His name is Emmanuel and he majorly operates from Grindr. Nothing else is known of him except that his number is 07010123416 and that he is based in Enugu.

He works with soldiers; he will agree to meet you in whatever location you want to see him, come over there to see you, and after a brief friendly chat, his gang of soldiers will descend, whereupon they will intimidate and muscle you into giving in to their demands.

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  1. Ken
    September 17, 09:12 Reply

    Wait who will even want to meet with this ugly antelope?? As in ehn..chei tb don suffer. What an ugly soul!

  2. Lopez
    September 17, 09:49 Reply

    For how long? God, I’m weak, especially when it becomes organized. Someone I know got arrested by police last week, was asked to mention the fellow gays he knows,he refused. He was detained for nine days, part away with thousands and outed to almost everybody he knows. When Will this end…

  3. Pete
    September 17, 13:31 Reply

    Is it that our military men are poorly paid or just plain greed?

    • Mariposa
      September 17, 18:11 Reply

      This isn’t about the poorly paid or plain Greed… This is about People who feel the need to take advantage of the Situation in our Community to extort and cause Harm to the the Community… I’m sorry to write this but the LGBTQIA Community especially in Nigeria need to sit up and stop this waka waka about… We’re literally putting knives and guns in the hands of these evil People cos most of us don’t stay one place…
      No one is disputing that we can’t have all we want but this is Nigeria, You’re still in Danger. You can’t let your guard down. STAY ONE PLACE… This isn’t a time to even Visit or Invite… Use this opportunity to become a better version of you.
      Hurtful as it sounds…
      Nigeria ain’t safe. Community ain’t safe… Your Life is Important and you should TREASURE abi Value it.

  4. Princeley
    September 18, 08:18 Reply

    My candid advise as this kito stuff is becoming alarming everyday as the greedy and corrupt police and military officer have taken advantage extorting money from community members, it is high time we have to be more CAREFUL. “As hunters have learned to shoot without missing, birds will have no choice but learn to fly without perching”
    Community members should learn how to be contented with what they have. Reduce random sex. Some of us has more than Ten (10) sure partners that can be called upon for fun at anytime T without experiencing any form of kito thinz but because we want new partner we end up falling pray in the hand of greedy and wicked fellows.
    Stay away from online hookups, be selective with the kind of community friends you keep and the ones you accept hookup referral from. Some introduce person they know nothing about to others while others introduce person they are not sure of their orientation just to confirm their possibilities which may end up landing one into kito thinz.

  5. Pie
    September 18, 17:47 Reply

    But why will anyone want to meet with a razzo like this?

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