Kito Alert: Murder Has Become The New Normal For These Kito Scum

Kito Alert: Murder Has Become The New Normal For These Kito Scum

A few days ago, due to an ongoing conversation I was having with a KDian inbox – and prompted by previous reports of this nature – I made a post on the Kito Diaries social media pages, warning against the penchant for gay men recommending hookups to their friends, hookups that they themselves know nothing about.

Now, because of the nature of my conversation with this KDian, it behooved me to share our interaction so that people in our community might read and gain some understanding.

A summary of this story is that: the KDian (let’s call him X) who I was in conversation with had buzzed his friend for a hookup. Let’s say this friend is B. B gave X the contact of a hookup, but X ended up not following up. However, when he got approached by another friend of his for a hookup, he decided to seek out the person whose number B had given him. And this led to some drama that exposed this person as kito scum.

Realizing that his cover had been blown, this person (now masquerading as a David) was determined to entrap X and buzzed him with another number, seeing as X had blocked his former number. The kitoer tried to convince X that B had given him X’s number and that X should come over to his place in Agungi area of Lekki for a hookup. X figured out that it was the same person and shut him down, which led to the kitoer trying to recruit X to pass along his number so they could entrap other gay guys, which would earn X a cut. He also tried to make it seem like B was also in on this plan.

And through all this, one thing was clear: B doesn’t know this guy and has never met him before; didn’t even know him when he gave his number to X.

And so, this is a kito alert that has no face to expose for us all to see and stay away from.

Anyway, check out the conversations below:

Here are the screenshots X sent (for anyone who wasn’t able to make them out in the above screenshots):


Back to our conversation:


Here is the second batch of screenshots X sent:


And back to the conversation:


You will notice how easily it comes to this kito scum to talk about killing his victims.

“If the person refuse (sic) to pay, we have no choice than to kill the person and throw him inside water.”

He may simply be all talk and have no actual intent to kill anybody who falls into his trap, but it is apparent that murder is becoming a new normal for these guys. And perhaps, that is the legacy that Utali Ekwensu has left for all such criminals like this who target gay men in Nigeria.

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  1. Mandy
    June 09, 07:45 Reply

    This kito guy’s desperation to hit it big through this kito business is reeking. I’m just so mad that after everything, we don’t have a verified identity, because this kind of desperation makes him someone we should all know and stay away from.

    That B guy just didn’t try at all!!! According to X, in his first comments, the B had introduced the kitoer to someone else, another friend of his, who he went and kitoed. Just imagine. You’re minding your business and just reach out to your friend for a hookup, and because he’s an idiot, he manages to bring kito to you. I almost want to say B deserves what he’s getting. Next time, he won’t go about endangering his friends with his senselessness. I’m so mad.

    • Ade
      June 09, 09:33 Reply

      Thinking is very far from knowing, it’s just unfortunate that one scum is on a prowl now, seeking for another man’s downfall… all I would say to him is, blood would have blood if anything happens… and for we, its important to know that “one must carve one’s life out of the wood one has..

  2. Colossus
    June 09, 10:50 Reply

    Wow. Very chilling stuff, the length these guys go for a buck. Guys need to be extra careful nowadays, recommendations should be strictly on who you’re very very sure of.

  3. J
    June 09, 13:22 Reply

    You meet someone online and all they talk about is sex,they are not interested to know anything about you aside sex and maybe the kind of job you do. It’s pure shallowness and I don’t expect any of you to fall for that type of crap. You’re more than 5 minutes of sex with some mannerless and selfish idiot that has all the STDs in this world.

    PINKY it’s high time you stop promoting this hookup bullshit, use this platform to promote relationships, gay relationships. Anyone that is not interested in keeping their shit together should go ahead and be kitoed. Let them be beaten very well, maybe they can learn from experience and be more careful next time. Being horny in the gay community is overrated,sex has beclouded our sense of reasoning. Stop being a victim you can do far more better things with your life than just having some stupid sex with awful scumbags.

    • Mark
      June 09, 21:35 Reply

      Thanks J. My thoughts exactly.

    • Chidera
      June 10, 13:57 Reply

      You Harsh oo?..but I think its time people learn lesson from being kitoed..

    • Mitch
      June 11, 02:09 Reply

      You really are a blithering idiot, you know that, right?
      The sheer guts of your presuming to instruct PP on what to ‘promote’ on the blog, as well as your nauseating disgust for those on the hookup scene and the bile in your wish for them to get kitoed, are beyond idiotic. It’s downright crass and moronic.

      Do try to be less of an arsehole.
      It ill suits your mediocre intellect.

  4. Peaches
    June 10, 09:27 Reply

    I am just appalled. Too many damaged men causing issues that affects us now. Kito was bad and harrowing enough, but to add killing to this list, ie you lure someone to your place, have a good time, make them pay you and if they don’t, you kill? Ha!
    This one is hard to turn a blind eye to.

  5. His name is John Godswill Uche – 0806 858 4822. I met him on Grindr and from his desperation I could smell he was Kito. He sent me one gigantic dick picture as his own and I was just laughing cos he didn’t know I had used Truecaller on him and saw we are Facebook friends. Very ugly local thing. After I said no, he started begging me to introduce him to a friend to can pay him. That he needs the money for his school clearance. I just ignored him cos I don’t see how that was my business. Na me send you to school? Search him on Facebook and beware!

      • Kito fighter
        June 19, 14:40 Reply

        It was but it appears to have changed. I searched and couldn’t find it but I suspect someone else is him. I’ll get him.

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