The Kito Criminal, Emmanuel Oryina, Was Caught And Arrested After Robbing The Person Whose House He Visited

The Kito Criminal, Emmanuel Oryina, Was Caught And Arrested After Robbing The Person Whose House He Visited

Gbabi Emmanuel Oryina, from Benue State but who resides in the Ojo/Agbara area of Lagos State has already been exposed here as a criminal who goes on hookups for the express purpose of robbing his hosts.

Lots of reports had come in to us, prompting the kito alert that was run on his identity; one of them was the story of him returning to the house of the guy who hosted him after they both left and he noticed that the host had gone off to work. He went back to the hookup’s place and because the host had introduced him to his neighbours as his cousin, tried to use that identity to fool the neighbours into letting him break into the guy’s house. On another case, he’d stolen the host’s spare key and came back after he was supposed to be gone, using the spare key to let himself into the house to rob the man.

Well, his crimes caught up with him last week. He’d gone to the home of a community member for a hookup. Emmanuel claimed he’d come from another state, and so, based on the agreement they’d had, the host was going to let him stay for a few days. On Wednesday May 27, the host left him at home to attend to some errands, only to come back home to find his laptop, television, designer slippers and some other valuables gone – and Emmanuel Oryina along with them.

The guy involved the SSS who, per their investigation, tracked Emmanuel to his home in Badagry, where he was apprehended. Check out the clips below:

Emmanuel Oryina

The things he stole from his host’s home

Captured in his home in Badagry


When he was asked, the man whose valuables were stolen by Emmanuel confessed that he didn’t know much about Kito Diaries, and so, had no idea that Emmanuel Oryina was already a named criminal.

Hopefully, he is suffering in the hands of the law for this crime. But in case he secures his release, please, please, take note of him as someone you should just never have anything to do with!

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  1. Mafiaso
    June 07, 12:39 Reply

    Humm wonders shall never end! Thanks to kitodairies. I have met Emmanuel once, but reading his story here, I confronted him, but he denied all the allegations. I decided to keep my distance, sometime this year, he slipped back into my WhatsApp talking about love and how he has been healed of stealing by Prophet TB Joshua, of course I didn’t believe him. Patience they say is a virtue. Do I need any more lies from Emmanuel? Definitely no.

  2. Mafiaso
    June 07, 12:56 Reply

    If we start paying back kito scums in their own coins, no doubt their nefarious activities will reduce. Kudos to the guy and the SSS involved for a good job. Please we all need this valuable contact, enough is enough.

  3. Manny
    June 07, 13:35 Reply

    It’s like this guy is not tired of the disgrace and humiliation. This is not the 1st 2nd or 3rd time this is happening to him.

  4. Hork
    June 07, 14:29 Reply

    This is so sad. How someone will like to disgrace himself and family in this manner. In a society where they are made at you for who you are, you decide to use who you are as an avenue to do evil. You saw someone who trust you enough to let you stay in his house alone and the next thing is to steal. People will not only judge you for being gay but now you have added stealing to it.

    I am sha just tired of all this madness

  5. Bubu
    June 07, 14:33 Reply

    Hmmmm….I can imagine,a hardened criminal..this wouldn’t be his first time behind bars,my instinct wrote him off the first time we chatted in 2015,after then I started getting reports of his stealing behaviour…..My God!…stealing everywhere he goes,which kind life?…the one he was stripped naked in December lastyr I still got the video,then this…This one is a cause!living in misery???????,Its a pity!

  6. Higwe
    June 07, 16:36 Reply

    He’s probably a kleptomaniac or maybe he’s cursed .

    In our village they call it-zuru gaba .
    Steal from one wrong person and he or she lays the complaint to an oracle , na so you go dey steal dey go till the day you’re caught and set ablaze .?

    He’ll certainly steal again and that might be his last .

    Just see a full grown man that should be hustling for himself ??‍♂️

    The day they gave birth to this one , his mum probably celebrated that she has a male child .


  7. Chuks
    June 08, 08:01 Reply

    I think he needs a deep deliverance, and if care is not taken, there is a curse attached to it, I am feeling sorry for him, cos of the embarrassment and disgrace, it’s a pity.

  8. Mandy
    June 09, 07:50 Reply

    This is the kind of karma we like to see. I do so wish the SSS that the host involved know what’s up. In which case, Pinky, you should get his contact and establish a connection so he can assist other such cases in the community.

  9. Anza
    June 11, 10:28 Reply

    Emma I help you in life u pay me evil so shal it follow u till u end

  10. Marcus
    June 13, 12:14 Reply

    Wow Emmanuel, so this is what u do?
    I met him sometime in 2018 when visiting Nigeria from Aussie. He visited me at a Hotel I was staying. He gave off this negative vibe and I knew for sure I had to be extra careful around him. I kept all my Variables inside the Safety deposit box and locked my bags, and kept my eyes on him. I guess he noticed I was smart cus I didn’t record an issue.

    Flaws and all aside, He’s definitely one of the best bottoms I have Ever had the pleasure of hooking up with. Dude’s ass welcomed every inch of my prick with ease and it didn’t let go for the longest time. It was wild and passionate!! Lol

    Some intuition just signaled I shouldn’t see him again so I ghosted and later blocked him. It’s really sad he has a nasty reputation. I hope he finds the help he needs before it’s too late. Thankful I didn’t fall a victim to him..

  11. Maxwell
    June 16, 08:30 Reply

    This nigga here made away with my handset in the month of February. Karma is a bitch truly. He got what he deserved.

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