally sends me love texts. So you see? Dennis NwokeOma, I hail oooooo.

    • Chuck
      June 18, 15:20 Reply

      He loves you but has a girlfriend? Well done sha, do your own style

    • Max
      June 18, 22:32 Reply

      Don’t delude yourself honey… You know what you did…

    • Jamie
      June 19, 08:01 Reply

      Yeah. I believe the gifts were enough chemistry. Lol…

  18. Diablo
    June 18, 16:32 Reply

    This is all entertaining and all…but i for one, I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of recounting your sexapades on a weekly bases. We all have our stories, but somethings are best left to the imagination. Plus it makes u look like a ho.

    • Mandy
      June 18, 18:33 Reply

      Ah see bad market for KD o. Diablo, what you trying to do? Guilt a brother into no longer contributing to KD for our reading delight? Nawa to you o. It ain’t like you’ve been doing any writing here. Don’t stress someone who’s decided to entertain the rest of us.

  19. Gad
    June 18, 20:26 Reply

    I wont be surprised if he has and still does. Call it healing process

  20. KingBey
    June 19, 08:46 Reply

    I taya oooo. Nobe by force to read…..just skip dear

    June 26, 08:19 Reply

    Am your newest member………I deserve a warm welcome…..first of all sights pinkpanther sitting on a rotating chair, on her/his full garb, gives him a hug for availing this platform….collects microphone to address the house….*clears throat* Well i have bin an anonymous onlooker for a month now, my friend told me about this blog, i decided to hang on and verify its authenticity….I must confess, i’ve spotted a lot of dim-witted, smart,grandiloquent virtuosos in the house and am most well pleased. Am a young medical professional, my mundane task in the hospital, often times catapult me to an unbearable ennui, i always looked out for something i could cavil at, but since i discovered this blog, i read and have fun…….thanks guys…..Am a sprouting writer too.

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