This is a gang of criminals based in Calabar, who operate out of Facebook, using one to lure their victims to their lair, where the others will emerge to beat and extort from the victim. Reportedly, there are more of them in the gang, but these three have been identified.

(From left to right: Imo Effiong, Ekpenyong Bassey and Ontop Enefiok)

Imo Effiong can be found on Facebook HERE and HERE (Two Facebook profiles).

Ekpenyong Bassey can be found on Facebook HERE.

Ontop Enefiok, the bait who was used to lure the last victim, can be found on Facebook HERE. His number is 08136177724.

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  1. mike
    July 31, 04:16 Reply

    Kitodiaries remain blessed, I was even chatting with this low life Imo Effiong . Keep the good work up.

  2. Trystham
    July 31, 14:34 Reply

    Where do the pricks of all these body builders hide sef? #askingforsanityssake

  3. Billy bob
    August 02, 11:06 Reply

    These ones are hot o. Especially Ontop. Met him in calabar last december but we just drank. Maybe if we went to my room he’d have robbed me. Please expose them o. I always find my money boys on Facebook cos all the bodybuilders are there. Let’s know who to avoid

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