Kito Alert LXIX

Kito Alert LXIX

His name is not known to us, because his victim went right from Grindr – without enquiring about his personal information – to meeting him.

However, his phone number is 09120990121.

He is based in Nasarawa State, and operates in Masaka, around Panteka Market. (In fact, according to reports, Masaka has started becoming a notorious kito zone for Abuja and Nasarawa community members).

As usual, let us continue to stay informed and stay safe.

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“When somebody hurts you, they take power over you. If you don’t forgive them, then they keep the power.” — Diary of A Mad Black Woman   I’m writing this


  1. Kelvin
    August 18, 14:34 Reply

    My suggestion to this kito menace: shouldn’t we put up these guys pictures and stamp it kito, using it as our display pictures on grindr, and other dating platform, so as to send a message that we are serious. What do you think PP

  2. Juicy
    October 28, 08:26 Reply

    This same guy set me up on Monday 25th of October 2021. He operates at Masaka in Hangi junction, Nasarawa state. They’re merciless. His name is Abba. He is from Zaria city so guys from Zaria should also be cautious. His other number is 08109112630. May God protect us all. But I’m still in the trauma

  3. Yyy
    December 11, 04:12 Reply

    His,name is garzali he is a member of the supreme Vikings confraternity he was once the number one at 1 man village nassarawa state on nassarawa abuja axis. They have turned it to a source of living so I’d advise anyone not to go there no matter what you are being told online

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