I feel like I have to make this plea now that this situation has become recurrent, happening not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times.

Four times now, I have been approached by KDians who wanted to submit kito experiences and it turned out that the guys who set them up, the guys who they want to report for kito alert posts to be made about them, have in fact ALREADY BEEN POSTED ON THE BLOG!

And the first three reports were from KDians who actually know enough about the blog to know that these kito alerts exist.

So, my issue is: if you are reporting the guys who set you up, then you must know about the kito alerts. And if you know about the kito alerts, then just HOW COME DIDN’T YOU RUN A CHECK ON THE BLOG TO BE SURE THE GUY YOU WERE GOING TO SEE WASN’T ALREADY EXPOSED ON THE BLOG?

It is becoming very hard to empathize with victims of situations like this – especially when there is information just a click away from you, posted everywhere you can access, on the blog, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter, when this information is judiciously put together and made available for the community.

There are over 50 kito alerts that have been posted on this blog. Several posts made about the things we should look out for or procedures to follow when an online hookup comes along. And yet, I get DMs from people getting set up by kito scum we have already exposed! From guys who walked into entrapments with signs we have already sounded warnings against!

What exactly is the point of all this exercise if we aren’t even going to make use of what is given? When community-minded victims of kito send in reports with messages like “Pink Panther, please post about this guy so that everyone else out there will know him and beware”, I have to fight to subdue the automatic cynicism that springs to life within me, because apparently, “everyone else out there” isn’t bothered by these efforts. We’re just going to keep letting our rampaging desires dictate our actions and led us into temptation.


And this is really very simple. First, we have to get rid of that mentality that hooking up is a private affair. It is NOT!

Before you get with anyone who is an online hookup, INVOLVE YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Involve others in the community. (Heck, I get people who come into my inbox with pictures of guys they’re about to hook up with, asking me to check them out for any red flags, and I try my best to make these verifications, because their caution gives me joy.)

And after asking around, CHECK KITO DIARIES!!!

Click onto Kito Diaries on your browser, go to the search bar and type in “Kito Alert” or “Kito Directory”. This will produce every post ever made about this menace in our community. Complete with pictures and all the necessary information you’ll need. Information you can scroll through to be sure the guy you want to meet is not listed. This will take time, but then, nothing is too much to do for your security. (In cases where you cannot do this, again, my DMs are always, ALWAYS open to assist in this verification process. I have a photographic memory that has registered the face of every one of these low-lives that I have posted about. It is even on my agenda to create a kito app that community members can download and easily verify these things themselves. #fingerscrossed)

And finally, when you know, please, PLEASE, TELL A FRIEND!!!

The fourth situation was of a KDian reporting the kito incident that his friend fell a victim to. And the guy who set his friend up was just exposed on Kito Diaries a FEW WEEKS AGO! Please, if you have a circle of friends who you know have an active online social life, ask them if they know about Kito Diaries, about the kito alerts. If they don’t, tell them about it. Make sure they know what their options are. Please, when you know, pass the knowledge along to those who don’t know!

The guy who submitted his friend’s kito experience was in my inbox to report a guy who has been previously exposed as kito scum named PRINCE HILLS.

They met on Badoo and he invited the guy over to his place. The Prince character spent the night and the next morning, started demanding for money, reportedly 500k. When of course the other guy didn’t produce the money, he then called over his partners in crime, and they proceeded to rob the guy. His phones, power bank, laptop, whatever money he had. And all the while, this guy was held captive by the fear of his neighbours knowing, seeing as these thieves threatened alert them if he resisted.

To reiterate, this is Prince Hills.

And this is one of his accomplices, named Kevin, also known as Warri and Carim (You know they are no good news when they start having many aliases). He is from Imo State and has been identified as someone who can never be trusted.

PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU ALL, PAY ATTENTION TO THE KITO ALERTS. Do yourself a favour and be more invested in your safety.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    October 19, 07:03 Reply

    I don’t know if this helps as they probably change their numbers but i have 2 sets of a contact list with all the numbers ever posted on here saved as kito 1 and kito 2.. happy to forward them

  2. Tristan
    October 19, 17:20 Reply


    I don’t know if it’s Konji or stubbornness that makes people go on a hookup without verification. It’s very imperative to always heed to your instincts. Listen to that still small voice. The face will ring a bell but some people will still carry their pig-headedness hoping their own situation will be different. You see an obviously money-hungry person and still go ahead to invite him over to your house. Guys please have some sense bikonunu.

    This blog has saved me a lot. I have chatted with some of these scumbags and never fell fell for their wiles.

    All thanks to you Pinkie. I

  3. Mandy
    October 20, 08:49 Reply

    Wow. So people know enough to report those who have kitoed them but not enough to check to be sure the guys they’re about to hook up with aren’t on the blog? SMH. This kind of laziness when it comes to safety is just unforgivable. My friend who stays in the US says every time he visits Nigeria, he matches up the guys he’s chatting with with the kito alerts posted. And this is someone who lives abroad, who is supposed to be clueless to the kito situation in Nigeria, let alone those of us that are living and breathing it right here. This is annoying. Especially more annoying when you imagine that these guys are just laughing at what they think is our waste of time to inform the community, since after everything KD does, we still end up foolishly getting kitoed by them.

    We should do better!!!

  4. […] that this guy is still thriving in his schemes against the gay community is the reason I’m so frustrated at those in our community who are active on the online hookup scene. Those who still won’t take the time to hit search on […]

  5. Toby
    November 20, 16:23 Reply


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