Kito Directory: A Rundown Of The Dangerous Faces So Far Exposed

Kito Directory: A Rundown Of The Dangerous Faces So Far Exposed

A few people have asked for a compilation of all the Kito Alerts that have been published so far on here. And so below is the list. Note that this compilation runs as far back as 2016, and also some of the information on here might have been changed by these perpetrators, perhaps willfully after noting that they’ve been outed on Kito Diaries.

But whatever the case, note these faces and kindly go through the Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise posts, for pointers on how to keep yourself safe from kito experiences. (This is in response to those who have been asking me questions regarding how to recognise these kito situations). 

Well, there’s nothing to be added here. the tweets speak for themselves.

These are (or were. There’s no information as to whether they have graduated) students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka)

We shall keep updating more faces the more information of kito we are able to confirm.

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  1. Mandy
    June 18, 09:03 Reply

    The faces that God will punish. Despicable human beings.

  2. Beryl04
    June 18, 11:52 Reply

    Scums of the lowest kind. There’s more. I don’t know why the pics of ‘Ghanaboy’ is not up there. Lately,he’s been in and out SARS jail looking like a shadow of his former self.

  3. Lexy Lind
    June 18, 12:30 Reply

    I heard that David Gold D is late. I don’t know how true it is. As for Prince Onyedika Uche the guy has gotten a fair share of the saga himself. He was kittoed into calling the older man out. I know the two of them personally.

    • Onyedika
      June 20, 05:44 Reply

      I wonder how these people summon the courage and conviction to do these things. One has died and the other got paid in his own coin.
      Good for him, I only pity the dead.

  4. Prosper Papilo
    June 18, 13:40 Reply

    I know of the Chizzy guy/Nino Ice..

    I arrested one of his gang and locked him for 2 days.

    They tried to set me up and it failed, I traced their hide out with police and 3 got away and I was opportune to get one.

    I promised him to go tell his gang that I’m still going to come back for the rest of them.

    …….And I will make sure I keep my promise.

    • Sammybhaws
      September 13, 17:47 Reply

      Are u in anyway Prospilo Woke on Facebook?

  5. Gio
    June 18, 14:52 Reply

    I was expecting to see ds dudes at ibuzo/asaba in delta state..They ve ranked the highest so far..God wil so punish dem here on earth first….

  6. Kosher
    June 19, 04:07 Reply

    Imagine my shock and ultimate relief to see Jassey Chiana (Jasper Ugochukwu) up here. I stay in Ajao estate and ever since we swapped numbers on Grindr, something just seemed off. The way he responded to my chats, willingness only to meet at my house, not disclosing his location etc. got the better part of our online “buddyship”. It was so bad that when I blocked him, I had a heavy heart as I felt I had lost an opportunity to meet such neat FWB material… that stays so closeby. Little did I know that God was giving me the SMH look.

    Over the years, I have communicated with 5 other dudes on this list; the Iyana oba Michael, Prince Onyedikachi, Trinity college gang, Michael Pepple and the dude with red angry bed shirt.

    Whew! I feel like a needy hoe right now, but wtf… at least I never met any of them.

    Thanks for posting this list; it is really an eye-opener, a call to sanity and adherence to standards for folks like myself out here. If someone seems fishy, block his ass… decipher his authenticity later.

    Annoyingly long post…IKR

    Anyways, cheers!

  7. Lee
    June 19, 06:09 Reply

    No names or pictures from ibuzo and Agbor I’m still working on does animals and i know one day I will tell de story

    • Pink Panther
      June 19, 06:16 Reply

      May that day be today. The sooner you can tell your story, the faster you can help someone else not fall into the same trap.

  8. Chizzie
    June 19, 09:10 Reply

    Everyone who has an active twitter account should have @perfectskones reported. It should be suspended if its reported enough.

    Just search for keywords on the tweets and you should find them. It’s the least you can do for your community.

    • Seun
      July 13, 07:55 Reply

      I tried reporting the account u suggested but the options there don’t reflect the reason for reporting

  9. charloxy
    June 19, 10:42 Reply

    Sadly I was a victim…the one that operates in MCC road in Owerri…goes by the name George or Clinton,though he keeps changing names, on the 15th of April, I fought the hardest fight of my life…they broke my head with bottle,made away with my phone’s,power bank cash and other valuables.. funny enough this whole thing happened on a major road while passers-by watched us… anyone in Owerri should be aware of St. Matthew’s bus stop, Bambi’s bus stop,Ama Wire bus stop and white House bus stop..these are their operating areas

    • MiniS
      June 22, 13:57 Reply

      Hi Charloxy, I’d love to speak to you about your experience as I am investigating these. Can we chat? Thanks

  10. Gilbert
    June 19, 13:21 Reply

    I just stumbled on this compilation, and funny enough, I saw that Jasper guy yesterday at Oshodi market buying soup stuffs, the same face and color only that he’s much slimmer in person, From he’s way of dressing, I can confidently say he does not stay in Ajao estate, but stays close to the oshodi former Cairo market.

  11. Jones
    June 19, 21:33 Reply

    How do I upload pics to them of an incident that happened in abuja..I have the guys picture

  12. Rubby
    June 27, 12:20 Reply

    It a good thing that we are all sharing our experiences in here , reason for sharing is for others to learn and be more vigilant in our society, but he hurt me so much that even ur close friend would have experience one form of kito or the other and instead of sharing to friends to be more careful, they will withhold the gist for their grand mother and when u must gone to that exact place to have ur own fair share of the kito and u start sharing with them that is when they will be like i know the guy he has same thing to me, but why? God punish all those kind of friends in my life.
    Hello family please you guys should be careful of alakija bus stop to satelite town i had a very terrible encounter there, thank god i didnt go there with huge money, my android phone and my ATM card

    • MiniS
      June 27, 16:03 Reply

      Rubby, I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. I’m a journalist doing an investigation into these crimes – are you happy to talk? Perhaps Pink Panther can put us in touch?

  13. john
    June 30, 15:15 Reply

    I never knew a site like this existed. had I knew, I would not have been a victim of the ill fated ikotun-ijegun setup. sadly they now use guns now. I think a proper blacklisting and guidelines on how to involve security to deal with this bastards should be done. nice website though.

  14. Hapiey
    July 01, 19:05 Reply

    Those of us who have the true-caller app or any other identity reveal app, should block, report these numbers as spam and tag them ‘kito alert ‘. It saved me once…. I Don dey report them, don’t care how long it will take me, going the whole list

    • I agree. Save all their numbers as Kito Alert so they always show that on truecaller. My friend got set up by the Kayode guy in Jibowu. The guy told him he had a hotel room to himself and my friend went. They got naked and my friend was giving him head. Someone knocked and the guy said chill it may be hotel staff asking for money. As my friend wanted to dress, he snatched his shirt and opened the door. Another guy with camera came in and he started saying “so this is the gay.” At the end they took his two phones plus over N200k withdrawn from his account. I was planning how to set him up cos he’s always around eko hotel doing runs but my friend is scared of the video cos he’s married and he was naked.

      • John
        July 02, 11:05 Reply

        @marc Francis, it is because of stuffs like that, that’s why I suggested a proper blacklisting be done, pinkpanther is doing a good job but you see these guys know they have been blacklisted and develop ways evade surveillance. Assuming Kayode’s real name in full is here, pluse his address, next kin, next of kins phone number, he’ll stop setting people up cos he’ld know its easier to trace him.
        I suggest your friend should get back to the app, he met the Kayode with his picture. Source for information from former victims or potential victims then set him up with SARS. I bet you, he will delete the video and destroy the phone he used in videoing him. Am talking from experience, it works. If your friend does nothing about it. He will blackmailed latter. Believe you me, blackmail is horrible thing.

      • FS
        August 10, 14:41 Reply

        Hello Marc, I’m a journalist investigating these scams. Can I get in touch with your friend?

      • Jab
        October 02, 00:13 Reply

        Doing runs around Eko hotel??? Do guys openly do prostitute?

  15. ROCK
    July 02, 06:29 Reply

    This is internal homophobia meets the love of money.SCUM.

  16. john
    July 02, 11:37 Reply

    and off course you will reward the SARS guy generously at the end of the day, for a job well done.

  17. Charles
    July 03, 20:04 Reply

    Good work. This terrible kito of a thing has been going on for a very long time because of our kind of society. I hope everyone with a kito experience coukd tell their stories and expose those evil lazy fools.
    Please take note that Idowu Adeyemi (the grinder kito fool) has changed his phone and the new number is +2348119673424. God will punish him. He is a proper gay and killing gay people.

    Thanks once again.

  18. Nosa TJ
    July 15, 22:39 Reply

    This is amazing, thanks for the good work and for warning and keeping our community safe.

  19. Adedayo
    July 18, 21:44 Reply

    One *charles Stephen *(group of 3guys) uses badoo.. operates in owerri too, uses fake profile picture of same Charles Stephen… Check him out one facebook..

  20. Kvng1862
    February 24, 13:34 Reply

    Thanks a lot for the list, really helpful

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