Every new day, these kito guys learn new tricks. But by god, we shall expose them all.

It has recently come to my attention that there’s a new method (well, it’s an old trick, but more refined) that these kito guys have learned to use to lure unsuspecting gay guys to their lair.

Case in point is Exhibit A: Chinonso Collins Bright Nwogu AKA Kingsize on Facebook as Wealthy King (I’m sure we can all guess through which means he got all this “wealth”).

His numbers are 09037901694 and 08147592018. And he lives/operates around Igbelerin, Ojo/Badagry Road. (It’s no joke when we stress that gay Lagosians should stay away from visiting any hookups in Ojo environs).

What King-Size does is to chat you up on Facebook using the account of a very cute guy. In this case, he used the account of Exhibit B: Enwerem Victor on Facebook as Victor Psalm. His number is 07067257837.

Victor is apparently in on the scam, as he is there to present himself whenever the intended victim King-Size is chatting with wants pictures and video-chats to confirm who he is interacting with.

When they notice that you are very interested in and have fallen for Victor, King-Size will then use your konji interest to get you to send money to them. That is, you want Victor, you gotta pay. If however, they have figured you out to be the kind who isn’t the “send me your account number” type of guy, they will use Victor’s appeal to get you to visit, where the set-up happens.

PS: It has been proven that they are willing to go a long, long way to ensure that a level of trust is developed. Such as Victor sending you nude pictures and always been available to video-chat. Also, they play the emotional long game, where Victor will spin at you every sob story in the book, just so you can see him as this poor pretty boy who is helpless and is just waiting for you to be his knight in shining armour.

PSS: Victor may not be the only cute guy in their arsenal. So basically, do not be swayed by every pretty face you see on the social media.

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  1. Mandy
    August 02, 11:33 Reply

    It’s to set trap for the Victor. Nab him and beat the shit out of him. Small boy like this is learning how to disrespect the gay community

    • Delle
      August 02, 13:22 Reply

      I swear. They should just set me loose on the vagabond.

      Damn well done manicure!

  2. Delle
    August 02, 13:20 Reply

    At first, this kito thing was just a means for homophobes to live their dreams of beating “heterosexuality” into an unfortunate gay victim.

    Now, it’s a platform for guys to enrich themselves. It’s now business and with this, comes passion. It gets more terrifying by the day ?

  3. nana kojo
    August 02, 14:18 Reply

    It’s very sad we are still here, Tim Cook of Apple is making waves some guys who still get stuck in the ass still set up their kinds, just a pity

  4. Colossus
    August 03, 07:52 Reply

    At this rate na make all man join the monastery since hooking up is getting next to impossible

  5. Tristan
    August 03, 21:54 Reply

    This is so sad☹☹☹. This set up thing has become quite a pain in the ass. Nobody wants to meet again and hooking up is no longer fun. I learnt that some of these hoodlums could even date you for awhile before setting the unwary you up. Be on the watch guys!

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